Looking for the Best Tires For F250 Super Duty? Let’s Get After It…

The moment you purchased your F250, you knew that there was something special about the vehicle. Stepping into your new heavy duty truck gives you the feeling that you can take on the world. But when it comes to the durability of your truck, its tires play a key role. And for F250 owners, any old tire just won’t cut it. Trust me, we know how cool of a dude you have to be to have an F250. I mean, in order to just buy one, I’m pretty sure you have to take a full on Cool Test. I mean, that’s what I’ve heard at least.

We’re taking a look at the tires that can handle the demands of your F250. Chances are if you have a truck like an F250, you’re going to be driving on a bunch of different terrains and doing a bunch of things with this BA truck. Whether it’s for construction or just for taking on crazy rides in rocky places or just exploring in general, we know that the tires you’re going to need have to be just as freakin’ cool as you and your truck. And, because we already know of all of this,  we’ve considered aspects such as ease of installation, puncture protection, sidewall construction, speed ratings, and even water protection. All of these are vital to the longevity of your truck – and to maintaining that feeling of freedom. So let’s get reading fellas – freedom awaits us on the other side dude.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

TreadWright CLAW M/T Tire

TreadWright is known for its high-quality tread wear value. The rubber performs in excellent condition for about 40,000 miles. The tires have a mud terrain design with self-cleaning wide lugs… Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


  1. Forceum M/T 08 Plus Mud Radial Tires-LT265/70R17 121/118P LRE 10-Ply. These are all-season tires ready to  offer top-level performance on all kinds of terrains, including mud. These tires work perfectly for F250 that require heavy-duty performance. The construction quality has a rating of 10-ply, which shows the durability of these tires. The black sidewall further enhances the strength and offer protection against punctures. The section width of this tire model is 265 mm suitable for all road conditions. The rim diameter is 17 inches with a load index of 121. You can trust this tire model for your F250 super duty.
  2. TreadWright CLAW M/T Tire. TreadWright is known for its high-quality tread wear value. The rubber performs in excellent condition for about 40,000 miles. The tires have a mud terrain design with self-cleaning wide lugs. The lugs remove mud and other particles out of the tread to offer maximum traction. The protection and strength are improved with reinforced as well as remolded design of Sidewalls. The brand also provides 2 years of workmanship warranty that backs the tire quality. The tread depth is 0.55 inches, while the rim diameter is 17 inches. Also, you get impressive tread width of 8 inches.
  3. Tidal Fender Flares ABS for 08-10 Ford Super Duty F250/F350. This tire model has a construction of ABS, having high impact resistance. The material and construction quality delivers flexibility and durability. The rivets are custom molded to create an aggressive appeal of bolt-on design. It saves from the requirement of drilling your fender. The installation hardware makes the process a matter of minutes. The tire flares have a width of 2 ½ inches to create a larger coverage area for F250 and F350 as well. The exterior of the tire is textured to give it a unique appeal.
  4. Road One Cavalry M/T Mud Tire. These are the best tires for f250 super duty with the mud-terrain design. The design and construction allow this model to protect against mud, water, and other road conditions when riding in your vehicle. The load index is 121, so you can use this for your F250 super duty. The rim diameter is 17 inches and the section width is 265 mm. These features support load handling, vehicle stability and smooth riding in all conditions. The speed rating for this super duty tire model is “Q”. Plus, you get puncture protection due to strong sidewall construction.
  5. Thunderer Trac Grip Mud Tire 2657017 265 70 17. Suitable for harsh terrain conditions, this tire model is known for maximum traction. The heavy-duty design serves with deep and wide treads that support your vehicle performance for thousands of miles. These are all-season tires constructed to provide protection and stability against all riding conditions. The section width is 265 mm to ensure a wider surface for better traction. The rim diameter is 17 inches, plus, the design has a load index of 118. All in all, this mud tire model is reliable and durable for your F250.

Even if you think the tires you currently have on your F250 are good enough, it might be good to just look into investing in a set of some of these tires. Especially if your tires are a bit older or aren’t as sturdy, you’re definitely going to want some of these. Even if you aren’t driving on rough terrain or doing anything super crazy with your truck, it’s important to make sure your tires can withstand almost anything. If you have kids or people that you drive around consistently, making sure your truck is the safest it can possibly be is super important – and that starts with having super durable and reliable tires. All of the tires that we’ve listed for you will help your truck be the safest – and most awesome – it can possibly be.

Final Thoughts…

You drive an F250 because you work – and come on, we know you also play – really freakin’  hard. These trucks can handle the heaviest weight and the most uneven terrain without fail. And F250 owners are just as driven. You don’t have time for flat or leaky tires. You need tires that can keep up with everything you need and want to do; taking random trips and going on cool adventures in a truck like an F250 is super ideal and you’re definitely going to want tires that you just know you can rely on.

Even if you don’t really love any of the options we’ve provided for you, you can now look for and find some tires that you think are dope, while also being able to tell if they’re really as durable as you need. Use everything we’ve taught you in this guide and just search for your own if you want! Clicking on one of the links above will lead you to a whole world of possibilities when it comes to finding tires for your F250. We want you to be happy with the tires you choose, so really take the time to make the decision and pick what’s going to make you feel the best you can possibly feel.

There’s no way around it: the tires on your F250 have to be the best of the best. And that’s all that we’ve included on our list. You demand a lot of yourself and your vehicle. That’s why you have an F250 in the first place. These are the tires that are sure to keep up with your lifestyle. These are the tires that are going to make you feel like you can own the world in your F250 – and trust me, with some BA tires, you’re really going to own the world. So, click on one of those links and buy yourself a really durable, awesome set of tires for your truck. Your F250 and all of your friends and family are going to be really happy with your decision.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) What type of tires are best for F250 Super Duty?

A) F250’s are heavy vehicles usually used for rough off-road conditions or light-duty transportation. The best tires for F250 Super Duty would be tires made specifically for the vehicle. While choosing tires for F250 super duty, you must be kook for all-season and suitable off-road tires for long-lasting efficiency and grip.


Q) Do I have to change tires for rain and snow for my f250?

A) If you have seasonal tires, you may have to change tires to suit the wet conditions. However, if you get the all-season tires, you can use the same tires for all seasons. So, you can save yourself the hassle of changing tires every season if you get all-season tires.

Q) How often should I replace the tires in my F250?

A) The average lifespan of F250 tires is anywhere around 45,000 to 60,000 miles or 3 to 6 years. So you must keep inspecting the tires and change them if you see enough wear tear on them. Most replacement tires also have a similar lifespan of 40000 miles.

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