Looks like you need the best mud tires for the money. We have got your back! Let’s get after it…

Mud tires are often overlooked by outdoorsmen, but they can be a real necessity. Whether you’re enjoying a day of hunting, working outside on a rainy day, or hitting the terrain for a little escape from everyday stress, you need mud tires. And you need the best out there.

Because of their size and increased durability, mud tires can be more expensive than other tires. So how do you know that you’re choosing mud tires that are worth the cost? Well, you have to know what you’re looking for. Weather resistance, protection against wear and tear, speed ratings, and traction are all specs that you’ll need to consider. In addition, you need to know if your tires are appropriate for all seasons.

We’ve broken down the best mud tires for your money, so you can be sure that you’re saving money and avoiding shoddy quality.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Kanati Mud Hog M/T Radial Tires

Kanati is also a reliable manufacturer of all-season mud-terrain tires. Suitable for light trucks, these radial tires perform exceptionally with the load range capacity of E … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


  1. Forceum M/T 08 Mud Tires. When looking for mud tires, Forceum is one of the top brands that come to mind. Designed for mud-terrain performance, these tires serve your purpose in every season. They are suitable for light trucks due to their high load capacity. This cost-effective tire model resists punctures and provides additional strength due to its sidewalls. The section width is 235 mm, while the rim diameter has 15 inches of the surface. You can install these tires easily and drive on muddy terrains without worrying about getting stuck. The tread design and depth evacuate mud to offer strong grip and traction.
  2. Accelera M/T-01 Mud Tires. This tire model has been designed with 6-ply to offer a load range of “C” capacity. The mud-terrain performance is excellent, while the tread design serves in all weather conditions. These mud tires have a wider tread space and depth to remove the mud conveniently and attain proper traction throughout the journey. Each tire weighs about 136 pounds with a section width of 235 mm. The aspect ratio is 75 with 15 inches of rim diameter. You get additional strength and protection due to its high-quality Black Sidewall.
  3. Haida Mud Champ HD868 Radial Tires. With an all-season construction, this tire model supports your vehicle in muddy terrain conditions. The design is capable of handling the SUV and truck load with a range of “SL”. These radial tires have large and wide tread shapes for strong tread wear protection. The load index is 115 in rating, while the speed rating is “S”. The section width is 275 mm and the rim diameter is 20 inches. Each tire weighs about 208 pounds. You can trust these tires in terms of temperature resistance and traction in all weather conditions. So, these can serve as your best mud tires for the money.
  4. Road One Cavalry M/T Mud Tire. With construction rating of “E”, these are the heavy-duty tires you want for muddy conditions. The Cavalry model has its unique tread wear protection technology. The treads enable mud to smoothly move out, which allows proper traction when driving. The load index of a 123 rating supports the requirements of trucks and SUVs. The design has the aspect ratio of 75 mm, while the rim diameter is 16 inches. The section width of this tire model is standard 265 mm. Road One is a reliable brand that ensures the true value for the money invested.
  5. Kanati Mud Hog M/T Radial Tires. Kanati is also a reliable manufacturer of all-season mud-terrain tires. Suitable for light trucks, these radial tires perform exceptionally with the load range capacity of E and 10-Ply quality rating. The black sidewall adds strength to the construction and saves internal elements. The section width is 295 mm and rim diameter is 20 inches in this model. You get the speed rating of “Q”, while the rating for load index is 126. The aspect ratio is 60 and each tire weighs about 264 pounds. You can trust Mud Hog when choosing a muddy terrain to ride.

Mudding in an all-terrain vehicle or an SUV is a ton of fun. But having the right equipment for your ride is going to be essential when you get out there. Having the wrong set of tires when you head out off the road can get you stuck really quick, so be sure you’re finding the right set of tires that’s going to give you excellent traction while you’re out there having fun. It will absolutely make a world of difference if you’re just starting to get into the sport. Properly educating yourself on the how’s of off-roading is typically going to be a beneficial practice. Because even though you’re essentially protected by the body of your vehicle, that doesn’t mean there isn’t also an element of danger that comes along with off-roading. And that is absolutely not mean to deter anyone. On the contrary. It’s supposed to psych you up for some fun while getting yourself prepared safely and consciously before getting out there in the muddy terrain.

