Looking for the Best Watches For Law Enforcement? Let’s Get After It…

When you’re in law enforcement, you have a lot of stuff on you at all times; the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your watch is going to hold up during a day on the job. You need a watch that’s just as rough and tough as you are and will make sure to last each day. So, fellas, check out this guide of some watches that we found are pretty BA – you’ll be sure to like them a lot.

When we put this list together, we wanted to make sure we specifically picked the best watches for your specific job. There are a lot of factors that go into our choices! They have to be reliable, and durable. We want your new watch to last for so long, it gains sentimental value because it has been with you every day, all the way. So, take a look at some of the options we’ve compiled below. And check out the features, too! We believe those will be the best selling points, because they give each watch a unique quality that sets each one apart from all the rest.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

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Police Officer Mens Watch

This blue line men’s watch from Aqua Force has water resisting capacity of 50 meters. So, one can go for a swim wearing this watch. The ABS case provides the much-needed strength… Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing top watches for law enforcement

These are the watch models that have the right design and features for law enforcement:

  1. Casio Women’s BGD140-1ACR Digital Watch. This women’s watch has shock resisting properties and serves with multiple functions. The sporty appeal of this watch suits its purpose. It contains an EL backlight and offers 29 time-zones. Other functions include a countdown timer, stopwatch, mute function and more. The resin case design has a size of 42 mm along with the digital display of Japanese quartz. The watch creates a strong grip due to its buckle closure and resin band. It works 100 meters underwater, which allows a law enforcer to do her job without worrying any gear damage.
  2. Aqua Force Police Officer Blue Line Men’s Watch. This blue line men’s watch from Aqua Force has water resisting capacity of 50 meters. So, one can go for a swim wearing this watch. The ABS case provides the much-needed strength and style to the design. The band grips the whole steel case, which gives it strength. The hands are superluminous to see the time even in the darkest conditions. The design comes with a manufacturer warranty of 2 years.
  3. FANMIS Men’s Military Multi-function Digital LED Watch. This military grade watch design has multiple functions that an officer may want in the field. The design works as a calendar, watch and also as an alarm. There is backlight and LED display in this model. The sturdy design is shock resistant and protects against water as well. There are 7 different colors of backlight LED. The overall design looks sporty and feels comfortable while wearing. The wearer can shower, swim or walk in the rain. The design resists water to the depth of 50 meters.
  4. Smith & Wesson SWW-455P Police Watch. Precise Japanese quartz and back-glow create a smooth experience of using this watch. The design protects against scratching due to the hardened glass crystal used. The water resistance capacity is useful to dive 30 meters underwater. The nylon band enhances the sporty appeal of the watch. The round blue-colored face contains the logo of Police.
  5. Casio Men’s AMW330B-1AV. This model from Casio offers Chronograph design. The watch displays date and time in its stylish white dial numbers printed on the black-colored face. The case-back locks with screws to protect against water and pressure. It is wearable underwater to 100 meters of depth. The band design fits the hands tightly yet comfortably, which protects the watch from shocks and intense movements. The design is scratch-free as well.

How to select one of the best watches for law enforcement?

When going through the list of watches, you should give these factors a chance to make the right decision:

  1. Function. First and foremost, you should look at the functions of a watch. Backlight, date, multiple time zones, and functions can help in the maximum utilization of a watch.
  2. Shock resistance. The design should be resistant to shock, which is an essential quality needed for a law enforcer.
  3. Water resistance. The watch should resist water as well, as a law enforcer works in all different conditions.
  4. Comfort. The wearer should be able to feel comfortable without worrying about losing the watch due to intense movements.
  5. Display. You need to choose between digital and traditional display. Make sure that the display works in the dark as well.

The choices above are going to set you up for success, my friend. Pay close attention and compare your watch choices by using the list above. That is exactly what will help you determine which will be right for your lifestyle, especially when it comes to your work. Pick a watch that will hold up to the elements and give you something you’ll be happy to throw on every day. We’re guys, too, so we get it. Nothing makes us happier than giving our dudes the best options that they can possibly find out there in the world of the internet.

And now for some final thoughts on the subject

Now that you have all the tools to find a watch that is perfect for your job saving people and fighting crime, it’s about time you go and get one while they’re still there – you definitely won’t regret it. Be meticulous in your search, too! Get into all the specifics before you make your purchase, we welcome that. Because the last thing we would ever want is for one of our dudes to experience buyer’s remorse. To hell with that! It’s nothing but satisfied purchases and exciting new toys from here on out!

But let’s say you want to get into even more detail before you decide on a new watch. We have got your back, not to worry. Every one of the watches above comes with a special link. All you have to do is click on any one of them to be shot right over to Amazon. There you will find all the details you can handle for each option. You can also compare the price tags of each one and get shipping details so you know when you’ll get your new timepiece. And let’s not forget customer reviews. An awesome gift to the world is Amazon’s verified buyer reviews. What better way to see how great a product is than by reading a review from someone who bought it before you? See what others are saying, you won’t regret it. But let’s just say, hypothetically, that you happen to find a better enforcement watch elsewhere. We want you to tell us about it! If there are new and exciting products out there that could be potentially added to our lists, we absolutely want to know about them. Happy hunting out there, fellas, and stay safe on the job!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Do law enforcement officers need special watches?

A) Law enforcement officers have a lot of fieldwork in rough conditions, and therefore, normal watches are not suitable for them. The best law enforcement watches would be police watches, military watches, or sports watches that have several essential features for a law enforcement officer.

Q) What features would a law enforcement officer need in his/her watch?

A) A law enforcement officer’s watch has to be highly durable. It should be water-resistant, shock-resistant, and corrosion-resistant to perform well in rough outdoor conditions. There should be some additional features like a timer, a compass, a stopwatch, etc., that can be useful for a law enforcement officer.

Q) What is the role of shock resistance in law enforcement officers’ watches?

A) The shock-resistance factor in law enforcement officers’ watches ensures that the watch doesn’t break on sudden impact. In a law enforcement scenario, if the watch breaks unexpectedly, it can cause serious injuries to the officers. That’s why law enforcement officers need highly shock resistance watches.


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