Looks like you need to find the best hunting ATV for the money. Not to worry, we got you…

Some ATV owners use their vehicles for nothing more than a fun ride over bumpy terrain. But ATVs are also useful for the most serious hunters. As a hunter, you know how important mobility is. Being able to get from one side of the forest to the other, no matter the state of the trail, helps you find the best game – and can determine if you find any at all.

But most ATVs aren’t cheap. And the ones that are won’t live up to your high standards. To save you the hassle of finding an ATV that perfectly suits your hunting needs without draining your wallet, we’ve compiled a review of the best hunting ATVs for your money.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Quad Youth 4 Wheeler ATVs

With this model from X-Pro, you will be getting an ATV ship of 125cc, including automatic transmission and reverse. This makes the model convenient to … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


  1. X-Pro 250 ATV 4 Wheelers 250 Utility Full Size ATV Quad. This Utility ATV would be the best choice for hunting at a reasonable price. Fully assembled, it is 200cc ATV created for top-level performance by X-Pro. You get to save money and time from getting your ATV quad assembled. Plus, the performance offers reliable assurance due to the tested and proven riding excellence. The complete length is 69.3 inches with a height of 43.3 inches and a width of 42.1 inches. So, you get a proper room to comfortably ride. There is enough space to carry all your hunting gear and other luggage.
  2. X-Pro 250cc ATV Quad 4 Wheeler ATV. If you need a 250cc ATV, X-Pro provides that as well. This ATV offers you a manual transmission to attain complete control of the vehicle. There is an electric start feature to easily start your vehicle and handle conveniently. The full length of this model is 63.9 inches, while the width is 41.7 inches and the height is 41.9 inches. The front and rear tires are thick and sturdy to provide optimal traction with enhanced ground clearance. It will take some work to assemble the ATV; however, the process is easy.
  3. Coolster 3150DX-2 150cc Adult ATV. Get this air-cooled ATV model of 150cc. It is a 4-stroke design with automatic transmission and one cylinder. The automatic transmission receives performance support from 23 inches/22 inches tires. This model has brakes on the front hand and rear foot locations. The hydraulic disc is utilized in the foot brake, while the drum technology makes the hand brake effective. The design is CARB approved for its performance. The overall length is 69.3 inches with a height of 43.3 inches and a width of 42.1 inches. The ground clearance is 5.32 inches, while the seat height is 31.9 inches.
  4. X-Pro 125cc ATV Quad Youth/Adult 4 Wheeler. With this model from X-Pro, you will be getting an ATV ship of 125cc, including automatic transmission and reverse. This makes the model convenient to handle for adults as well as young riders. Along with the convenient handling, the design also has big front and rear tires with rear disc and front drum brakes. These features make this the best hunting atv for the money. You can utilize its 55.5 inches length and 39.8 inches of width to attain a roomy riding experience. The height of this ATV model is 38 inches.
  5. TAO Adult Size 250 Adult Size ATV. This is a full-body structure having adult size structure and a strong engine of 200cc. The model provides exceptional control due to its manual clutch. There are dual brakes to further improve the controllability of the vehicle. So, you can ride in complex terrains conveniently. The model provides reverse controllability and independent shocks. There is a warranty on the body parts in which ATV 250cc design. All these features make it suitable for all types of terrains. The overall weight is 420 pounds only, so you can conveniently control when riding.

Hunting can be amazing. You get to spend time outdoors with your friends, hunt big game if that’s your thing, and spend time on an ATV. It is a total win. We’re guys, too, so we totally get it. Being out there with the guys can be a serene experience where you get a chance to get away for a while. Nothing beats it. Plus, the factor of being in nature is a totally different experience than the hustle and bustle of every day life. I know that I myself am happiest in nature, so any opportunities to get out there are always enjoyable. Having an all-terrain vehicle that can get you from point A to point B without totally breaking the bank is essential. So, we took the time to carefully pick which five ATV’s were going to be the best for the money. And we are confident that we have found the best options that are out there. We like to be meticulous on our search so we can bring you the best of the best that’s out there.

