Looking for the Best Baseball Bat For a 10-Year Old? Let’s Get After It…

Any parent wants the best for their little baseball pro in training. But knowing the best equipment to buy to give your little ones the best experience out there on the field, well, that can become a bit of a headache.  And arguably the most important decision a parent needs to make is what baseball bat to get for your little one.  But how to choose?

If you want to get the best baseball bat for a 10-year-old, we have crafted the below post with you in mind!  Ask and ye shall receive, as they say.  Before we dig in into the details, here are the top five products that we liked the best.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Easton 2018 Baseball Bat

This 2 3/4 (-10) from Easton is probably not the cheapest on this list, but it is one that will deliver for your kid. The length to weight ratio or drop weight is -10, and the two-piece exact … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


Top five products decoded

Many things, including the drop weight, material, size, do matter in selecting the perfect baseball bat for a 10-year old, but here are the five options that you can consider.

  1. Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 BBCOR (-3) Baseball Bat. Slightly on the expensive side, this is a 7u1+ alloy one-piece construction bat that offers a huge sweet spot than what people expect. The swing weight is balanced, so your kid will have a good time controlling the bat and speed. The lizard skin premium performance grip is also another aspect of the product, and it features a 31/32 inch standard handle.
  2. Easton 2018 USSSA Ghost X Senior League Baseball Bat. This 2 3/4 (-10) from Easton is probably not the cheapest on this list, but it is one that will deliver for your kid. The length to weight ratio or drop weight is -10, and the two-piece exact carbon design ensures speed. The 1.4mm HYPERSKIN grip makes it super easy to control the baseball bat. Easton is a brand that knows its baseball bats, and this one is no different.
  3. Rawlings 2019 Quatro Pro 2-3/4 USSSA Senior League Baseball Bat. Rawlings is another brand that has an amazing collection of baseball bats. This carbon fiber composite bat is designed to eliminate what’s called the “barrel drag” and vibration. The inner barrel offers a bigger sweet spot, while the composite layering ensures enhanced trampoline. This is a USSSA Baseball certified product and features Tru-View technology.
  4. DeMarini 2019 Uprising Junior Big Barrel (-10) 2 3/4″ Senior League Baseball Bat. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend huge on the first bat for your child, this product from DeMarini should fit the ball. It has a -10 length to weight ratio, and the barrel diameter measures 2 3/4. The bat is made from DX1 Alloy and has a one-piece construction. The manufacturers offer a warranty of 1-year on the product, and it is BPF USSSA Certified.
  5. Marucci 2018 Hex Alloy 2-10 USSSA Baseball Bat (2 3/4″). This good-rated product from Marucci has a length to weight ratio of -10 with a 2.75-inch barrel diameter. The product is 1.15 BPF USSSA Certified and has a sweet spot that’s as large as CAT6. The product is a one-piece bat that’s made of AZ4X alloy construction and the “ring-free barrel technology” ensures that there are no dead spots.

Selecting the right option for your 10 year old

When you are looking for the best baseball bat for a 10-year-old, you have to understand that your child is unique, and his or her height, physical strength and weight are important aspects to consider. In general, an average 10-year old would need at least a 30-inch big barrel bat that has a drop weight of 9 or 10. For the uninitiated, the drop-weight is the difference between the weight of the ounces and the length in inches. Of course, there can be exceptions to this, so the league rules are going to matter. For example, many leagues don’t allow 2 1/4 inch barrels, or the play may need a light bat for personal reasons.

As for the price, bats can be expensive but think of the baseball bat as an investment for the long run. Your child will be using it for at least a year, if not more, and it makes sense to understand the options and what you are getting for what price.

And this is a good point to make, because if you end up going the cheap route you may end up spending more money in the end on another bat that’s better. So, make the right choice form the get-go and you will be set. Your kid is going to love one of these bats. We headed deep into the internet to find these options and I must say that we’re pretty proud of what we came up with. We were able to specifically cater the options to the proper age of your little one so that they know from the first swing that you made the right choice. This is all about improving their game right? At Club ManDude, we want the best of the best for our guy readers. And to go along with that sentiment and pass it down, you want the best for your kid. That means the best sporting equipment absolutely applies. So, check out these options and be as picky as you like. Find that perfect bat!

And now for some final thoughts on the subject

Best baseball bat for a 10-year-old…SOLVED.  We hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful!   Now go forth and lock down that awesome bat for that future hall of famer of yours! You won’t regret it and neither will they. You both have a strong love of the game, right? So, why not do something that is going to make the sport even more enjoyable? It’s all about working hard, but also enjoying the journey. If you and your kid can tackle that, you are on your way to a happy life, my friend.

If you think you would like more details on these bats, don’t sweat it. We have got you covered and are going to let you in on some extra intel. You may have noticed that each reviewed item above comes with a link that will shoot you right over to Amazon, everyone’s favorite place to buy just about anything. There you are going to find all the details you can possibly handle for each product we’ve reviewed. That will allow you to better compare the bats and decide which is going to be best. You know your kid better than anyone, so you are going to get a great read on which option is best. And check out the buyer verified reviews, too! Nothing can help quite like other people who have actually used these products with success. It’s win, win! You can also compare all the price tags and see when your kid’s new bath will ship so you can get out there and start swinging. And if you found another option out there you think we should know about, drop us a line and let us know. It helps us keep our lists updated so we can keep bringing you guys the best items!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Can I buy a teenagers’ baseball bat for a 10-year-old?

A) Understandably, you want to buy a larger bat considering your child will grow fast. However, a teenagers’ baseball bat would be a bit large for a 10-year-old with average height and weight. The best choice would be to buy a smaller bat suitable for 10-year-old.

Q) What should be the length of a baseball bat for a 10-year-old?

A) For a 10-year-old, you will need a baseball bat that’s 29 to 31 inches in length. You must also make sure that the gip is thin enough so that the child can hold it comfortably.

Q) Where to find the best baseball bat for 10-year-olds?

A) The best place to buy a baseball bat for a 10-year-old is to buy online from Amazon. On Amazon, all the information related to baseball bats is mentioned clearly, so finding a suitable one for your 10-year-old would be very easy.

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