People come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, our technology doesn’t. From your cell phone to your gaming mouse, you’re stuck with the basic standard sizes. And this doesn’t work for everyone. Our readers with larger hands than the average gamer have a lot of advantages, but those don’t always translate to the tech you use. That’s especially true if you’re a gamer who uses a mouse. The available designs aren’t as maneuverable for you, which can be frustrating.

Believe it or not, you can find a gaming mouse that’s appropriate for players with larger hands. There are a lot of factors at play beyond just the size, too. The shape is important, and so are aspects such as button placement, responsiveness, and cursor speed. If you play video games and happen to have hands on the larger side of the spectrum, these can all affect your immersion and enjoyment. With these specs in mind, we’ve put together a list that will help you narrow your search for the best gaming mouse.

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Top pick

PICTEK RGB Gaming Mouse Wired

Designed for average-sized and large-sized hands, this mouse has a classic shape packed with modern features. The precision comes with the optical sensor giving top 10,000 DPI level of sensitivity… Read More on Amazon

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  1. Logitech G300s Optical Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse. Enjoy having 9 programmable switches placed in a symmetrical manner on the top surface of this mouse. The size and shape of this model align with all hand sizes. So, you can utilize it for large hands and easily control all buttons without any strain on your arm. The buttons take no time to adjust and save all the programs. The optical sensor is suitable for gaming needs and provides quick responsiveness. Plus, it also tracks the surface accurately, so you can move quickly while playing games. The mouse has its onboard memory available for three profiles. So, you can save the settings related to lighting colors and other programs.
  2. PICTEK Gaming Mouse High Precision 10,000 DPI Optical Sensor. Designed for average-sized and large-sized hands, this mouse has a classic shape packed with modern features. The precision comes with the optical sensor giving top 10,000 DPI level of sensitivity. There are 4 additional sensitivity levels below the maximum value. So, you can adjust your mouse for multiple speed levels for different purposes. The contoured shape allows you to feel comfortable while handling. Plus, this mouse has a skin-finish and sweat-resistant surface to further improve user experience. The cord is long and you get 8 programmable switches.
  3. UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse. This is a pro gaming mouse that contains built-in 12000 FPS and 16400 DPI. It also has 30G acceleration and cursor speed of 100-150in per second. Amazingly, it has 18 programmable switches/buttons to help you shift many keyboard programs to the mouse. There are 5 profiles possible to manage the programs and distinct color of light for identification. The contoured body shape and Teflon pads on the feet provide durable smoothness. The shape is best-suited for right-handed people who have large hands.
  4. Logitech G203 Prodigy RGB Wired Gaming Mouse. A classic mouse design with advanced performance for gamers. This gaming mouse has a perfect shape suitable for all hand sizes. The button tensioning technology requires tiny force to get the movement needed. The response, feel and consistency of the buttons allow gamers with large hands to obtain the desired experience. Hence, gamers from around the world consider it the best gaming mouse for large hands. The wired mouse is compatible with all major computer devices and contains an optical sensor of 6000 DPI sensitivity. So, you can trust this model in terms of tracking speed, accuracy, and consistent control.
  5. Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse. For almost every game, this gaming mouse provides maximum comfort while playing with its ergonomic design. The shape comforts the hand of a user, while the buttons have a scientific alignment to reduce fatigue created by regular clicks. The mouse features adjustable DPIs up to 7200. You can change the sensitivity of the sensor to attain a preferred level of responsiveness accurately. The programmable buttons make adjustments easier, while there are 5 profiles to save all the changes in mouse’s memory. And it all comes with an exceptional range of compatibility.


A lot of gamers don’t understand the struggles unique to those of us with larger hands. And it seems like most tech companies don’t, either. A regular gaming mouse just isn’t intuitive or comfortable for everyone. Luckily, there is a market out there for gamers with big hands, and the best of what it has to offer is on this list.

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