So guys, we know riding our motorcycles makes us feel like a boss! We know how much we admire and care for our bikes but just like with any other vehicle you buy; it needs continuous maintenance to keep the performance at its peak.

This means, tire rotations, engine and transmission checks, and oil changes as well. When it comes to dealing with these delicate parts of your bike, such as your wet clutch, you want to make sure you are putting the best products possible into it, because you know the quality that you put in, will be the quality that you get out.

That’s why in this article we will be reviewing the top 5 best motorcycle oil for a wet clutch.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Lucas Oil Motorcycle Oil

This is semi-synthetic oil for motorcycles that allows the lubricant to offer long life. The formula excels in delivering long-term component life… Read More on Amazon

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  1. Castrol 06112 POWER 1 4T 10W-40 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil. This oil formula has been created to provide consistent smoothness to riding enthusiasts. It is fully synthetic, advanced oil for clutch and engine suitable for 4-stroke type of motorcycles. The quality is proven with multiple testing to ensure superior acceleration. You can simply give a throttle touch and the bike receives a fast flow. This oil is effective against the engine’s internal friction and exceeds your expectations in terms of performance. The product has the assurance of the brand Castrol, which is trusted by the riders for quality.
  2. Lucas Oil 10710 10W-40 Semi-Synthetic Motorcycle Oil. This is semi-synthetic oil for motorcycles that allows the lubricant to offer long life. The formula excels in delivering long-term component life. Plus, it reduces the noise when handling your clutch and gives the necessary wetness without any leakage. All the JASO specifications are complied with when creating this motorcycle oil. The oil temperatures are lower than many other choices you find in the market. The product is available in a bottle of 1 quart, so you can carry it easily wherever you go. The formula assures performance of your bike with wet clutches.
  3. Red Line 42404 10W40 Motorcycle Oil. Use this fully synthetic motor oil to have high-performing clutches. It creates a superior film to provide shielding, strength, and protection. The drain internal of this formula is highly extended that allows the oil to stay on the parts longer than usual. The base stocks are also impressive and so are the dispersants when you use this motor oil. The package has a simple to use design in a size of 1 quart. However, it is important to ensure that your vehicle type aligns with this formula of oil. Use this with an oil filter to maximize the performance.
  4. Motul 300V Ester Synthetic Oil. This synthetic oil is known for its excellent lubrication due to the double ester technology. It contains two kinds of esters to increase the response and lubrication. So, you get a smooth clutch as well as immediate response from your engine. The formula gives top-notch performance upgrade to 4-stroke bikes. Hence, you can rely on it for motocross, road racing, and regular bikes. The quality goes beyond existing standards of performance. In fact, the oil complies with all the JASO T904 standards of a wet clutch. You can use it with as well as without any catalytic converter.
  5. HONDA 08C35-A141L01 Honda Pro GN4 Motor Oil. The Honda 10W40 pro motorcycle oil has a package size of 1 gallon. This is a genuine Honda oil of OEM quality. The company is setting new standards of motor oil quality and this one is an addition. The formula improves the performance of 4-stroke bikes, which is a generation 4 product for motorcycles. The quality and brand assurance make this oil the best motorcycle oil wet clutch for many proud owners of 4-stroke bikes. The package design has a handle to make the use easier when adding oil.

If you’re the proud owner of a 4-stroke type of motorcycle, you know you don’t just need any ol’ oil. You need the oil that is best for your specific type of bike. In this article we went in-depth and broke down the top 5 motorcycle oils for wet clutch. Choosing one of the above reviewed oils will definitely guarantee that you have not only the right type of oil but that it’s extremely high-quality.

If you’d like to do some further research on oils, just make sure that have these qualities included with them:

  • Offers consistent smoothness
  • Increased bike performance
  • Lowering temperature
  • No leakage

If you make sure to look for the above qualities, you’ll have an oil that’ll have your motorcycle running better than ever in no time!

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