Looking for the Best Tide Watches For Surfers? Let’s Get After It…

When you’re out catching waves with your surf bros, don’t you want to be able to tell what tide is going to be the best for you and your bros? Well, with the perfect tide watch, you can tell what tides are going to bring the best waves for you and your man dude buddies; check out a few super awesome ones below!

By taking the liberty of scoping out the key elements that make a great watch for surfers, we were able to put this list together with our surfer bros in mind. Surfing is an intense sport and a lot can happen; we get it! So, having a watch that is going to hold up to the elements is key. You don’t have your cell phone on you when you’re out catching waves, so we pieced together some watches with super cool features that can stand the pressure and resist the elements. These bad boys have shock resistance, they’re durable, they won’t break the bank, and they’re super cool, which is important. Take a look at what we’ve got here, you’ll love it.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

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Nixon Regulus Men’s Water

Combined with the power of reinforced polycarbonate case, this is a perfect watch to wear when facing tides… Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing top tide watches for surfers

Here is a list of tide watches you can leverage as a surfer:

  1. Rip Curl Men’s ‘SearchGPS’ Polyurethane Sport Watch. This watch has all the features required by a surfer to track tides. It comes enabled with GPS, which you can utilize while surfing for active tracking of tides. Along with that, it creates a record of your surfing sessions as well. You can sync your watch with the application to create a logbook and share your session performance. The screen case is 43 mm in diameter, which makes viewing easier. Plus, the device offers 100 meters of water resistance.
  2. Nixon Regulus Men’s Water And Shock Resistant Digital Watch. Combined with the power of reinforced polycarbonate case, this is a perfect watch to wear when facing tides. The buckle closure provides complete safety of the device. Plus, you get to adjust its LCD module to see the digital display of data. The band size is adjustable and the top functions include dual chronographs, timer, alarm, and calendar. The screen size is large to help you see the information conveniently.
  3. Vestal Men’s The Brig Watch. This is a great watch to track tides including more than 200 beaches across the globe. The watch offers a digital graph of tides and helps you with its custom mode of training. The plastic shock-resisting case is suitable to wear during surfing. In fact, the design provides 100 meters of water resistance. The screen size is large and the band contains polyurethane along with buckle strap. You can train yourself and find tides, using this single device.
  4. Rip Curl Men’s One Size Blue Blu Blu. This is another tide watch ready to support you on your surfing sessions. The buckle closure design has a case size of 47 mm, having an acrylic dial. The digital display of the device contains quartz movement technology. The band is made from silicone, which feels comforting on your wrist. The square display shows you moon phase, date, day, month and year as well. Hence, you can find the right time to take out your surfboard for the upcoming tides.
  5. Rip Curl Men’s Analog-Quartz Watch Green A1119MLI1SZ. This is another model from Rip Curl that shows you valuable tide information and stays relevant in the environment of moisture and water. This model contains an analog-quartz technology of movement. The case has 40 mm of diameter sealed to resist water. You can swim or snorkel while wearing this watch, as it offers 100 meters of water resistance. However, the watch is not suitable for scuba diving.

How to find the best tide watches for surfers?

You need to closely analyze these factors to select the best-quality of tide watches:

  1. Tide tracking. The watch should support tide tracking accurately. You need a device that shows important information to help you find tides.
  2. Shock resistance. The watch design should be strong enough to handle the shocks associated with surfing. You can’t use a watch that needs too much care while wearing.
  3. Water resistance. The design should resist water up to a depth of 100 meters at least. This depth of water resistance is necessary for a surfer to safely wear a watch while surfing.
  4. Screen size. The screen size should be large enough to help you see the information conveniently.

The four tips that we’ve laid out above will set you up for success. By focusing on these and comparing our options, you will be able to determine which one could be right for you. There are tons of options that are available in the marketplace, but we want to give you the watches that are going to be the best of best. Watches that are going to last for years, look cool, and have some awesome features that will get you excited about getting a new timepiece. You will not be disappointed with these choices, we dug deep and did our homework before passing this info along to you.

And now for some final thoughts on the matter

With all of this in mind, you can find the coolest dive watch for you to keep up your status with your wave bros and make sure you have the best time out in the ocean. These watches are super durable, too, they’ll never pop off your wrist when you hit the water hard. It happens, we get it. We’re guys, too, and plenty of us love hitting the waves. So, get yourself a reliable timepiece that will stay functional for years to come.

And just in case we haven’t given you enough details, we have got you covered. We made sure to take the liberty of providing a link for every one of these bad boys. You can easily click any of these links and head right over to Amazon. There you will find all the details your heart desires, every property of every watch is available for you to scope out. We want you to! Get meticulous and dig into the nitty-gritty info that you love. You can also compare all the price tags and see the shipping details, too, so you know exactly when you’ll get your new toy. It’s win, win! And hey, if you end up finding a better option somewhere else, let us know! We want to hear everything you have to say about a product that might not be on our list. It allows us to keep our articles updated with the absolute best products. We want nothing more than to give you the absolute best options for your money. By letting us know about new and exciting products, we can do exactly that. Drop us a line and let us know what you find, we definitely want to know. Now get out there and hit some waves, surfer bro!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Are digital watches suitable for surfers?

A) Yes, you surfers can wear specially-made digital watches for surfers. These digital watches are water-resistant, more durable, and sturdier than normal digital watches. Watches for surfers also have a lot of additional features that can be especially helpful during surfing sessions.

Q) What features should watches for surfers have?

A) Watches for surfers should be strap watches that hold the watch tightly on the wrist. Some key features would be 100 m water resistance, tide tracking, timer, session recording, alarm, calendar, etc. Along with that, the watch should also be highly durable and corrosion-resistant so that you can use it frequently for surfing sessions.

Q) Are watches for surfers expensive?

A) Watches for surfers are cost-effective when compared with the wide range of features they offer. These watches are specially designed to last long in saline ocean waters, and they have several features for surfers. And if you purchase from a reliable online store like Amazon, you can get the watch at the best rates than anywhere else.

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