Looking for the Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet? Let’s Get After It…

The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. The seasons are changing from summer to fall.

This is the perfect time to go hiking and see how nature is changing too!

But let’s be real: in the middle of season changes nature can be unpredictable. So, we need some good hiking boots to give us a good foundation to stand on. Some of you may have the problem where one foot seems to be a little wider than it is long, and the pinky toe gets huge blisters. This list of boots should fix that right up!

Top 5 Hiking Boots for Wide Feet

Top pick

Timberland Maddsen Hiker Boot

These multi-use boots support more than just hikers. Designed for hiking and for those hard laborers that aren’t required to wear steel toe boots. Earthkeepers come with “Anti-Fatigue” technology to help support the foot and provide superior comfort. The leather uppers provide … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


#1-Merrell Moab 2 Mid

Merrell Men's J033323w Hiking Boot
Merrell is a brand known for their quality footwear and the Moab 2 Mid fits right in with that image. Best for general all around comfort, the Moab 2 comes with air cushioned heels for a softer heel-impact and a foam tongue. With an upper made of buffed-leather suede (nubuck leather), this boot is durable without sacrificing breathability. It’s Vibram Outsoles supply a strong and sturdy tread without adding a whole lot of weight.

The boot’s nubuck leather material does mean it takes a little bit longer for this boot to get broken in. Once they are, the soft heels, foam tongue, and contoured shape make this boot one of the best for all around comfort.

Weighing at just over 2 pounds for the pair, these boots should give you the support you need without weighing you down. Their mid-cut, nubuck top is there to support you when you need it most. The best part is the Moab 2 has a wide size option in every color and size.

• Lightweight so your legs don’t get tired
• Durable so you can wear them time and again
• Air-cushioned comfort to keep you moving strong

• Leather material takes longer to break in
• Mesh in upper material loses resistance to water


#2-Timberland Earthkeepers Mt. Maddsen

These multi-use boots support more than just hikers. Designed for hiking and for those hard laborers that aren’t required to wear steel toe boots. Earthkeepers come with “Anti-Fatigue” technology to help support the foot and provide superior comfort. The leather uppers provide serious durability and waterproofing.

These boots are designed with arch support in mind with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) shanks. These guys also come with recycled outsoles that do not let go when you need a tough grip. Plus, they also have a debris blocking tongue so you can avoid those pesky rocks and leaves getting into your boot.

Timberland’s design makes this boot comfortable, durable, and protective. Everything You need from a hiking boot!

• Lightweight to keep your legs strong
• Affordable so you don’t have to break the bank
• Durable so you can hike as much as you want

• Waterproofing restricts breathability
• Waterproofing makes the fit feel tight.


#3-Lowa Renegade

On more of a high-end level, this boot is great for a wide foot. Coming with a foam insole make this boot comfortable straight from its packaging. They even come with cushioned high ankle collars that dip lower in the back. This dip gives you more room for your feet to flex.
With Vibram Outsoles, these boots are sure to keep you sturdy on any terrain you come across. They come with a front sole sure to stick to rock, gravel, and even mud!

Lowa uses Gore-Tex wrapping to provide waterproofing and breathability. Even if your feet sweat like mine, these boots should keep them cool. This boot is great for casual strolls through nature, or longer and rigorous hikes.

• Waterproof to protect your feet from getting soggy
• Durable to stand up to any test
• Comfortable to keep you coming back

• Bulkier fit than lower tops
• More mid weight than lightweight.


#4-Keen Gypsum II

Keen has become a go-to for a lot of people. The Gypsum II lives up to the expectation when you buy a Keen product. These boots are known for the comfort they provide. Even with the extra toe guard for protection, there is plenty of room do all the toe wiggling your heart desires. They even have a padded tongue for even more comfort and don’t need a whole lot of breaking in!

Utilizing a high top that comes over the ankle, these boots are top notch when it comes to support and protection. Like I said, they even come with toe guards that wrap up over the toes. With a heel support structure in the actual boot, you are in for long lasting support.
The weather proofing keeps your feet dry all day, and even add a little warmth to make these boots good for the snow. Overall this tent takes just 5 minutes to set up so even if you’re getting into your campsite near dark and the light is fading, you’ll have no problem getting this 4-season tent set up to keep you out of the cold!

• Superior support so you don’t roll an ankle
• Manufactured wide toe box for wiggle room
• Waterproof to prevent miserable wet feet

• Waterproofing makes this boot not great for summer heat
• Durability isn’t the greatest and seems to not stand up to intense testing


#5-Salomon X Ultra 3

For those wanting to take a longer hike, this is the boot for you! Coming in at less than 2 pounds, these boots are lightweight without losing support or durability. With a stiff, contagrip outsole for intense stability and traction, you can hit the trails for a run with confidence!
These boots are sure to keep your feet dry, from water or too much sweat. The Gore-tex wrapping gives you the waterproofing you need without overheating the tootsies! You also don’t have to worry about hurting your toes from tripping over rocks or roots. Salomon put a rubber protector for your toes and to prevent wear on the boot itself. If you’re a little bit clumsy this will come in handy!

They may not be the most affordable boot, but they are one of the most versatile. What we have here is a boot suitable for walking your dog, doing some cross country running, or just taking a light backpacking hike. Salomon has created a high-quality boot with this one.

• Lightweight so you can focus on working on other muscles
• Waterproof to keep you dry
• Breathable to prevent nasty foot sweat

• Lower durability
• A little more expensive

Frequently asked questions

Those of you new to hiking may not see the point in spending extra money on special shoes. I’m here to tell you that you want to spend the money. Even if you are just doing some light backpacking, or casual day hikes you will want good support and protection. Now, let’s see what you need to know to before you go shopping!

What size should I get?

The key to remember here, is that not all boots or feet are made equal. Some boots, especially those that are waterproof, tend to fit a little more snug than others. Also, remember that the reviews are there for a reason, you want to read them. These are the people that get them and find that the size they got ran small, or large.


How do I know how heavy a boot should I get?

When thinking about weight, think about the kind of distance you plan on going. If you’re planning to hike up a mountain and back, you don’t want to be weighed down by your boots. Longer walks need lighter boot that will also have a good stability.


Why is ventilation so important?

Ventilation may not seem like a problem to those whose feet aren’t just naturally sweaty. But, going on hikes, especially in warmer temperatures, bad things can happen due to poor ventilation. From a horrible smell to blisters and overheating, ventilation is an important thing to think about.


Adventure time!

You may be new to the world of hiking, or you may be an expert. No matter which one you are, proper foot support plays a key role. Whether you’re looking for an intense, long distance, and rough terrain boot, or something for a casual stroll through the trees, making sure your boot fits right plays a vital role in how much you enjoy it. Make sure to give your toes some room to breathe and wiggle around.
The best boot for all around comfort on this list was Merrell’s Moab 2 Mid. With options in every color and size they offer, the Moab is sure to fit you just right. With air cushioned, contoured soles and a foam tongue comfort is this boot’s strongest point and now is the time to see the beauty in nature.

So, go get your feet in those boots and break those puppies in!

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