Looking for the Best Way To Cook Filet Mignon On Grill? Let’s Get After It…

If you are a fan of steaks, the chances are high that you love filet mignon, also called filet de bœuf in French. For the uninitiated, filet mignon is the tender-cut strip of beef, and it’s usually one of the classics in restaurants and grill-houses that specialize in steaks. This brings us to the main topic – what’s the best way to cook filet mignon on the grill? We have some quick tips below for your help.

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Buying your filet mignon

Much like any item in your kitchen, there are many options in filet mignons that you can check. For your help, we have listed the best 5 ones right below.

  1. Feed The Party’s Filet Mignon Steaks. This product has 10 filet mignon steaks weighing 6 oz, each of which are individually sealed. The packing is done with care, and what you get is USDA Inspected Beef from Louisville, Kentucky. If you have a small family gathering, this should be enough.
  2. Pre, Filet Mignon Steaks. The package contains 8 filet mignon steaks weighing 5 oz, each of which has been vacuum sealed so that you use when you need. This is grass-fed mignons that have been sourced from New Zealand and Australia. If you are someone who is on a keto diet, we recommend this product.
  3. Omaha Steaks Filet Mignons. You get 6 filet mignons in this pack with a total weight of 5 oz, so each item is bigger making the product ideal for family dinners. The seller also takes care of the packaging well, and the price is just right.
  4. New York Prime Beef – Filet Mignon. If you don’t mind shelling out a tad more for the leanest filet mignons, this product is worth considering. We tried using the product for various recipes and found it to be extremely juicy and tender. There are 6 individual steaks in this one, weighing 8 oz.
  5. Kansas City Steaks Filet Mignon with Bacon. Ideal for controlling the portion size, this product comes with super-trimmed filet mignons, 12 in number weighing just 4 oz. For the extra bit of it, there’s bacon, which makes recipes better.

How to prepare the filet mignon?

Filet mignon is tender, lean meat, so you don’t have a lot of fat, so preparing the meat before you start is important. The best idea is to use a seasoning, which adds to the flavor, and another way is to use a ready marinate. The kind of grilling technique you use also determines what the final steak will taste like. For example, if the filet will be closer to the actual heating medium, seasoning with simple salt, pepper and a little lemon juice should do the trick. Make sure to add a bit of oil to the steak, which will prevent it from sticking to the grill. Marinate and keep your filets ready at least an hour before you plan to grill. Ensure that the meat is at room temperature before you place in the grill.

Tips for cooking on the grill

No matter whether you are using a gas or charcoal grill, it is a good idea to preheat the grill in advance. If you want to lock the juices in, consider searing the meat first on a pan or in the grill at a high temperature, which will also add some grill marks here and there. Once that’s done, place the filet mignons on the grill plate and cook on a slow temperature for a longer time, which allows the heart to penetrate deep in, without burning the outer surface. You can consider using a meat thermometer to evaluate the doneness of the meat, which is important for the first few times before you get a fair idea of the cooking time.

Final Word

Try cooking your filet mignons in different styles on the grill, and the good thing is you can experiment a lot with the seasoning and marinates, as long as these don’t kill the meat’s quality. Filets might not rank high on the fat content, but it is still full of flavors, so go low on the seasoning, especially if you are trying to taste the beef in its best form.

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