If you’re a paramedic, you have a really, really hard job and it’s important to always be on top of all of your duties; but that can be hard without any sort of help. Finding the perfect watch that will help you be on time as well as help you out with your everyday job requirement is the perfect way to take just a little weight off of your shoulders. Check out this guide below to see some really awesome watches that will be sure to make you the best dude at your job.

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EMT Paramedic Mens Watch

If you need a wristwatch, this model can serve the purpose. This EMT paramedic design is provided by Aquaforce… Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing top paramedic watches

Here is a list of watches that align with the job and requirements of a paramedic:

  1. GetLucky Paramedic Retractable Fob Watch. The paramedic watch has a luminous property to help you watch time at night. The design has a clip-on structure, which is easy to manage when you are working. It keeps your hands free. You can clip it to your jacket and work without worrying about losing it. The quartz movement is robust and performs for a long time. You can gift it to your fellow paramedics as well.
  2. EMT Paramedic Aquaforce Frontier Men’s Watch. If you need a wristwatch, this model can serve the purpose. This EMT paramedic design is provided by Aquaforce, which is a known brand for its USMC watch designs. With this design, you get a metal back made from stainless steel and a case that resists water. The water resisting property works up to the depth of 50 meters. Also, there are luminous hour markers and hands that glow in the dark. The product has been approved from the US marines and holds 2 years of warranty.
  3. Klox Black Clip FOB Watch For Paramedics. This FOB watch design has a rotating bezel with a black clip that suits the needs of a paramedic. The design has an analog display with the case diameter of 50 mm. Hence, a single glance makes the time visible. The 9mm thickness of the design has a lightweight. The hands’ movement becomes easy to notice in the dark also. The face is luminous, which glows in the dark. The carabiner clip is black in color and takes no effort when using.
  4. Klox Multi-functional FOB Watch For Paramedics. This clip-on pocket watch shows time and works as a compass as well as a bottle opener. The design has an analog display with a case thickness of 9 mm and a diameter of 50 mm. The carabiner clip is spring loaded, which makes the function easy to control. The small size and light weight allow you to clip it on your jacket or belt loop. The precise movement of the dial comes from Japanese quartz technology.
  5. Entino Clip-On Carabiner FOB Watch For Paramedics. Another beautiful FOB watch design with strong battery life. This clip-on watch has a luminous face and offers double wheels of time zones. The bezel rotates and the hand movements become clearly visible. The analog display has a diameter of 50 mm. You can buckle it easily to your backpack, belt loop, or handbag. This watch can be a perfect option for you as well as your colleagues.

How to find the best watches for paramedics?

These are the properties you need to evaluate to get the best paramedic watch:

  1. Wearable or clip-on. You can choose between a wearable watch design and the clip-on. Usually, paramedics prefer a clip-on design, which allows you to keep your hands free and the watch safe.
  2. Analog display. A high-quality analog display makes time reading simple. You can give a single glance to know the time. Hence, choose an analog display when selecting a watch.
  3. Luminous face. The face of the watch should be luminous, so you can read the time even at night or dark conditions.
  4. Metal casing. The casing of the watch should have a strong metal such as stainless steel.

Buying yourself an awesome paramedic watch could really help make your everyday life a lot easier. So, remember everything you read in this guide and go and get yourself one really sick watch – you’ll thank us later.

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