Looking for the Best Torque Wrench for Scope Mounting? Let’s Get After It…


If you are interested in hunting, you probably know that sighting your target at the right time and in the right way are important parts of the sport, and that’s exactly where a riflescope comes in the picture. Simply called the scope, it is the telescopic sight on a rifle that’s used for seeing the target better. Even the best riflescope is useless, unless it has been mounted well, and to do that; you need to have the right tools, which also includes a torque wrench.

Finding the best torque wrench for scope mounting can be confusing, because it may seem that every single product is good for the job. However, applying the right amount of torque is critical for functionality, which is why we have come up with a guide that will sort relevant aspects. Check out the products that we’ve reviewed below. We wanted to take the time and attention to ensure that we would find out which wrenches were going to be the absolute best options. That can be the tough thing about tools, if you don’t find the ones that are of the best quality then they end up breaking. It’s always best to spend a little extra money if it’s going to be the option that suits you best and will last a long time. We know guys want tools that will last for years to come and feel reliable. We’re guys, too, so we totally get it. Especially when it comes to tool! We always want to give ourselves the best because that’s what we deserve.

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Vortex Wrench Mounting Kit

Vortex Optics brings this simple tool, which is super easy to operate, so if you are just starting out with scopes and rifles, the product should fit your needs. The product is easy to set … Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing the best torque wrench for scope mounting

While there are many options, we found the following products worth the money.

  1. Weaver Gunsmithing Torque Wrench. This torque wrench from Weaver is designed specifically for gun smiting in particular, and if you are a hunter, we recommend that you go for this one, which can be used for mounting scopes and bases. The torque wrench is designed to offer consistent screw pressure, aptly to the specifications of the manufacturer. A wide variety of bits are included, which can work well for different fasteners, making this more of a versatile product. The manufacturer claims that it helps protect riflescope tubes from tightening beyond the desired level. The product comes with its own case.
  2. Vortex Optics Torque Wrench Mounting Kit. Vortex Optics brings this simple tool, which is super easy to operate, so if you are just starting out with scopes and rifles, the product should fit your needs. The product is easy to set and provides accurate tension, whenever you need the same. The inch-pound increments can be read from a distance, so there are lesser worries when it comes to tightening in 1-inch/lb increments for the required torque. A range of bits is included in the set, starting from 3/16″ Hex bit to T15 Torx bit. You can check all the details online.
  3. Wheeler Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench. This product from Wheeler comes with +/- 2 in/lbs accuracy up to 40 inch/pound, and about +/- 5% accuracy for 40 – 65. This torque wrench is designed specifically for scope rings for getting accurate torque settings. With a range between 10 in/lbs and 65 in/lbs, this one is pretty easy to use. You get bits in the set, which are made from S2 tool steel, further hardened to 56-58 Rockwell “C”. There are 10 bits included in the set, along with a ¼Inch socket. The product comes in a sturdy storage case.
  4. Warne Scope Mount Torque Wrench Base. If you are looking for other options, Warne brings this product that’s meant for mounts that will be used in any environment. The product has amazing precision and accuracy and designed to match the quality of Weaver products, but for a much lesser price.
  5. Wheeler 545454 Scope Mounting Kit Combo – This one is an incredibly versatile product that provides everything you may need for scope mounting. From scope ring alignment bars to lapping bar handles, you won’t be short of anything when you have this toolset. The lapping and alignment of rings are meant to maximize surface area between rings and scope tube. Its reticle leveling is meant to offer the accuracy you need for setting up the scope. The kit also comes with a Wheeler F.A.T. Wrench, which is meant to sure fasteners for better accuracy. With a total weight of 1.1 kgs and a sturdy case, this mounting kit would make an incredible addition to your scope mounting expedition.


About selecting the best torque wrench for scope mounting


Riflescopes can be expensive, and if not mounted rightly, you may have a hard time focusing on your target. If you are looking for a good torque wrench for scope mounting, we recommend that you go back to the basics. Here are some of the things to check for.

  1. Make sure that the torque wrench is designed specifically for scope mounting and good accuracy.
  2. Most wrenches are made of quality steel or alloys. You should be able to apply the required range of torque.
  3. Almost all torque wrenches do come with bits, so check the number of bits you get and the types included.
  4. Eventually, all torque wrenches for scope mounting that come from known brands are superior in quality and are designed for extensive use in gun smiting.
  5. Ease of use. Finally, you need to find a wrench that’s super easy to use.

Pay special attention to the five tips above. They will give you some extra guidance to figure out what you will need. Compare all of our options using the tips above and we are confident that you are going to find something that you feel is absolutely amazing. We want you to be psyched about your new tool, so find yourself that special torque wrench that gives you all the feels.


And now for some final thoughts on the subject


If you can keep a tab on the basics, selecting a torque wrench should not be much of a problem. Any torque wrench for scope mounting should be accurate and durable, and these two boxes are usually ticked by most of the big brands. We made sure to dig deep when deciding which wrenches to add to our list. Out of the insurmountable amount of options in the marketplace, we ensured that we did our homework on this one. Tools are exciting for dudes, and we are excited for you to get a new torque wrench.

And hey, if you want additional details on these options, we’ve got you covered there too. Each one of the options above comes with a link that you can simply click and shoot right over to Amazon, everyone’s favorite place to buy just about everything. There you are going to find all the additional details you need on all of our wrench options. You can also compare the price tags and peek at the shipping details so you know exactly when your new toy will arrive. Also, be sure to check out the buyer verified reviews. There is nothing that will help the buying process quite like hearing from people who have used these tools before with success. You can get plenty of honest reviews of each of these products before you decide to buy anything. Reviews can be your best friend in a situation like this, so don’t be afraid to go and see what other guys are saying. If you happen to find something else out there that you think should be on our list, let us know! It helps us keep up with all the best stuff out there. Happy hunting, fellas!

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