Looking for the Best Watches for Marines? Let’s Get After It…

If you’re in the marines and working in heavy duty conditions, you’re going to really need a watch that can keep up with your work and you know won’t give you any issues. That’s why we made this guide for you. We wanted to help you find the best possible watch for your job, so give the guide below a little look. I know, I guess we are kind of the best.

By combing key elements, these watch manufacturers have put together some amazing timepieces with our marine guys in mind. Having a durable, reliable watch that doesn’t break the bank is the name of the game here. And this list has five of the best watches that do just that. Take a peek at what we’ve put together. We’re guys, too, and we know all about having watches that suit our needs, are comfortable, and look good while we’re on the job. Don’t worry, we got you!

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

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Aqua Force USMC Logo Watch

With a black outer design and red face, this watch offers maximum durability. The product is perfect for roughest and toughest conditions. At the same time, the … Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing top watches for marines

Here is a list of different watches available out there for marines:

  1. Bradford Exchange USMC Men’s Watch. The USMC pride is showcased with this jewelry watch design. The watch design is exclusive and has the symbol of USMC with an anchor, globe and eagle. The stainless steel bracelet style contains the handcrafted finish of gold and silver. The bezel has golden texture and the watch dial has the blue color of the marines. The product is offered by Bradford Exchange, which ensures the quality and function of the design. This one is perfect to wear as a high-end accessory for marines.
  2. Aqua Force USMC Logo Quartz Watch. With a black outer design and red face, this watch offers maximum durability. The product is perfect for roughest and toughest conditions. At the same time, the design gives top-notch performance and comfort when worn. The red face of the design contains the logo of USMC. The case is made from polyurethane with a back of stainless steel. The band of the watch also contains the same polyurethane material. The hour markers and hands are luminous and the design resists water even in the depth of 50 meters underwater.
  3. Wrist Armor Men’s Analog Watch. This watch design is known for its strength due to the use of stainless steel, tritium, and silicone. The watch has an analog display with tritium markers. The stainless steel material protects the design from water even in the 200 meters depth underwater. The blue-colored silicone strap contains the name USMC. The shatterproof crystal has been tested for its performance. In fact, the manufacturers donate a percentage of the price to the US military.
  4. US Jewels And Gems Men’s US Marine Corps Military Watch. Offered by the US Jewels and Gems, this men’s watch has a gold plated design. The design suits the USA military with the beauty of gold dials, numbers, and bracelet. The face contains the logo and name of the United States Marine Corps. The beauty of gold combined with the manufacturing quality gives a perfect watch for a marine.
  5. Aqua Force US Marine Corps Etched Dial Dive Watch. Specially designed for diving, this marine watch is capable of resisting water up to the depth of 200 meters. The back of the watch contains stainless steel, while the case has fiber. The bezel rotates and hands illuminate. You can watch time underwater and even in dark conditions. The red face contains the logo and name of the US marines. This is an officially licensed watch by the US Marine Corps that comes with 2 years of warranty.

How to select one of the best watches for marines?

The selection of a watch depends on the purpose you have as a marine. These are the factors you can think about to select the best watch:

  1. Bracelet or band. You can choose between bracelet and band style of strap design. The bracelet design fits the purpose of attending events, while the band style works in the field.
  2. Durability. The product design should be well-tested and approved to handle tough conditions. Even the jewelry watch designs should be tested for their quality,which is why you should look at the warranties associated with the watches.
  3. Luxury and features. Depending on your purpose, you can choose between luxury and features. For field work, you might need water resistance, luminous hands, and scratch-free design. For luxury purposes, you can choose gold-plated designs.

The three tips that we have listed above are important keys for success. Be picky, get into the details. Your job requires it, so why not apply it to other aspects in your life? Comparing our options by using these three tips will hopefully snag you the option that is right for you. That’s exactly what we aim for, giving our guys the best of the best in any category so you end up with a product that is satisfying and lasts for years to come. Especially when it comes to watches. Having a watch that lasts for years and years obtains a special sentiment with it and a lot of memories, especially in the service. Get yourself something special with all the cool features that you can possibly handle. Watches with cool features are awesome, especially when they’re geared toward our military guys.

And now for some final thoughts on the subject

Hopefully after reading this guide, you’ll feel more than comfortable picking a watch that will help you with your duties and withstand the conditions you do every day; hopefully, this guide gives you just one less thing to worry about. There are tons of options out there, that’s why we love taking the time to do our homework. It allows us to come up with the best options money can buy while aiming our lists toward very specific groups of individuals. In this case, you’re a guy who’s a marine. And there are special watches that are made just for you!

Just in case we haven’t provided enough details to satisfy your hunger for info, we have got you covered. Don’t worry! Every watch that we have listed above comes with a unique link that you can simply click on and head right over to Amazon. There you will find every additional detail about every watch that we’ve reviewed. You can also check out the price tags and determine shipping details so you know when you’ll receive your new gadget. And let’s not forget customer reviews. One of the greatest benefits of buying from Amazon is buyer verified reviews. So, not only can you determine that they actually bought the product, but you get to see exactly what other customers are saying about these watches. And if you happen to find a watch somewhere else that you think should be on our list, tell us! Yeah, you can totally drop us a line. It helps keep our lists updated with the very best products. Your country thanks you for your service and we hope that we have been of service to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What type of watch can I gift to a Marine?

A) The best watch for a US Marine Core officer would be the special edition USMC watches. Almost all top watch manufacturers have special edition watches for USMC that have a USMC logo and exclusively designed features for the marine core.

Q) Do Marines only wear strap watches?

A) On duty, marines usually prefer to wear durable and compact strap watches because they fit well and do not get damaged in rough conditions. However, a strap watch is not suitable for events. For special events, marines wear bracelet watches as they look classy and professional. So, marines usually have a few watches with them for different occasions.

Q) Are USMC watches expensive?

A) US Marine Core watches are special edition watches made especially for the USMC by reputed watch manufacturers, and most USMC watches also have the USMC logo on the dial. So, these watches can be a little expensive than normal watches. However, if you buy online from Amazon, you can get the best rates and discounts on USMC watches.


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