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If you are someone who is interested in making craft beer at home, there are several factors that must be considered. Homebrewing, typically speaking, is either all-grain or extract, and the latter is where most new brewers should start. Extract brewing doesn’t involve as many complications, and you can still have great beer with no compromises on the taste. Most experts will tell you that water is the first ingredient to consider for homebrewing beer. Before we talk of the best type of water for brewing beer, let’s check some of the products that you may need.

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Reviewing the basics

Homebrewing beer requires a few basic things, and below, we have listed some of the items you can consider, including a comprehensive kit.

  • Beer IPA Edition 2 Gallon Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit. If you are a first-time brewer, we recommend this kit from Mr. Beer, which basically enlists everything you must know to make beer at home. You have all the critical brewing equipment and ingredients to get started. You will be brewing your beer with Hopped Malt Extracts, which ensures taste; the kit is designed in a way that it takes less time and minimizes risks related to contamination. The package includes 2-gallon fermenter, which is easy to clean and saves time. This is the IPA edition that we are talking about, and if you don’t mind spending a little more, the Premium Gold Edition is also worth considering.
  • Swing Top Glass Bottles – Flip Top Brewing Bottles for Kombucha, Kefir, Beer. This set of four bottles from Otis Classic is made of heavy-duty clear glass, which works perfectly well for storing beer. You also get 18 chalkboard labels and a liquid chalk pen with the package, while the swing top caps are made of high-quality stainless steel with plastic caps. The product is dishwasher safe, and you have an additional six replacement medium pressure gaskets in the package.
  • Kware -Swing Top Glass Bottle 16 Oz for Carbonation, Kombucha, Home Beer Brewing. Kware brings these airtight bottles that have ceramic caps that ensure that maximum carbonation. If you are making beer at home, these are reusable beer bottles, which can be handy each time. The bottles are dishwasher safe, and you also get six replacement medium pressure gaskets in the package. The gaskets are super easy to replace, and the brand offers 20-day replacement and exchange policy on the product.
  • CorkcicleChillsner 2-Pack. Who doesn’t like chilled beer? This product from Corkcicle contains two in-bottle beer chillers, which are great for the purpose. Just freeze the product and insert in standard beer bottles with a long neck and drink straight from the chiller! When you are making beer at home, this can be really handy for ensuring the beer tastes the best. While the product does need freezing before use, it’s still the best choice to keep the party going.

Finding the best type of water for brewing beer!

It is essential to understand how homebrewing works before you look into other details. In case you are feeling confused on the type of water you should use, here’s a check on all options.

Distilled Water. Distilled water doesn’t contain any impurities, but the process of distillation strips off all the minerals, which can impact the taste of beer, which is why you should be avoiding this option. Some experts believe that distilled water can still work for extract brewing, but not a choice for all-grain brewing.
Tap water. Typically, tap water contains additives, which impacts the taste, and thereby, we don’t recommend tap water for beer brewing at the basic level. However, tap water quality varies, so it depends on where you live.
Purified packaged water. Mineral water that’s packaged and available easily in the market is great for beer because it contains all the essential minerals, which is critical for ensuring taste. You can easily get big 5-liter gallons for the initial start.

Some users recommend rainwater for eco-friendly beer brewing, but rainwater must be purified because it contains a lot of other things. Ideally, if you are new to brewing and want to play safe, nothing beats mineral water, especially the products that come from natural spring. Make sure that you have good bottles to store your beer safely.

 Finding the right water for brewing your beer does not have to be a huge challenge. Although it seems like it may not be a big deal what type of water you choose, we assure you that it does matter. Different types of water are going to contain different types of minerals, electrolytes, etc. So finding the right water is going to be important when you go to brew your beer. But the last thing we want is for it to be a huge headache when trying to determine which is going to be best. So leave the challenge up to us! That’s why we are here. Club ManDude wants to do one thing for our guys, help to keep life simple. And we can do exactly that by taking all the guesswork out of the situation and give you the best options right to your screen. We will happily spend the time to do the homework so you don’t have to. When you have an opportunity to save time with simplicity, it frees you up to do more of what you love! In this case we are going to take a guess and say that the love is brewing beer. And that is a great benefit to saving time, you get to brew more beer!

We also went ahead and took the time to find some home brewing supplies that you are going to love. Take a look at some of the stuff we found. From home brewing kits, to the perfect bottles, to beer chillers, we found a bunch of great items to make your home brewing experience even better! And brewing your own beer at home does not have to break the bank. You will find that these products are affordable while being made from quality materials that are sure to please. You are going to love this stuff, so take a look and peruse the items we found. If you haven’t assembled your new kit yet, we hope that we can make choosing the right tools easier by showing you some of the best stuff in the game. The Mr. Beer Brewing Kit we found is really great for the home brewing game. It comes with everything you need to get yourself started and on the way to enjoying some great home made beer. And we found high quality glass bottles to use and keep your beer bottled up and tasty every time you open one. With the products that we have gathered, you need not look any further for all the things you will need to brew your own beer.

And if you don’t believe us, we can give you even more information about these products if you want to check them out. The great thing about living in the age of the internet is being able to look at all the customer reviews that you can handle. Nothing is more honest than a person who is reviewing products on the internet, whether that means good news or bad. And we always make sure that we find products with plenty of positive reviews to get you comfortable before your purchase. We certainly wouldn’t be doing our job if we recommended a bunch of products with negative reviews now, would we? Take a look and see what other guys are saying about these beer brewing products. The reviews will surely not disappoint because people have had plenty of great experiences with these products and are happy to tell the tale. Sure, you may come across a negative review here and there. You can’t please everyone. But on the whole, you are going to find plenty of positivity surrounding these products. They will not disappoint and will set you up for success when you go to brew that first batch of beer. You’re going to love the experience, too, it’s a lot of fun!


When it comes to figuring out the right water for your beer, the simplest solution is to use water that comes from a spring. It has the right minerals to make the best beer and it will taste great as long as it’s brewed right. You can even experiment with a couple different options if you like. Purified water is an option, too, and even tap water can work. But when we have talked to other home brewers about which type of water to use, they typically recommend spring water with the right minerals. And once you get your water figured out, take a look at the rad brewing products we’ve laid out for you above. You are going to see some excellent items that can make the brewing experience a great one every time. So, always drink responsibly, be safe, have fun, and enjoy all the excellent homemade beer made by you to perfection every time you make it!


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can you use distilled water for brewing beer?

Well, if you listen to the expert brewers, distilled water is highly a no-no for brewing beer. Distilled water is highly despised for all-grain brewing. However, some people find it perfect for brewing malt extract because of the presence of necessary minerals.  


2. Which one of hard or soft water is best for brewing beer?

Water character for a beer drinker does not value much because they don’t understand its value. Water’s characteristic is of utmost importance for a brewer as it brings out major changes in beer’s taste, looks, bitterness, and smell. So, brewers who want their beer to have a dark color and rich taste can use hard water. Else, for more cleaner and bitter taste, soft water is always recommended. 


3. How water affects the brewing process?

Water has a huge effect on the brewing process. Precisely, it affects brewing in three ways – alters pH, provides seasoning, and can cause off-flavors. The reasons are the present chlorine and sulfate ratio, minerals, and other contaminants in the water. Therefore, often brewers prefer filtered water to avoid such effects and get a haze-free and bitter brew. 



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