So, let’s talk about safety while we’re at it! That is the number one purpose of a good set of tires, after all. Tires with substantial, special treads for off-roading is going to be a must. And that’s why we put together the five options that we did, because we want you to find the right set of tires that is going to give your vehicle the extra edge it needs to keep you safe while you’re driving. They’ll also keep you from getting stuck, naturally. And the thing about fun is that it is so much more enjoyable with friends and family. If you’re letting some friends tag along for the ride, the right tires will help to keep everyone safe so plenty of fun can be had by all. Safety is number one, always make sure your vehicle is in good working order from the engine down to those tires. Your passengers will thank you!

It’s never a bad idea to become learned on brands either. Knowing your tire manufacturers can help to give you more of an upper hand in the buying process. The only thing we want for you right now is to find the absolute best set of mud tires for your vehicle. Our favorite choice on the list is the set manufactured by Kanati, which are so aptly called “Mud Hogs”. Although they are a pricey set of tires, they are definitely the best on the list in our opinion. Think of it this way, if you spend a little extra on a new set, they will last longer than a cheaper set that can have you forking over the dough for a new set much earlier. Plus, the Kanati tires amazing off-road. They handle like total champions and the treads are good for many, many miles. They are an awesome choice. And that’s not to say our other options aren’t great, too, because why else would we find four other choices? Any one of these options has great levels of suitability.

And we totally get that pricing matters, too. Sometimes having a more affordable option is just what happens to suit your fancy at the moment. No worries there! Our other tire options also provide great handling treads and material to last. Each tire on our list has its own unique qualities that make it a great option for any off-roader that has their interest piqued. Find something within your budget! There is no shame in that whatsoever, and having some additional options to choose from is always going to be a benefit. If you happen to find another option somewhere else that you think is great, you can always let us know. We want to make sure that we are staying up on all the latest options that belong on our lists. That is our gift to you, to take out the guesswork so you can save time and use it for more off-roading. Club ManDude always wants to bring you the best of the best, that is our duty and we’re sticking to it.

And if you’re still not convinced, we urge you to take a little trip over to Amazon, everyone’s favorite online retailer. There you can find reviews by tons of other off-roaders who have used these tires. It’s part of how we make our choices, we want to find the options that people are absolutely stoked about. Peruse some of the comments and you will get specific details from other drivers while getting a chance to see that the reviews for these bad boys are overwhelmingly positive. Any tools that we can provide you to utilize in your decision-making process are exactly what we want you to have. So get out there and find yourself some rad tires to have yourself some fun off-road and in the mud!


While most mud tires share specs and attributes, you want to make sure that whichever tire you consider has the best of them. Mud is a reality of an outdoorsman’s life, and you need tires that can handle the deepest and thickest.

After looking at our guide, you can move forward with confidence – these are the best mud tires for your money.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) What are mud tires?

A) Mud tires are tires made specifically for off-road conditions. These tires have thicker treads and uniquely designed grooves that offer superior grip and control on dirt. So, if you are going to use your SUV or ATV in off-road conditions, getting mud tires can be highly essential for you.

Q) Can I put mud tires only in the front?

A) Mixing tire types can prove to be quite risky, especially on mud tracks. Having usual tires at the rear and mud tires in the front will cause uneven gripping and control while driving. It not only wears the tires early but also causes accidents. So, the better option is to change all four tires together.

Q) Are mud tires expensive?

A) Mud tires from top brands are reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective. When compared to the longevity and performance, the mud tires are much more cost-effective. And they also provide you maximum safety on mud tracks. So overall, having high-quality mud tracks is a sensible investment if you are going off-road.

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