Obviously, pricing is key with this article, as it is with any major purchase. And just because an option is the most expensive on the list doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option. We like to do our best to keep the price range comparable, because we believe that a handful of products should be right around a similar price if they are bringing the same features to the table. Take the X-Pro 125cc. That is our top option on the list and the one that we believe to be the best option. It is not the priciest option, but there are plenty of reasons we believe it’s the best option for the money. That’s not to say that our other options aren’t amazing choices, they are. But if we were to have to make a choice between one of these rad ATV’s, that is the one we would pick. Take a look for yourself, though, because each vehicle is going to have its own features and way it handles, etc. All we want is for you to find the one that makes you say “yes”, and our fingers are crossed you find the one on our list!

When it comes to the make of each option, we made sure to do our homework. We wanted to ensure that we found the best makes for ATV’s before we brought the best to you. Having reliable manufacturers is key in so many buying processes. But especially when the purchase has the potential to be a major purchase. ATV’s are not a cheap item, but we also found some great, affordable options as well. Any of the options on our list is manufactured by a vendor who has skin in the game and has been around long enough to make a name for themselves. And the great news is, if you like fun toys such as ATV’s, a lot of makers will also have other fun items to check out as well. We totally understand the desire to get out there and have some fun. And why not have a fun little ride while you’re out hunting? Absolutely nothing wrong with that, we want you to have as much excitement as you can handle.

Now, we want to also mention safety. Safety gear is essential when you’re out on an ATV, hunting, shooting guns, etc. While proper safety gear is easily at your disposal, it’s also a good idea to find yourself a safe ride. ATV’s can be dangerous if you’re not careful, so pick the machine that you’re confident you can ride on safely and securely. Especially if you have to ride with a passenger. They are putting their safety in your hands as the driver, so be conscious when you’ve got someone tagging along on your ride. Each machine will handle differently, pick the one that makes you comfortable.

And if you need just a little more convincing, we’ve got you covered there too. You can easily head over to Amazon to see just what other riders are saying about these ATV’s. Maybe you will even come across some reviews from hunters, you never know if you don’t look! So, hear it straight from the horse’s mouth if you want to get some additional info from actual buyers. You will get honest opinions from people who have used these ATV’s and why exactly they love them so much. It’s win, win. It’s also part of how we figure out which products are going to be best for our lists! The last thing we ever want is to send you guys products with a bunch of negative reviews. That certainly would mean we weren’t quite doing the best at our job. So we want to ensure we are recommending products that have overwhelmingly positive reviews! Happy hunting, fellas.


As you can see, picking out an affordable ATV requires looking at a number of factors. You’ll need to make sure you consider things like the design, the transmission, the braking system, vehicle size, and even ground clearance.

The vehicles on our list have only the best of these features. Their excellent performance is all but guaranteed. And by choosing from one of the ATVs for hunting listed above, you’ll be sure that every dime you spend is worth it.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Should I get an ATV for hunting?

A) ATVs or All-Terrain Vehicles are made to work in off-road conditions. You can ride these vehicles on uneven terrains like mountains, dirt tracks, and wet conditions. Therefore, ATVs are highly suitable vehicles for hunting activities, where you have to track the trails in the wilderness to catch your prey.

Q) Why ATVs work better in Off-road conditions?

A) ATVs have a 4-wheel drive system that provides superior traction and control on off-road tracks. ATVs don’t get stuck in the mud, and due to their powerful suspension systems, they also offer superior comfort on uneven paths. Overall, ATVs have a design and mechanism that suits off-road conditions well.

Q) What type of ATV should I get?

A) Well, it depends on the type of locations you intend to use it in. If you are going on steep hills and extremely rough conditions, you can go for powerful 250cc engines that offer maximum performance in such locations. And if you plan to just go around mild off-road tracks, a 125cc engine would do the job.

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