Looking for the Best Spray Paint For Rims? Let’s Get After It…

If you’re like me, you’re a dude who loves to use his car all the time and you like to drive no matter where you’re going or who you’re going with. You know you have the nicest car in the friend group, you’re the best driver and honestly, your music is just the most bumping out of everybody’s. But driving around all the time can leave some serious wear and tear on your car, especially your rims; those bad boys sure know how to get dirty real quick and it’s not the nicest thing to look it. If you’re looking to revitalize the look of your vehicle, buying a new set of rims can be an option. But it’s not a cheap one. You actually don’t have to spend your money on an entirely new set, though. With the right spray paint, you can get that same fresh look.

It’s not as easy as picking up any can of paint, of course. Not all spray paints are made for rims, and you need paint of the highest quality with the right ingredients. Today, we’re covering some of the best spray paints for rims and also diving into what makes a spray paint right for this specific need. So, what we’re saying is, after you read this guide, you’re going to be able to take your dirty, old rims and make them look like you just bought them brand new. You can even tell people you did too and I promise, they won’t even know the difference. You’ll be the coolest dude in town with the hottest car and you won’t have to break the bank to do it. Check out this guide fellas, I think you’ll really enjoy it.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

DipYourCar DYC Burnt Copper

You can use this spray paint to color your wheels and get the original shine back. The matte black color is available in a … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


  1. Eastwood Chip Resistant Touch Up Satin OEM Black Wheel Spray Paint Aerosol. When you are looking for the best spray paint for rims, Eastwood has the right product. It offers a spray paint for wheel rims in satin black color. The OEM black color provides a finish that matches with your wheels’ factory appearance. The aerosol formula is long-lasting and extremely durable. It can easily handle a temperature of 250 degrees. The gloss percentage is between 9 and 15 percent. So, you get a classy look that lasts for a long time without fading away. The black color aligns with most wheel rim requirements. Plus, the spray consistency makes it easy to use.
  2. Performance Corvettes DipYourCar DYC Matte Black Ready to Spray Aerosol.  You can use this spray paint to color your wheels and get the original shine back. The matte black color is available in a spray aerosol formula provided by Performance Corvettes. The formula comes ready to use, so you can utilize it on your wheels, rims, small surfaces and emblems as well. When applying, you can give four wet coats to attain top-notch shine. This provides an opaque and shiny layer of color on your rims. You can use the glossifier to further adjust the glass of your wheel rims.
  3. T Sportline Tesla Wheel Touch Up Paint – Matte Black. For wheel rim touchups, you can use this product from T Sportline. The brand is suitable for wheels that have aero gray, metallic gray, gloss black, matte black and brilliant silver color. You can use the matte black color to remove minor issues. The product comes in a small bottle. You can shake the bottle and let the formula mix properly. Then, it is easy to use the paint for the desired finish. The quality is reliable and suitable for minor paint requirements.
  4. Coerni Automotive High Performance Wheel Paint. For a quick solution of dull wheel rims and scratches, you can use this wheel paint. It is easy to apply and protects your rims. You simply need to wash the wheels first, then find all the scratches where you can apply the paint. Wipe, clean and enjoy having a radiant, bright color on your wheels. The coat repairs the scratches due to its excellent formula, which is water-resistant, permanent and non-toxic. This product comes in a small package, which you can carry anywhere. Plus, the application takes no time, which impresses car owners.
  5. Performance Corvettes Dip Your Car DYC Burnt Copper Ready to Spray Aerosol. Give your rims a burnt copper appeal with this spray aerosol formula. The product requires a base Plasti Dip coat. This way, you get the maximum finish of the color. The spray paint is usable on small surfaces, wheel rims, and emblems as well. An opaque appeal is attainable with four wet coats. The final finish gives a satin appeal by default. However, you can utilize the glossifier to enhance the shine. The spray is protective and durable. So, no need to worry about the performance.

Even if your rims are looking okay for the moment, having a can of one of these sprays can be really helpful in the future if you ever start to notice your rims are looking a little nasty. Even if you just want to freshen up your rims and they aren’t that old and they don’t really need it, these spray paints make it possible for you to do that! We just want you to become more of a handy-man so you don’t have to spend a million dollars each time you experience some car trouble – trust me, we know how much those bills start to stack up. So, if you just keep some of this paint handy in your garage, you’ll always be prepared for any moment in which you might need some!

Final Thoughts…

Finding spray paint to freshen up the look of your rims isn’t impossible – you just have to know what you’re looking for. You need paint that’s durable, water resistant, and non-toxic. It needs the right ingredients and should come in a bottle with a consistent, even spray. None of the sprays that we listed for you are really doing it for you? That’s okay, too! At least you have all the knowledge from this guide to help you go on a journey to find your own spray paint for your rims that makes you feel the most comfortable for a great price. Even though the ones we listed are great, if you just click on one of the links above and start scrolling, you’ll find a ton of options for spray paint for your rims – you’ll never run out of options and you’ll be sure to find the one that you feel suits you best!

Even if you do go looking for your own, we’ve taken all your best interests into account as we compiled our list, because we know that you want the best shine and the newest look for your rims. Not only will these paints bring new life to your vehicle, they’ll do so without breaking your budget. So go ahead and let’s get to fixing those rims. Your car will be looking brand spankin’ new within no time and you’ll be feeling like a million bucks, even though you didn’t have to spend a million bucks! Is there truly a better deal than that? I don’t think so! So, c’mon fellas. Go and get some spray paint for your rims and turn your car into the brand new hot rod you’ve always wanted – you’ll thank us after your rims are looking real, real nice.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Do I have to take out the rims to paint them?

A) Yes, you can spray paint the rims without taking them out. You can cover the tires with tape, and you can spray on your rims without getting color on your tires. However, the convenient option would be to remove the rims and spray paint for an even finish on both sides.

Q) Do I need to spray paint the rims on my car?

A) The factory rims usually have a dull color that may not look quite attractive with the color of your car. Spray paint is a convenient way to change your rim colors with shades you like. So, you can easily match the colors on your rims with the car colors with spray paint

Q) How much spray paint do I need for the rims?

A) It depends on the size of your rims; the larger the size of your rims, the more spray cans you’ll need to paint them. However, around 2-4 cans would be enough to paint a full set of five wheels for general sizes.

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