Looks like you need the best pellets for a Traeger smoker. Let’s get after it…

Traeger is one of the best-known brands for pellet smokers, and their products are known for incredible features and effectiveness. Most Traeger smokers have been priced aptly, so there’s something for each budget, and these products are ideal for parties, BBQ events and other gatherings. Now, if you have a Traeger smoker at home, you would need to buy the right pellets for use, which determines many aspects, including your BBQ taste. In this post, we take a look at the best pellets for a Traeger smoker.

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Traeger 32175 20Lb Turkey Blend Pellet

Reviewing the best five options

Top pick

Traeger Blend Pellet

If you are just cooking a turkey, this is the only pellet that you will need. Made of 100% hardwood and blend of oak, hickory, and maple with a rosemary … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options

When it comes to selecting pellets for Traeger smokers or any brand for that matter, we recommend that you check the product manual first for possible ideas. Below are the five products that we liked and is likely to be a great way to fuel your Traeger smoker.

Traeger 32175 20Lb Turkey Blend Pellet. If you are just cooking a turkey, this is the only pellet that you will need. Made of 100% hardwood and blend of oak, hickory, and maple with a rosemary effect, these pellets offer the exact smoky note you need for turkey, with a light sweet touch. What’s more? the package measures 20 Lb. and includes turkey rub and orange brine. Cooking your turkey won’t be the same anymore.

BBQrs Delight Wood Smoking Pellets (Set of 6). If you are someone who is specific about flavors for cooking different meats and veggies, you need this pack that contains six very special and loved options – Apple, Hickory, Mesquite, Cherry, Pecan and Jack Daniel’s. Each of these bags weight one pound of pellets, which is enough for at least 8 uses. The product is ideal for smokers, as well as, gas, charcoal and electric grills. The best part – No need to soak your pellets!

CookinPellets 40H Hickory Smoking Pellets. This is a one-pack product, in case you are just trying out wood pellets or a smoker for the first time. CookinPellets’s pellets are made of top four hardwoods, and there is no alder filler or oak filler that you need to be bothered about. As the name suggests, these are Hickory pellets that are made of 100% hardwood.

RecTec Grills Ultimate Blend Pellets. This is a twin-pack pellet for Traeger smokers, which comes with an oak and hickory blend. Designed to fit almost all kinds of pellet grills, these pellets are also available in packs of five if you need in bulk. Made of 100% natural hardwood, all the pellets are uniform in size, which does add up to the cooking process and makes your BBQ food taste better.

“Q” Pellets Premium Blend BBQ Grilling and Smoking Pellets. This is one of the best-rated products and is made of 100% natural hardwood. There are no artificial ingredients or fillers included in the product and works across brands of grills and smokers. This is a 30 lb bag, which should run for a very long time. The company also has specific blends, just in case you are insistent on a flavor.

All about selecting smoking pellets

Most of the smoking pellets in the market are designed to work for different brands, so it doesn’t matter if you have a Traeger smoker in particular. However, it’s a good idea to consider the instructions that have been assigned with your smoker. As for selecting smoking pellets for your Traeger smoker, we recommend that you consider the flavor and what you want to cook, because the right pairing makes a big difference. For example, if you are cooking beef, you can go for hickory or oak, while pork pairs really well with apple and cherry. Poultry is more flexible in that regard and you can choose fruity flavors or something different such as pecan. For seafood, alder and oak are two of the most loved flavors, and if you are cooking veggies, you can settle for apple, maple or pecan as you like.

Traeger smokers are amazing. In fact, any of their grilling products are pretty awesome. So having the right pellets when you use one of their smokers is going to be essential every time you use the smoker. Not only do we want you to have meat that is tender and juicy every time, but we also want it to have the amazing flavor that will have you stoked to smoke every time you break out your Traeger smoker. So finding the right pellets does not have to be a daunting task that leaves you frustrated because of all the different options out there. It can be a total headache trying to sift through all the options out there on the internet. So leave the challenge to us! We will happily head out into the deep recesses of the internet to find the absolute best options that money can buy. Leave the searching to us, we will take the time to figure out what is going to be your absolute best options. Because we want to save you time, first and foremost. When we get a chance to save our guys some time, it gives you more time to do what you love. In this case, smoking some awesome meat for your family and friends. Nothing is as validating as smoking meat to absolute perfection at the pleasure of your closest friends. Show them the culinary, badass ManDude that you are by smoking your next batch of meat with some amazing pellets!

Now, when you check out the options that we put together, we don’t necessarily expect you to know which ones are the best and which ones are not as good. That’s why we’re here! We know which ones are going to be the amazing, flavor providing options that you will love. Our favorite option happens to be from Traeger, which provides some excellent taste to the meat you decide to smoke. And the other options we’ve put together are almost just as amazing! One of our options, which happens to be from BBQr’s delight has a six pack so you can have six different options to choose from every time you smoke some meat. And having options is always a plus. Depending on what you’re feeling you can choose which pellets to use. Or it can depend on what kind of meat you happen to be smoking at the time. Either way, we know that any of these options will serve you well because tons of other guys love these pellets when they go to smoke some meat. Check out the options, we are certain you will not be disappointed and can get excited about the next time you get out to smoke some meat.

Even when you compare the prices of each option, you will see that we found affordable, comparable options that won’t break the bank. The great thing about grilling pellets is that you can grab a couple options if it’s hard to decide which one you may love the most! So get yourself a couple bags if you don’t know which ones might serve your meat the best. Or grab the six pack! Just because one of our options is the highest priced on the list doesn’t mean we’re always going to make it our favorite. It’s a culmination of things. Price matters, but so does brand and in this case the ability to help your meat taste absolutely phenomenal every time you take a juicy bite. The name of the game is giving you some pellets to use with that Traeger smoker that will have you excited when you get a chance to use it. Especially in those summer months when we love being outside making our favorite meats with our smokers. We’re guys, too, so we totally get it. Having tasty meat when we cook is definitely something to get psyched about.

If you happen to want some more information, we have got you covered, my guy! The great thing about living in the age of the internet is the potential for easily checking out customer reviews with just a couple clicks. And nothing is more honest on the internet than a person reviewing a product that they just used, whether that review may be good or bad. With Club ManDude, we are going to cultivate a list of awesome products that have plenty of positive reviews. We wouldn’t be doing our job if we brought you items with lots of negative reviews. These smoker pellets have plenty of love being tossed around because guys love to grill and smoke with these options. That’s why they are the best! Sure, you may get a negative review here and there. It would be great if we could make everyone happy! But you will see plenty of positive reviews for these pellets. So get excited for the next batch of meat you get a chance to smoke because it is going to taste absolutely phenomenal.

Final Word

Make sure that you have done your research on what flavor works well with different meats and veggies. Traeger smokers are extremely efficient, and you can take the taste to the next level by opting for specific flavors. Check the products mentioned above and make a choice. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use pellets from other brands in Traeger?

Yes! You can use pellets from other brands in the Traeger grill. Depending upon the quality, their output is fine, if not excellent. It would help if you kept on exploring the best pellets until you have not found any suiting your taste bud and the efficiency of your grill. 

2. What pallets produce better smoke?

Hickory pallets out of others produce better smoke and complement almost every meal. For people who find hickory, a bit stronger side of flavor can use Apple or Oakwood pellets. These are on a little milder side and go perfect with pork roast. So, if you want a strong smoked flavor, stick by the side of hickory, else you can choose any. 


3. Is it fine to leave the pellet grill outside with pellets in the hopper?

You can leave the pellet grill outside but absolutely not with pellets in the hopper. The best way to leave it outside is by emptying the hopper and the grill lid down. 


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