Looking for the best oil additive to stop engine knocking? Let’s Get After It…

Dealing with cars on your own can be stressful enough, especially if you don’t really know what the actual issue is. And don’t worry… we’re not going to judge you for being a dude and not knowing what’s wrong with your car – we’ve all been there and it’s a serious pain in the behind. Plus, if you have ever had to deal with engine knocking in your vehicle, just thinking about it can cause a cold sweat. When we hear knocking under the hood, we automatically assume it’s a worst-case scenario. But no need to start worrying right away because this just isn’t always the case. Sometimes, your car just needs a little oil… like sometimes when you’re cranky and all you really need is a sandwich or something! It’s basically the same thing… kind of.

Choosing an oil additive can get your car back into gear – or prevent it from knocking in the first place. Oil additives can also decrease emissions and help your car use fuel more economically. And there are options for gasoline and diesel engines. Today, we’ve compiled a list of the best oil additives to stop engine knocking. So, take a deep breath, don’t freak out too much and just read what we’ve put together for you. Who knows, this might really change things around for you!

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

XL Nanolube Engine Oil

This formula supports your engine by reducing smoke and oil burning, which helps to improve efficiency. The formula works with all kinds of engine … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


  1. Everglide EGS Synthetic Nano-Based Engine Oil Treatment. This synthetic oil additive has a nano-based formula. The additive enhances the capacity of your vehicle and stops engine knocking. It reduces friction to resolve mileage issues. The emission decreases along with the noise and downtime, which is why you get better savings and life span of your engine. The product is an MPG booster perfect for car engines. The package makes it easy to carry around, so you can trust the synthetic additive to enhance the capacity of your engines. The nanoparticles increase the coating and coverage abilities of your engine oil.
  2. XL Nanolube Engine Oil Additive & Nano Treatment. This formula supports your engine by reducing smoke and oil burning, which helps to improve efficiency. The formula works with all kinds of engine oils along with synthetic oil. It stops engine knocking with its Nano lubricant formula. It works on gasoline as well as Diesel engines. The superior quality protects against heat and allows the oil to burn for longer durations. The whole detoxification of your engine supports its efficiency and reduces gum, varnish and sludge buildup. All engines over 6 years need this formula to recover original performance.
  3. Bitron Oil Additive. This formula has been impressing users for more than 25 years. The additive technology works effortlessly with high mileage as well as heavy-duty engines. The product offers proven performance, protection, and reduction in engine knocking. The ionic bonds are formed to reduce friction on the metal surfaces. Hence, longevity and efficiency get improved. The engines attain peak performance capacity due to the reduction of friction without lubrication formula. The additive enhances the capacity of your engine and saves a lot of cash from maintenance. All you need to do is use this additive regularly.
  4. Throttle Muscle One Step High Mileage Synthetic Fuel. When asking, “what is the best oil additive to stop engine knocking?” you will always come across this system cleaning formula for engines. This synthetic oil works as a treatment and converter solution to get the desired engine performance back. The fuel treatment helps to recover efficiency and gain high mileage from your car. The friction gets reduced impressively, which reduces engine knocking as well. The additive modifies the excellence of your engine oil. You get a package of 75K treatment and converter. So, you can clean the whole system and attain high mileage altogether.
  5. DWD2 Metal Conditioner Engine Oil Additive. This metal conditional is an advanced lubricant formula to enhance engine treatment. This way, your engine gets better protection against friction and heat. The performance and power of your car engine increase due to the removal of carbon deposits. The engine part protection and fuel economy are the benefits that stop engine knocking. This formula is compatible with all kinds of synthetic as well as conventional motor oils. Diesel engines and gasoline engines can attain maximum fuel efficiency in the presence of this versatile oil additive. So, you can trust this oil additive for your vehicle engine.

When it comes to engine knocking, the right oil additive can be the best solution. But with so many available – and such a variety of engine types – the hunt can be daunting. To help you on this search, we’ve reviewed only the best additives that are available. I mean, even if you’re not experience problems with your engine right in this moment, it’s probably a good idea to stock up one or more of these oils just in case. You never know when something can go wrong and you’re going to want to be known as the guy who’s always ready for anything life throws at him, especially when it comes to annoying car problems. Plus, if you have some handy, you can help one of your dude friends or maybe that girl you’ve been wanting to impress if any of them ever need some assistance. Basically, you could be the car superhero if you get some of this oil just to have as a safety.

Final Thoughts…

Each product on our list has the highest quality specs to treat your engine’s knocking. Any of these oils are going to fix your problem right up, or at least hold you over until you can make your way to a mechanic, which is something that could take a good amount of time to wait for.

Even if any of these specific oils don’t really sound like something you want to buy, now you know exactly what you need to look for in an oil for when you hear engine knocking! You’re going to want to make sure the oil you choose acts as both a treatment, but also a protector to prevent this issue from possibly happening in the future. You can just click on one of those links and fall down an oil-based rabbit hole, filled with endless options for you to choose from in order to find the best for you and your car.

So, I think it’s time to get looking dudes. This oil can really prevent a lot of problems happening to your engine and could save you lots of time and money in the near future. Instead of racing to a mechanic when you hear the problem, race to one of the links in this guide. I think you’ll really appreciate it in the long run, dude.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) What is engine knocking?

A) Engine knocking is a distinct knocking sound that occurs in the engine. The sound can persist while you drive the vehicle, and it can be quite an irritation. If you are noticing engine knocking, make sure to change your oil with the best immediately.

Q) Is engine knocking repairable?

A) If you have been experiencing a ticking sound, you need to change the old oil with the new additive immediately to solve the problem. You need to pop up that hood, lift the valve lifter, and drain out the old oil and replace it with the best additive for your vehicle.


Q) Is engine knocking a big problem?

A) Engine knocking happens with the oil levels are too low or there is dirt in the oil. If the oil is replaced on time, engine knocking is just a minor problem. But if you use your vehicle for long with the knocking, the dirt enters the engine compartment and jams moving parts, resulting in expensive repairs.

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