Looks like you need the best motorcycle helmet for bigger heads. Let’s get after it…

Guys, we’re all adults here. We know one of the most important pieces of gear, if not the most important for us to wear while on our motorcycle, is a helmet. They save lives, keep you protected, and some of the designs can make them look pretty damn cool too. But as we all know, not all of us have the same size or same shaped head.

Some of us have bigger melons than others, and for our large headed brethren out there, this article is for you! We are going to be breaking down the top 5 motorcycle helmets for big heads. You’re welcome.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Vega Helmets VTS1

This is another helmet design available in large and extra-large sizes. The VTS1 model offers comfort and protection with its … Read More on Amazon

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$109.99 from Amazon*At the time of publishing, the price was $109.99.


  1. Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet. The Warrior Motorcycle Helmet design of Vega Helmets is available in multiple sizes, including large and extra-large. Also, the design offers an adjustable fit to align the size as per the rider’s head size. The helmet is lightweight and contains a sun-shield to protect your eyes against debris, bugs and sun rays. The front cover is optically perfect and serves as a reliable shield. The skull cap of this helmet has a dial system to adjust the size. So, you can make your helmet custom-fit to your head circumference. The quality is reliable in terms of performance and safety.
  2. Vega Helmets VTS1 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet with Inner Sunshield. This is another helmet design available in large and extra-large sizes. The VTS1 model offers comfort and protection with its lightweight liner. The internal liner provides protection against microbial accumulation. Plus, you can remove the liner to wash it from time to time. The front shield guards your eyes and face against all sorts of debris, bugs and high wind. Plus, it restricts sun rays from harming your eyes and face. The features are DOT certified and size options make the right helmet selection easier.
  3. Motorcycle Half Helmet Cruiser DOT Street Legal. This model from MMG contains a carbon fiber graphic and complies with the safety standards of DOT. It is a half helmet that covers the head. Plus, it contains a chin strap made from nylon material. It works as an adjustable closure of the helmet. The shell of the helmet is lightweight but provides excellent protection. The ABS thermoplastic absorbs impacts, while the screws keep the visor in place. The large size of the helmet is suitable for everyone with big head size. Also, it is the right choice for people who feel claustrophobic in full-face helmets.
  4. AHR DOT German Style Motorcycle Half Helmet Open Face. AHR also has open-face helmets in large and extra-large sizes. This German design aligns with all the US-related safety standards, which is why it has the approval of DOT. The retro appeal suits all kinds of motorcycle riders and the open-face provides the necessary comfort. The outer shell is made from reliable ABS plastic to give lightweight and durability to the product. If you have a motorcycle, cruiser, chopper or scooter, this is the helmet to choose in a large size.
  5. Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Street Motorcycle Helmet. If you are looking for the best motorcycle helmets for big heads in a full-face design, this is the one. It contains a tinted shield along with a top-quality shell construction with ABS and polycarbonate. The internal liner is anti-bacterial and removable for cleaning. The cheek pads provide superior comfort and perfect fitting due to its contoured design. There are large and extra-large sizes available in this helmet model, so you can easily find the right fit. Also, the quality assurance is provided with 5 years of warranty on this helmet. The overall appeal is stylish and suits all kinds of riders.

Finding the best motorcycle helmet for a bigger head does not have to be a huge hassle. It doesn’t have to be a frustrating endeavor that keeps leading to a bunch of dead ends, giving you a headache and wondering if you will ever find the best option out there. Plus, as guys, we typically have a larger cranium. Don’t sweat it, that just means there are plenty of options out there for you. We did our homework on this one to make sure that we were coming up with the five best options that money can buy. There are a lot of different options to weed through out there, it can be daunting! Let us take on the challenge of finding the best options out there for motorcycle helmet options for a bigger head. That way we can help you keep things simple and save you time so you can get out there and enjoy some extra riding.

When it comes to motorcycle helmets, we don’t necessarily expect you to know which brands are going to be the best off the top of your head. And maybe you do! Kudos to you for knowing which manufacturers may provide the best options out there. But in case you don’t, allow us to give you the brands out there who make the best motorcycle helmets. Our number one option is the helmet created by Vega, the VTS1. It is a great helmet, accommodates a larger crown, and will keep your head safe while you’re out riding. Win, win, win. And that doesn’t mean the other options here aren’t also really amazing. It all depends on your preference! How do you want the helmet to look, what kind of features does it offer, and is the price affordable, as well as comparable to other options? We would just like to say, yes to everything. The helmets that we found are definitely firing on all cylinders when it comes to your checklist of specifications. And if you take a look at all the options, you will see that a new, great helmet does not have to break the bank.

The options that we found to be the best fluctuate in price, but stay relatively in the same ballpark. As mentioned, it’s all about the look and the features. But we want you to be able to find an affordable option as well. The Vega helmet that we believe to be the best may be one of the higher priced options on the list, but it absolutely does not skimp anywhere. The material is durable and dependable, the helmet was engineered for those with a bigger head, and the price is still affordable for the motorcycle riders out there who need a new helmet. So don’t think you are going to have to spend an arm and a leg trying to get yourself a new helmet, we got your back by finding the great options of the internet that are still affordable.

Let’s say you need a little more information to educate yourself to make a decision. Don’t sweat it, we totally get it. We want to set you up for success, and nothing is more beneficial to the buying process quite like product reviews on the internet. In fact, no one is more honest than a person on the internet reviewing a product that they love (or don’t love). Either way, we wanted to make sure we were bringing you products with a majority of positive reviews. Because if we were bringing you products with a bunch of negative reviews, we wouldn’t be doing or job now, would we? And the best thing about heading over to Amazon to check out their reviews is that they can verify which consumers actually bought the products from their site. It’s a total gold mine of information to help influence your decision making process in a positive way. So check it out!

Knowing what you’re looking for in a new helmet will certainly help the process, but if you are going in blind, we got you. That’s why we’re here! Let Club ManDude help to simplify your life by bringing the best motorcycle helmets for bigger heads straight to you. We’re confident in our list and think the five options above will at least pique your interest, especially if you’re new to riding. And if you just got your first bike and are shopping for your first helmet, congrats! Find yourself an awesome piece of gear and keep yourself safe while you’re out there enjoying the next ride.


There you have fellas! If you’re currently shopping around for a helmet but you need a bigger size, it’s complete possible to still find a helmet that fits great. Be sure to look out for some of the qualities that make up a high-quality helmet like:

  • Chin strap
  • Shield guard
  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Custom-fit
  • Absorbs impact

It’s not difficult to find a helmet, even if your head is big. It’s just matter of keeping the above qualities at the front of your mind, so when you’re shopping around you can make sure that not only you’re getting a helmet with a comfy fit, but that also you make sure that you’re getting one that can protect you as well.

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