Things are really getting crazy when it comes to the world of watches and it’s important to stay updated – you don’t want to be left out of the race to the top. Having a talking wrist watch – yes, a watch that actually talks to you – can really make you the coolest man dude in the game. Here’s a few watches to take a look at below.

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Top pick

ATOMIC Talking Wrist Watch

The brand On Time also offers a talking wristwatch that syncs with the time zone of the wearer. The atomic syncing ability of the watch also adjusts the brightness … Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing top talking wrist watches

  1. Liberty Atomic! Talking Wrist Watch. This atomic talking watch technology is reliable and effective. The watch catches the signals of the official Atomic Clock of the US. Setting the time zone takes no time or effort. Plus, the illuminated hands and large numbers make user experience top-notch. The leather band and unisex style of the case allow both men and women to wear this watch. The design has a silver buckle, which holds the watch properly on the wrist of the wearer.
  2. On Time Atomic! Talking Wrist Watch. The brand On Time also offers a talking wristwatch that syncs with the time zone of the wearer. The atomic syncing ability of the watch also adjusts the brightness when exposed to daylight. The options of time zones include multiple geographical locations of the USA such as Central, Eastern, Mountain, and Pacific. The talking feature tells your date, time and alarm as well. The watch talks a male English voice. The fitting of the band is perfect for middle-sized or large-sized wrists.
  3. TimeChant Atomic English Talking Watch. There are 5 different senses in this large-sized talking watch. The calendar and time of this watch get managed automatically. The atomic signals are utilized to manage the clock, calendar, and daylight adjustment as well. The voice of the watch announces the date, time, day, month, alarm status, signal reception and year as well. The sound is strong to help the elderly, as well as blind individuals, listen to the watch. The metal case is huge and offers a comfortable to wear band.
  4. MaxiAidsReizen Talking Atomic Watch. This talking watch helps you know the date, time, alarm status, day and more. The watch has been designed to adjust itself automatically according to the time zone and daylight. The face of the watch is large and contains bold numbers, which you can see clearly. The analog display is exceptional. Plus, it offers a band design that expands to fit conveniently on the wrist of a wearer. The black numbers become clearly visible in the white-colored face.
  5. VSONE Talking Watch With Alarm of Quartz. You have this watch model that suits the need of elderly or visually impaired individuals. The design comes with a golden color band and bezel. The face of the watch has white color, while the numbers are black in color. This helps elderly people conveniently see the time. Along with that, the watch talks time and date in English. The size of the watch is 36 mm and the band is expandable. The quartz alarm is also available as a feature.

How to choose the best talking wrist watches?

Having the right wristwatch is necessary for elderly and visually impaired individuals. Knowing the right factors to analyze can make the buying process simpler. So, follow these features:

  1. Talking feature. The talking feature should be excellent. The voice of the watch should tell you the date, time and also alert about the alarms.
  2. Atomic syncing. You can choose a watch that automatically adjusts itself according to the time zone and daylight.
  3. Face size. The face of the watch should be large enough with clearly visible numbers. The diameter of the face should be large as well.
  4. Comfortable band. The band should be comfortable to wear. The grip should not feel too loose or too tight on your wrist.

Having a talking wrist watch is the new trend, and you’re definitely going to want to get ahead of that trend. So, keep this guide in mind and go out and buy yourself a brand new talking friend – I mean watch.

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