Looking for the Vintage Watches Under 500? Let’s Get After It…

What’s better than a sick watch to impress everyone you meet? A sick VINTAGE watch to impress everyone you meet. Vintage is the new way to go and will definitely score you a hot date, especially if you know what you know what you’re talking about. And even better if you can get your vintage watch for under $500! So read the guide below. Do it. I dare you.

We explored the far reaches of the internet to put this list together. And we’re glad we did! We didn’t know we could find such awesome options out there for under $500. It’s a huge win to find an item that’s so great for such an amazing price. Especially watches. Watches are awesome, especially when they’re crafted just right to maintain their integrity for years to come. That’s what we have here, timepieces that are going to look amazing for years to come. Let’s check them out!

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Men’s Sport Watch

Priced under $50, this is an AMPM24 Original watch that is designed to replicate the vintage and retro feeling. The classic hollow dial is one of the main highlights and features Arab … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


Reviewing the top products

  • Casio Vintage Collection Digital Unisex Bracelet Watch (Gold). If you love the feel of the 80s and those bling watches, we recommend that you consider this gold-toned watch from Casio. This is an imported product and can be used by men and women alike. What also makes this watch a real steal is price, which is under $50. This can be an ideal gift for vintage fans too, and with a brand like Casio, it is hard to go wrong.
  • AMPM24 Vintage Leather Band Men’s Sport Watch. Priced under $50, this is an AMPM24 Original watch that is designed to replicate the vintage and retro feeling. The classic hollow dial is one of the main highlights and features Arab numerals. The product comes with analog display and can be used by business professionals too. Anyone who wants to try vintage watches but doesn’t want to shell a big price for an original one right away can consider this an option.
  • Secbolt Leather Bands Compatible Apple Watch Band Series. If you have an Apple watch and want to change the look to vintage, this leather band from Secbolt should fit the bill. The product comes in two colors – black and brown – and can be easily resized, thanks to six-fold clasp that doesn’t require any tool. The product is made from high-quality vintage leather, so say goodbye to peeling. This is a unisex band that comes with one year of product warranty, for both replacement and refund.
  • Stauer Men’s Stainless Steel Co-Pilot Watch with Brown Leather Band. If you don’t mind spending a tad more on a vintage-style watch, we recommend this product. The distressed brown leather band is the main vintage highlight of the product, while the chronograph dial complements it. The product is inspired by what happened in the Battle of Britain and is a tribute from the brand. It has that old-school feel, which works for all kinds of occasions and setups.
  • Caddy Bay Collection Vintage Wood Watch Case. When you buy vintage watches, you also need a place to store them, and that’s where this Caddy Bay Collection watch fits in. The product is made with vintage wood and has a natural grain finish, with a glass viewing top that allows you to see everything inside. The product also has seven removable soft cushions, so you can also store other jewelry and even cufflinks. The case can accommodate all kinds of big & tide watches, and a cleaning cloth is included in the package.

How to choose vintage watches?

  1. First and foremost, make sure that you can trust the seller because that does make a difference to the deal. Vintage watches are loved because these are not always sold in bulk, and you want to be sure that the product qualifies for the category.
  2. Secondly, note that all vintage watches don’t always have a vintage dial. To be more precise, sometimes just the band or a part of the watch may certify as vintage. So, you can have an Apple watch with a vintage leather band.
  3. The price of vintage watches depends on rarity, beauty and age of the concerned product. Make sure that you cross check the quoted amount. Some brands like Casio are also bringing back their old products but with tech twists, which you can check.

The three tips above are important, they will set you up for success. Use these tactics to compare the options before making your decision. You can thank us later. By utilizing these key elements, you are going to find an excellent new timepiece to add to your personal style. Nothing quite brings and entire look together like a great timepiece. It’s the best finishing touch to add to your look before heading out on the town with the boys, or maybe someone special. We get it, we’re guys, too. And nothing brings us more joy than getting our ManDudes some awesome products to elevate their style, confidence, and look. Head out there looking on-point, my man, you will not regret it!

And now for some final thoughts on the subject

You can really up your man dude status by buying a vintage watch. I promise you that no one will be able to resist you with an old school watch like one of the ones above. Okay well I can’t promise you that, but you’ll be really cool, I promise. So, go ahead and get yourself one of those watches, fellas. Up your game, we know how it is. These watches look great and have some awesome features, but you already knew that. We’re confident that you will find the best watch for your lifestyle.

Now, let’s say that you feel like you don’t quite have enough details to make your decision. Don’t sweat it, we thought of that, too. Every one of the watches above has a special link. By simply clicking the link, it will launch you right over to the almighty Amazon to help with your decision. There you can find all the details to your heart’s content, my man. Be picky, we want you to be! You can also compare prices, and see the shipping deets so you know exactly when your new vintage watch will arrive. There are additional pictures to check out, and verified buyer reviews. See what other customers who bought these watches are saying about them before you buy. It is win, win, my friend. We want you to find the best choice for you, and we believe the mountain of info over at Amazon will assist you in doing just that. If there is something out there that you believe is better, that’s cool, too. We take a lot of pride in making sure our lists have the best of the best products out there. So, drop us a line! Tell us about what you found; it helps us keep everything updated to bring you the greatest options money can buy. Now go get yourself an awesome vintage watch, brother!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Are vintage watches under 500 worth it?

A) Vintage watches, no matter how costly or cheap they are, are surely worth the buy. A vintage wristwatch is simply a time machine that will spark numerous conversations over time. Watches are also one of the most popular collectibles. So, a vintage watch under 500 may turn out to be quite expensive in the near future.

Q) Why are vintage watches expensive?

A) The theory is simple: The rarer the watch is, the more expensive it gets. Vintage watches are not available in bulk. Usually, only a few watches are available, and therefore the price is a bit higher than normal watches. However, if you buy from Amazon, you may get the best deals on vintage watches under 500.

Q) Can I gift a vintage watch to someone?

A) Surely. A vintage watch would be a great gift, especially for middle-aged individuals, because it would give them a nostalgic touch of the past. On Amazon, you can find a wide range of fully functional vintage watches at the best rates. So, shop now and give the most memorable gift to your loved one.

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