Looks like you need the best woodchips for the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. Let’s get after it…

Masterbuilt is known for making some of the best electric smokers, and if you already have a setup, the next step is to choose the best wood chips. The good thing is many of the wood chips come in sets, which means you can try a number of flavors. In this post, we will talk of the five best ones that we found to be great that nice smoky effect.

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Western Premium BBQ Products Mesquite Smoking Chips

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Mesquite Smoking Chips

Mesquite is a traditional favorite when it comes to beef, chicken and turkey. In fact, in Texas, Mesquite flavored ribs are a classic item on the menu… Read More on Amazon

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The best 5 wood chips options!

  1. Western Premium BBQ Products Mesquite Smoking Chips. Mesquite is a traditional favorite when it comes to beef, chicken and turkey. In fact, in Texas, Mesquite flavored ribs are a classic item on the menu. The flavor is bold and tangy, and this product is made with 100% Natural Raw Wood. If you are looking for real mesquite, this is one to go for.
  2. Weber Cubic Meter Stephen Products 17140 Cherry Wood Chips. If you prefer a sweet and sour taste in your meats, cherry is a nice flavor to try. You can use these chips in any Masterbuilt Electric Smoker for smoking fishes like salmon or light meats, including chicken. Cherry also works wonders with vegetables.
  3. Bar-B-Q Pecan Wood Chips. For those looking for natural wood chips in pecan flavor, this is a great buy by all means. Ideal for gas, charcoal & smoker grills, the product is aptly price. Pecan works perfectly well with pork and chicken, especially when you add in some cheese. The flavor isn’t too overpowering, which is why with works well with chops and ribs.
  4. Montana Grilling Gear Smoking and Cooking Wood Chips (Sugar Maple). Montana Smoking Chips is organic and pesticide free and can be used for charcoal, gas, propane or electric grills. These chips start smoking in a minute and don’t have any dust. Sugar Maple is a great flavor for meats like chicken and pork, and since it has a mild flavor; it also works well with veggies.
  5. Smokehouse Products All Natural Flavored Wood Smoking Chips (Hickory). Hickory is often a liked flavor of smoking, and it works wondrously well with ham and beef. Hickory is a kind of strong flavor, which has a bacon-like smell, which makes it a good choice for pork, as well. This company, in particular, also has flavors like alder and apple.

How to select wood chips for smokers?

Masterbuilt Electric Smokers are known for performance, but what makes a difference is the kind of flavor you use for the meat. Chefs usually have a clear idea of what flavor goes well with what kind of meats, so it makes a difference as to how the good stuff tastes at a restaurant. Here are some of the things to consider.

  1. The meat. This is a no-brainer, but yes, meats that don’t have a flavor of their own require something more unique and stronger. For example, for chicken or salmon, you may want to settle for peach or apple. Fruit scents are strong and can immediately work well with meats, including veggies. For meats that have a strong flavor, such as pork and turkey, maple, pecan and hickory are good options.
  2. The quality. When it comes to wood chips, nothing is more important than quality. If possible, select a brand that you can rely on, and we have mentioned some of the better options right above.
  3. Organic and pesticide free. Consider going for organic and pesticide-free wood chips that always enhance the flavor and are an obvious healthy choice. There are selected options we agree, but that should be a given choice.

We know that you want to give your grilled meats the absolute best taste when you grill it to juicy perfection. We get it, we’re grill loving guys, too, and we always want to make sure that we are getting our meat grilled just the way we like it. And when you find the right woodchips, you are going to cook to impress your friends with how tasty your meat turns out. Finding the right chips does not have to be difficult. It can be a cinch! You do not have to get frustrated weeding through the tons of different options that are out there, leaving you with a headache because it’s tough figuring out which is going to serve you best. The great thing is that woodchips won’t break the bank so it’s totally cool to try out a few different options! Either way, at Club ManDude our main priority is to keep things simple for our guys by making life easier. When we get a chance to make life easier and save you guys time, it gives you more time to do the things you love. In this case, grilling all that juicy meat and tender veggies to perfection every time you grill.

