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Talk of the tools that are a must-have in a mechanic’s toolkit, and you have the torque wrench, which allows you to tighten and fix nuts and bolts for the required settings, without damaging the engine or the bolt. A torque wrench is a precision tool, which helps in fastening the torqueaccurately, and it goes without saying that you need a good product that’s meant to handle regular repair needs. In this simple post, we will talk about what it takes to get the best torque wrench under 100 and other relevant aspects that matter.

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TEKTON 24340 1/2-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench.


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TEKTON Drive Click Torque Wrench


TEKTON is one brand that doesn’t compromise on quality of torque wrenches. This product comes with dual-range scale and measures 26-inch in length, 3-inch in width, and 2.5-inch in width… Read More on Amazon


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Reviewing the top 5 torque wrenches!

While a lot of factors determine how you should choose a torque wrench, below are five products that are great in terms of precision and accuracy and have great reviews, as well.

    1. TEKTON 24340 1/2-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench. TEKTON is one brand that doesn’t compromise on quality of torque wrenches. This product comes with dual-range scale and measures 26-inch in length, 3-inch in width, and 2.5-inch in width. With all-steel construction, you don’t have to bother about breakage and the product is pre-calibrated to +/- 4% accuracy.
    2. eTORK (C3250) 1/2-Inch Drive”Click Style” Torque Wrench. This product comes with a lifetime personal use guarantee and is accurate to +/- 3% in the clockwise direction. A click-style wrench, it can operate and measure torque in both directions (clockwise and counterclockwise), unlike some of the products that only operate clockwise. For the price, this one is a steal!
    3. ACDelco ARM601-3 3/8″ Digital Torque Wrench. This ACDelco2 to 37-foot pounds torque range comes with LED flash and an alarm system that notifies the user when the desired torque is reached. The LCD display is easy to read, and it’s one of the few digital variants in this price range. The settings show things like torque, measurement, peak, trace and mode settings. Accuracy range is ± 2% clockwise, and the product meets ISO 6789 standards. ACDelco Tools offers one year of warranty on this one.
    4. AKM 1/2-inch Drive Dual-Direction Click Torque Wrench. This product comes for a listed price of above $100, but you can always get it at a discount. With calibration error range is only ±3%, this one is a reliable torque wrench, which comes with a locking ring that allows to unlock value. This is a click style wrench, which comes with an anti-skid handle that’s made of aluminum-titanium alloy.
    5. Craftsman 1/2″ Drive MicroTork Torque Wrench. The final wrench on our list is from Craftsman, which is accurate to +/- 4%. It comes with a twist ring for unlocking, and the scales have been stamped into the housing, which shows torque settings. The company offers a warranty of one year on the product.
    6. Wheeler Manual Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench – If you’re looking for a torque wrench at a lower budget, this Wheeler product may be the one for you. with inch/pounds measurement availability, accuracy is guaranteed with this product. It also comes with repeatable and precise torque settings to scope guard screws, rings, base screws, and windage screws, making it easy to use without encountering issues in the field. You can adjust the torque range between 10 inches/pounds and 65 inches/pounds, which is why it is highly reliable. As the bits are made of S2 steel, you will not be disappointed in terms of durability.

What matters in selecting a torque wrench?

The most common one is a click wrench, which offers a click sound when the required level of torque is received. Then, there’s also beam torque wrenches that come with a dial indicator, so the wrench must be checked for reading. For those who want to use the wrench all through the year, they can consider a click wrench over a beam one. Then there are electronic torque wrenches, which offers an alarm or beep when a desired torque level is reached. For professional mechanics, the third option is ideal.
An accurate reading is the foremost aspect that matters in selecting a torque wrench, and we recommend that you select a wrench that comes with less than ±5% accuracy. The best ones have ±2% inaccuracy, which might be a tad more expensive but is worth paying for.
Brand and construction. When it comes to torque wrenches, you need to remember that you wouldn’t be replacing these anytime soon, so go for the best brand and the highest-quality product that you can find. The best brands, including some we mentioned above, offer a lifetime warranty.

It is a good idea to consider the best torque wrench that fits your budget, but for the basic ones, you don’t have to spend more than $100. Our list should help you find the right one, and the bottom line is not to compromise on the quality, build, and accuracy of the wrench.

