Looking for the Best Mouse for Programmers?  Great. Let’s Get After It…


Programming is at the center of technology. As a programmer, you literally write the language that we use to communicate with our computers. Which means you know tech inside and out – and you need the best of it. No other field of work requires such total control of computers. The right tools are necessary for that control. Your mouse is one such tool, and the wrong one can be an absolute burden.

So what are programmers looking for in a mouse? Long battery life, of course. The perfect level of sensitivity and response. And as a programmer, what could be more important to you than features that you can personally customize? After all, that’s what you’re an expert in.

If you’re a programmer looking for a mouse that works with you, consider the choices on this list. Not only do they have the best of the specs you need, but they are also guaranteed to give you comfort through long hours of work. And, of course, they look good, too.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse

This is another model from SteelSeries containing TrueMove3 custom CPI of 12000. The Sensei model has an ambidextrous design to conveniently hold the mouse using your palm and claw…. Read More on Amazon

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$29.99 from Amazon*At the time of publishing, the price was $29.99.


  1. SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Mouse. Programmers look for an interrupted performance while using a mouse. This long finger mouse provides exactly that with its wireless design. There is no need to worry about any lag while using. A single full charge provides more than 24 hours of battery life. Plus, you can enjoy 10 hours of continuous performance within 15 minutes of rapid charging. The mouse has the exclusive technology of TrueMove3+, providing 12000 CPI along with 350 IPS of optical tracking sensor. The lift-off has a very short distance with customizable features. You can also tune the gravity weight as per your requirement.
  2. SteelSeries Sensei 310 Mouse. This is another model from SteelSeries containing TrueMove3 custom CPI of 12000. The Sensei model has an ambidextrous design to conveniently hold the mouse using your palm and claw. Additional buttons for left/right have tested click durability of 50 million clicks. It also has multiple color prism for RGB illumination. This way, you can customize the lighting of your mouse. Moreover, it allows you to save those light settings along with other performance settings associated with the mouse. The compatibility factor is also impressive, as the mouse supports Mac, Windows, and Linux as well.
  3. UtechSmart Venus Mouse. If you need your mouse to become the ultimate programming gear, use this one. The Venus mouse offers 18 mouse buttons and each one of them is programmable. Plus, you become able to save mouse settings such as LED light color in 5 different profiles. The TEFLON pads provide smoothness and durability to the design. The contoured body provides a convenient hold while using the mouse. The performance quality is exceptional with 30G acceleration, 164DPI and the polling rate of 1000Hz. The buttons are placed for quick and comfortable reach for right-handers. The mouse comes with 18 months of manufacturer’s warranty.
  4. Redragon M901 Mouse. This wired mouse offers you 24000DPI sensitivity, along with weight tuning capacity and programmable buttons. The DPI sensitivity is customizable in six different settings up to 24000 DPI. The programmable buttons are 18 in the count, placed systematically to help with long-term use. The RGB backlight is also available to customize the light settings as per your requirement. You can save all the distinct settings in 5 different profiles. The compatibility, durability and performance, all factors make it the best mouse for programmers. Plus, it has a stylish appeal that many programmers look for.
  5. Redragon M801 Mouse Wired. Packed with features such as Avago sensor, 30G acceleration, Omron micro buttons and more, M801 is a wired mouse model. There are 5 different settings of sensitivities with a maximum of 16400 DPI. It contains 9 buttons and each one is programmable as per your distinct requirements. You can choose from 16 million color options and save one color for your profile. The mouse allows 5 different profiles and remembers the customizations separately in all profiles. The external body and cable have high-quality material to ensure durability. The design matches the comfort level you desire.

With the absolute best in connectivity at your fingertips, you will never have to worry about your mouse lacking in connection. We know how important this aspect is because programming is your work. You don’t have time to fiddle with a mouse that doesn’t stay connected! We get it, so we made sure that was a top priority with our list. As mentioned, each device has great battery life and also great responsiveness. Like, these bad boys immediately respond to your every movement and every click so that you can keep working quickly, as well as efficiently. Programming is all about efficiency, right? So you don’t have to lose any precious time programming that next huge piece of software to promote the evolution of technology. We understand that computer technology is an ever-moving, ever-growing entity and it moves fast. So, having the right mouse to do your work is going to be super important. We know. So, take a look at our list. It may surprise you how well we did. We are quite proud of ourselves, if I do say so myself. Go ahead and take a gander!

Final Thoughts…

It’s simple: technology as we know it wouldn’t exist without programmers. And if programming is your passion, you don’t want any clunky tools standing in the way. You show up every day ready to focus on the biggest pictures and the smallest details – you need a mouse that can keep up. Every option on our list has been chosen with you, the programmer, in mind. Each product has been constructed with high-quality material, the best of the best. These manufacturers know just as well as any programmer that your mouse in one of your most important tools. So, when you do find the right one, it needs to last for years to come. And the fact that you are a guy who programs has us psyched about you checking out the features these mice possess. Go ahead and geek-out on the options, we’ll wait.

And just in case there are not enough details here to satisfy your hunger for knowledge, we did you a solid and provided a link for every on e of these options. Go ahead and click on any of them to be launched right over to the almighty Amazon. There you will find every detail you can possibly imagine for each product. Be meticulous, we want you to be! As I’m sure you also know, you’ll find all the pricing, shipping details, and of course, other customer reviews to check out. See what other people are saying about the products to help your decision-making process. That is what they are there for! I bet you’ll find some like-minded looking for the best mouse, as well. And hey, if you happen to find a better mouse than the ones on our list, it is no problem at all! In fact, we would love to hear about it. Keeping our lists refined and the best they can be is one of our top priorities. Happy mouse hunting!

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