When you take a look at the options we found, you will see some awesome, reputable brands that have been around for many years in the grilling game. Which is a great benefit because finding companies that you can depend on is an awesome advantage. When a company makes one great product, they typically make a lot of cool stuff. So maybe peruse some of the other cool items these companies have to offer. You will not be disappointed, and you will have some amazing woodchips to use with your Masterbuilt Electric Grill. That’s the thing about electric grills, some guys try to stay away because they prefer gas or charcoal. But when you end up in a situation where electric is the only option due to homeowners associations and such, you want to make sure that your electric grilling experience is one that leaves you pleased with the end result. So using the right woodchips will set you up for success every time. Each of the packs of woodchips above all have unique tastes and will typically boil down to your own personal preference. So find out which you love most, or try out a few and have them on hand whenever you’re going to grill!

Once you take a look at the price tags for these woodchips, you will see that they are super affordable options with a lot to offer. Check out the details of each one and see which meats are perfect for which packs of woodchips. Each one is going to have certain meats and veggies that they work best for. Because what one brand of woodchips may be perfect for, may not be the best for other cuts of meat or veggies you’re grilling. It’s all about what you prefer and what you think will be the best taste every time you grill. Because even though you’re grilling electric, we want your meat to be grilled to absolute perfection, taste great, and have a juicy tenderness that you are going to love every time you have it!

Now, just in case you want to gather some more information before you buy, we have got you covered. The great thing about living in the age of the internet is being able to get a read on what other people think about products before you make your own purchase, whether those reviews happen to be positive or negative. What we do at Club ManDude is meticulously search for the absolute best products, which means bringing you products with plenty of positive reviews surrounding them. Take a look at what other people are saying about these packs of woodchips, you will not be disappointed. Simply due to the fact that we want to bring you products that fire on all cylinders while being loved by the people who choose to use them. Sure, you may get a negative review here and there. You can’t please everyone, as much as we would like to. But you will see plenty of positive reviews for each of these options. Who knows? You may even get some specific information regarding one or more of these options that gives you the perfect edge to say “yes” to one of the options we have managed to put together for you. These really are the best of the best woodchips too! They work great for any type of grilling you may get into, whether it’s electric, gas, or charcoal. Any type of grilling works well with these woodchips to bring some added flavor that you are going to love every time you bust out the grill.

Final Word

With Masterbuilt Electric Smokers, you already have a good product for smoking, selecting wooden chips with distinct flavor only makes the flavors better. Some of the other flavors you can try to include apple, apricot, ash, beech, birch, cedar, peach and pear. Make sure that the product you choose smokes easily – The best ones usually smoke within a minute. Also, check if you can buy two or more flavors in the same package, which is a good way to save some money. Next time you smoke your meats, ensure that the flavors get better, depending on whether you like it strong or mild.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Should you soak your wood chips before adding in Masterbuilt smoker?

Well, soaking woodchips before adding in Masterbuilt Electric Smoker depends on the choice of a person. However, it is often praised because soaking woodchips before use maximizes smoke production. In turn, you get nicely smoked meat. You can use any liquid like beer, water, or juice to soak the wood for flavor.


2. What are the popular wood chip choices for Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

Again, the best choice of the wood chip also depends on a particular person’s choice and liking. Therefore, you should experiment with all types until you find the one that goes with your taste bud. Some of the popular choices are Apple, Pecan, Cherry, and Mesquite wood chips.


3. How often should you feed your smoker with chips?

The best way to feed a Masterbuilt smoker with wood chips is in every 4 hours. It would be best if you continued the same until the meat reaches a temperature of 140-degree. For prolonged burning, soak them in water for 35 to 60 minutes before feeding them in the smoker.

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