 Finding the best torque wrench for under $100 can be a total breeze. It does not have to be a huge challenge that takes forever because you’re out there looking through all the different options out there. We completely understand, there are thousands of different options out there to choose from and it can be daunting trying to weed through all the different options that are out there. That is why we are here! So we can help to make your life simpler by doing all the digging to find the raddest options that are out there. We happily take on the challenge of heading into the deep recesses of the internet to bring you the absolute best options money can buy. And since we’re talking about affordable torque wrenches, we had to make sure that we found options at the right price that were still manufactured with integrity and high-quality materials. Because this is a specialty tool you get to add to your collection! If you’re a mechanic, which many of us are, you know how great it is to find a new, awesome tool you get to add to the chest for whenever you need it. And when it comes to torque wrenches, you will be busting it out every time you need to secure those lug nuts.

The great thing about being able to find all the best products on the internet is that we will find name brand products that foot the bill for the price cap. For instance, you will see an option from both Craftsman and ACDelco. Two huge companies that lead the way when it comes to hand tools. No matter the price, you know these are companies that you can rely on to make quality tools made to last. And our other options are no different! We did our homework on these guys to ensure the tools that they make are made with care and will last for years to come. Because that is what we love in our tools, the ones that are dependable that last forever. When you find high-quality tools, they always last. It is a great feeling. And when you can find great budget options that fall into that category, even better. It’s an excellent feeling because nobody wants to be left with a cheap tool that breaks. So whichever option you happen to choose, you will not be disappointed. And hey, if you happen to find an even better torque wrench for under $100, we want to know about it! However we stay on top of all the options out there is beside the point because all we want is to be able to bring them to our loyal readers.

Once you take a look at the price tags of these bad boys, you will see that each one falls into the budget cap while providing excellent features and reliability. We even managed to find a digital option for under $100! So it all boils down to preference. What exactly do you want in your torque wrench? Do you prefer the digital option? Would you rather have a conventional one? The possibilities are endless and we are certain that one of these options will have exactly what you are looking for. Keeping things simple for our guys and taking all the guesswork out will save tons of time. Tons of time to get back to doing what you love. And if you’re getting this torque wrench for vehicle work, then that thing you love is probably working on cars. So having more time to work on your car, or other people’s cars will give you more time to enjoy the work.

If you feel like you want to gather some more information, we got you. Being able to head right over to Amazon is a great feature of living in the age of the internet. You can easily check out reviews for these torque wrenches by heading over to everyone’s favorite online retailer. There you will even find buyer verified reviews so you know the consumers who bought the torque wrenches have actually used them before reviewing them. You may even get some additional specifics that give you the edge to make a conscious decision as to which wrench is going to be the one for you. You will notice that the options we chose have a majority of positive reviews, there are plenty of great things being said about these rad torque wrenches. I mean, if we were bring you options with a lot of negative reviews, we certainly wouldn’t be doing our part. Sure, you may see a negative review here and there, it’s to be expected. But typically you will see lots of positivity.


No matter which torque wrench you choose, you are going to be happy with your purchase and get a new great tool to add to that collection. So enjoy!


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the best torque wrenches under $100?

Finding the best torque wrench under $100 is quite easy but involves a lot of research. For automotive maintenance, having a torque wrench in the toolbox is necessary, but you should know the right variant. You should know whether you require a beam style, clicking style, or a digital torque wrench. When you know your precise requirement, you can shortlist the best possible option in the market. 


2. What is the best size of a torque wrench?

For a rightly sized torque wrench, its handle should be longer, and the drive should be bigger. When the torque has a longer handle and a bigger drive, it delivers more torque. Thus, the appropriate size for the drive of a torque wrench should be ½-inch with an 18-inch-long handle. 


3. Do you need a torque wrench for installing a hitch?

Yes, you need a torque wrench while installing a hitch. Its necessity arises while tightening the bolts rightly. If bolts are not tightened rightly, it could prove hazardous for the bike. For example, if the bolt is too tight, the vehicle frame could damage. Or, if the bolts are too loose, you may fail to use the hitch when needed. 


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