Noticing your beard is getting a little gray? Or maybe you’re just sick of the color of your man beard? No need to fear, fellas. Your days of worrying about the color of your prized facial hair are over. Out with the old and in with the new color. Check out this guide below for a bunch of products that will have you looking hotter than ever before – oh yeah, and they’re all super safe, too.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Men’s Brush-In Color Gel

This color kit provides complete light-medium brown color to your beard. The kit helps you color your beard and mustache with the special applicator that comes within the pack. You can apply and get the … Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing top beard color products

As per the quality and type of beard colors, these are the top products you can find:

  1. Just for Men Brown With Touch of Gray Beard Color Kit. With a blend of brown and gray, this color reduces the gray color subtly in your beard. You can use it to match grayness of your beard to the grayness of your hair. The kit comes with a specially designed brush to apply the color on your beard in a controllable manner. The color has a long-lasting effect, as the brown with a touch of gray stays until the gray fibers grow back. The formula contains no ammonia or peroxide, which keeps the color gentle on your beard. You can expect the look to last for about 8 weeks easily.
  2. Just for Men Mustache & Beard Brush-In Brown Color Gel. This color kit provides complete light-medium brown color to your beard. The kit helps you color your beard and mustache with the special applicator that comes within the pack. You can apply and get the results in just 5 minutes. This product offers a fuller, thicker beard look by eliminating all gray and giving a natural brown color. If you have no gray in your hair, then, this gel product is perfect to match your beard with the hair.
  3. Blackbeard for Men Instant Brush-On Beard & Mustache Dark Brown Color. From the brand Blackbeard for Men, you get an instant color solution to make your beard dark brown. The color works on your beard as well as mustache instantly. The color is hypoallergenic, which ensures the quality of the color you get. There is no toxic element in this color and it is not a dye as well. The colors gently turn the color of your beard fibers and don’t come out with water as well. Within seconds, you can apply the color, using the provided brush and let the color give you a fuller look. The natural appeal is possible now with this great kit.
  4. Just For Men Real Black Color Gel For Beard & Mustache. Get rid of the gray with a fuller black look of beard using this natural black color gel from Just For Men. No matter if you have coarse hair in your beard, this color gel is easily applicable within a few minutes and you get a perfect look. The color looks natural and lasts for a long time, until the gray comes back. The blackness of the formula has no toxic material. Only organic and natural elements are used to provide a high-quality look. You get a kit with a brush to apply the color on your beard with precision.
  5. Just For Men M-45 Color Gel For Beard & Mustache. A complete color kit for your mustache, sideburns, and beard! The color has a long-lasting capacity. The dark brown works easily on coarse hair, which makes this formula perfect for beard, mustache, and sideburns. The gel consistency makes it easy to apply with the brush provided. After the application, the beard becomes softer.

How to choose the best way to color beard?

The best method to color your beard starts with the quality of the product you choose. Focus on the following aspects:

  1. Color type. Choose a color type you want on your beard.
  2. Color quality. The quality depends on the ingredients and the unavailability harsh chemicals.
  3. Ease of application. You should get a kit with reliable applicator brush.
  4. Precision. Apply with precision to get a natural appeal.

It’s time, guys. Go get the perfect color for your man beard and you’ll look good as new after you use it. Your manliness levels? Through the roof.bes

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