Looking for the Best Motorcycle Tires For Cruisers? Let’s Get After It…

Of all your motorcycle’s parts, few are as important as where the bike meets the pavement: your tires.  They’re important for your safety and ensure that your vehicle runs for as long as possible. Choosing the right tire is about more than peace of mind, though. Your tires should match your lifestyle. And right now, we’re talking to the cruisers out there. If you’re the type of rider who dreams of those long trips down open roads and scenic highways, this list is for you.

For cruisers, riding is all about the distance. Each mile you drive on your motorcycle is a new experience, and every road trip is a new chapter. But a lot can go wrong on the open road. You need to be sure that your bike is prepared for the race to that horizon. Tires are the smartest place to start. After all, they take the brute force of the pavement directly. The traction, the stability, and even the noise of your tires can make all the difference. Take a look at our list for the best motorcycle tires for cruisers.

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Bridgestone Rear Motorcycle Tire

Well-designed performance radials support the power and performance of cruisers. It helps to maximize mileage and performance … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


  1. Shinko 011 Verge Rear Motorcycle Tire for Victory V92SC Sport Cruiser 2000-2001. A tire for cruisers has to have an excellent grip. And this one is admired for the grip along with long tread life. The tread compound of this tire has been designed to perform for years with a grip that never lets you down. The tread radius enables a rider to keep a high speed while cornering. This feature is uniquely available in this design. Also, you receive the trust of a DOT compliant product. Hence, the performance and safety come along together in this one.
  2. Bridgestone Excedra G850 Cruiser Rear Motorcycle Tire 180/55-18. Well-designed performance radials support the power and performance of cruisers. It helps to maximize mileage and performance capacity. The compound is silica enriched, which enhances the grip level in dry as well as wet surfaces. The construction of mono-spiral Kevlar belt provides stability at high speed and also increases shock absorption capacity. The design of this tire is suitable for Roadstar Warrior, Mean Streak, V-Rod and VTX1800 as well. The size 200/50ZR17 has steel belt instead of Kevlar. So, you can choose this one for performance enhancement, strong grip, and shock absorption.
  3. Michelin Commander II Motorcycle Tire Cruiser Rear – 180/65-16 81 H. This one has been developed with extensive testing to ensure the performance and safety of the riders. The size of every commander tire is aligned according to the custom needs and features of a bike. The stable handling and compliant riding become possible due to the use of rayon carcass in the place of polyester. The rear Commander contains Aramid belts in the place of fiberglass. This allows the tire to offer centrifugal growth control for better contact patch and excellent traction. No need to worry about the casing or profile designs, as they are customized as well.
  4. Metzeler ME880 Cruiser Street Motorcycle Tire – 150/80B17 72H. This one is designed and constructed to handle every need of a cruiser or a touring bike. The tires can handle higher loads without any performance issue. The front tire offers a rounded profile of tread to create neutral and smooth steering. On the other hand, you get a flatter profile of tread in the rear tire to obtain enhanced contact patch and enjoy better mileage and improved traction. The tread pattern has been designed with advanced computing technologies to ensure uniform characteristics and low noise.
  5. Michelin Commander II Reinforced Motorcycle Tire Cruiser Rear – 130/90 – 16.When looking for the best motorcycle tires for cruisers, this one comes in front of you for sure. The Commander tire is the reinforced model from Michelin containing tailored features to align with the specific requirements of a bike’s front tire. The quality of Rayon carcass and Aramid belts provide better stability, compliance in the rear Commander. While the front tire offers stability and ease of movement, the rear tire delivers a larger contact patch, wear, and excellent traction. Plus, the performance has been tested on the US roads as well.

So, there you have it, a list of the five best sets of tires that money can buy for your cruiser. We’re guys, and plenty of us are motorcycle enthusiasts. So, we get it! The feel of riding out on the open road with the wind in your face is a unique experience unlike any other. And you’re riding a cruiser, so you want to be able to have that nice, laid-back ride you enjoy so much. Staying safe is a key element, of course. And as we’ve mentioned, the right tires play a part in that, as well. Having the proper traction provides better control out on the road, and we need that to stay safe. Having the right rubber on the pavement with the proper treads are going to work wonders and leave you in control of your baby any time you head out for a ride.

And now for some final thoughts on the subject

You’re a cruiser. That means you live for those curvy forest roads and those wide-open stretches of highway. You’re in it for the long haul, and you need reliable tires for every mile. Make sure you’re ready for that next road trip with the best motorcycle tires for cruisers. They just add to the enjoyment so much, because you are going to remain confident every time you get on that bike. We also wanted to take into account that the tires will last as long as they are supposed to. And what we would really love is if you found a set of tires for your cruiser that were so good, you bought another pair once your new set wore out. That would be the best possible outcome! So, find yourself the best set for your needs. Every guy is different, we get it. We want to cater to all of your meticulous preferences, and we will do that until the wheels fall off. Punny, right?

But let’s say that perhaps you are not satisfied with all the details we’ve provided. Don’t sweat it! We took the liberty of providing a link for every option that we’ve provided so you can take a look at every, single detail for each option. Click a link and head over to Amazon to gather as much additional info as you can. Price tags, shipping details, you name it! Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of customer testimonials from people who have actually used these products. It is win, win, my friend! And if you happen to find something better that is not on our list, tell us about it! We would love to hear about other, new and exciting sets of cruiser tires that we haven’t come across. Our belief is that our list is pretty solid, but we’re always open to feedback, too. So, get yourself some new tires and get back to what you love doing most!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) How long will cruiser tires last?

A) The average life span of a cruiser motorcycle is around 5 years. However, the tire may wear out earlier or last longer, depending on the usage. The best option is to check whether there is sufficient tread on your tires. If the tread depth is below 1/32 and 2/32, then the tires have to be replaced.


Q) Can I replace only one tire?

A) One of the tires may wear off faster than the other, and in such a case, you can replace just one tire. However, for better performance and longevity replacing both the tires together would be the best choice. Replacing both the tires ensure uniform traction and better control.


Q) Are Cruiser tires more expensive?

A) Compared to usual motorcycle tires, cruiser tires are slightly more expensive. However, if you purchase from a reliable online store like Amazon, you can get the best rates than anywhere else. You get a wide range of options to choose from, and you can also get exciting offers and gift coupons that will bring down the price even further.

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