Looking for the Best Mudding Tires For ATV? Great. Let’s Get After It…

Are you on the more adventurous side of the ATV life? Whether scouting trails through the woods or riding across open plains, this list is for the riders who don’t mind getting a little dirty. Dirt is a fact of life when you’re on your vehicle, but there are some riders who like to slosh, skid, and sling through the wettest, thickest mud. And they need tires that can keep up.

Whether you’re the type of mudder who knows their tires down to the tread or a new rider looking to up the fun factor, this list has what you need. In our list of the best mudding tires for ATVs, we’ve looked at the tread patterns, materials, and even cleanliness of some of the most reliable options. You have enough to worry about as you navigate nature, and knowing that you’ve made the right decision in regards to your tires can take away a lot of that burden. So with your specific mudding needs in mind, take a look.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick


These tires are suitable for a wheel having a diameter of 12 inches in the front and rear. This model has a directional knobby design with angled treads. This angled design approach makes this … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


  1. WANDA ATV Tires 22X11-8 22x11x8 4PR P323-10032. This tire design has a non-directional pattern of treads. This pattern helps in keeping the treads clean and creates more traction in terrain with loose dirt and mud. The 4 ply construction with nylon material offers much-needed protection against abrasions and punctures. These tires get better skid and enhanced grip on muddy trails. Hence, you can trust them with your mudding ATV experience. The performance is top-notch and maintenance doesn’t require too much work. The pattern creates a self-cleaning ability in these tires, which increases the lifespan of your ATV as well.
  2. Set of 4 SunF Power.I ATV UTV all-terrain Tires 25×8-12 Front & 25×10-12 Rear, 6 PR, Tubeless A033. These tires are suitable for a wheel having a diameter of 12 inches in the front and rear. This model has a directional knobby design with angled treads. This angled design approach makes this model highly powerful against all kinds of terrain. So, you can take your ATV to mud, desert, rock or dirt trails. The quality of the rubber material provides exceptional performance on every single ride. The 6 ply construction has been applied to make it resistant against abrasions and punctures.
  3. Kenda Scorpion K290 ATV Tire – 22X11-8. This design is best-suited for mud, non-highway conditions. The tire is affordable and provides a performance quality that matches your needs. The construction has 2 ply rating and has the ability to hold 340 pounds easily. Plus, the lug pattern and depth improves traction and skid in muddy conditions. The design of the knobs protects the sidewall as well as the rim. The pattern design of tread is non-directional and it breaks the muddy surface to create strong traction consistency. The pattern doesn’t let the mud accumulate, so it gets cleaned on its own.
  4. Carlisle Mud Lite XTR All-Terrain ATV Radial Tire. Improve the performance of your ATV with this radial tire design. It brings enhanced traction with its XTR mud radial tire design. The construction is ITP incorporated, which ensures the performance in the mud. The tread design is extremely aggressive that allows you to push your ATV performance on muddy trails. Hence, this one is considered the best mudding tires for atv.You get the float and flexibility, which are necessary when riding on a mud terrain. The lugs are 1 1/8 inches deep and arranged in an angled style.
  5. MILLION PARTS One pair of P306B ATV/UTV Rear Tires AT 25×10-12/6 Ply Black. This exceptional tire design offers 480lbs of load capacity in a construction quality with 6 ply rating. So, you don’t have to worry about low performance, abrasions or punctures. The extra shoulder lugs are available to protect the sidewall and rim. The tread design enhances the capacity of your ATV. Along with mud trails, you can take your ATV to other rough terrains such as rocks, sand or loose dirt. The width of the rim is 8 inches and the read depth is about 18.5 mm.

Hopefully our list has done a good job of informing you of some of the raddest options that money can buy. ATV’s are a ton of fun. But riding an ATV through muddy terrain? Even more fun. Like we said, this one is for the guys who love to ride and don’t mind getting covered in filth. By taking into account all the most important aspects of a mudding tire, we were able to put together a solid list that will have you wanting to get out there and ride right now. But wait! Not before you take the time to carefully pick out a set of these bad boys to throw on your ATV. A great set of new tires will also help to keep you safe, too. The right tires provide the proper balance, a smooth ride, and give you enough traction so you don’t end up off the trail. Be safe out there on your next ride, but have some fun, too!

And now for some final thoughts on the subject.

If you enjoy mudding in your ATV, you’re the kind of rider who doesn’t shy away from fun – or from the wild outdoors. As with anything, the more you plan ahead, the more exciting your trip will ultimately be. We’ve given you a great place to start. Once you’ve chosen the right tires, you have our permission to go play in the dirt.

And just in case we haven’t provided enough details for our guys, we have taken the liberty of helping you out there, too. Each one of our five options above also includes a link. With that link you can head over to Amazon and scope out each product before you buy. Go ahead, dig in deep! We want you to gather as many details about each product before you set out to make your purchase. That’s why we provide the links, so you can find as many details as you could possibly desire about each product. Plus, you’ll be able to scope out the prices for each set of tires, so you can do a little comparison if you would like. And you get shipping details, too, so you know exactly when you get to throw those bad boys on your ATV and head out on your next ride. And, let’s not forget, other customer reviews. The almighty plethora of testimony from people who have used the product before you. What an age we live in, huh? It’s one of the best parts of buying products online, especially when it comes to popular items. The more popular a product is, the more reviews there will be. So, check out what other people are saying, too! We encourage it. And hey, if you end up finding another option out there that you feel is better than what we have on our list, that’s okay, too. In fact, you can tell us about it! Nothing makes us more psyched about our articles than being able to sufficiently keep up on all the best products out there. So, find yourself a great new set of mudding tires and enjoy the ride!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) What is Mudding in ATVs?

A) Mudding is an adventure sport where riders drive their ATVs into extremely muddy trails. The trails will have deep wet mud holes and taking your ATV through them will require superior skills and experience of riding. However, mudding is a lot of fun and is currently one of the most popular activities among ATV riders worldwide.


Q) Do I really need special tires for mudding?

A) Of course. Your ATV has to gain traction in extremely deep and slushy mud holes, and therefore you must have mudding tires for best performance. Your usual ATV tires may perform fine on usual dirt tracks, but on mudding tracks, they can easily slip and lose control.


Q) How often should I replace the mudding tires?

A) Mudding tires wear out faster than usual tires because of the immense abrasion during mudding. The best way of replacing tires is to frequently check the tread and replace the tire when the tread has gone down to 6/32-inch thickness. Anywhere lower than that would be dangerous for driving.


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