Looking for the Best Electric Shaver for Black Skin? Let’s Get After It…


Making a purchase of an electric shaver is an important decision, regardless of your ethnicity or skin type.  In truth there are a myriad of factors that impact your skin and how it will react to electric shavers, and only one of them is your ethnicity.  If you are African American, or of African descent, you may find that your skin tends to run a bit dry and that you will want to moisturize thoroughly before using an electric shaver, regardless of brand.

This being said, if you pair a high quality electric shaver with a consistent skin moisturizing routine, then you’re going to be good to go.  So how do we decide which electric shaver to get?  The best bet here is of course to find out as much as possible about a shaver before buying it, without burning up too many hours of your time doing it. You should be able to quickly assess and compare all the critical features and make sure those features align with your skin and grooming needs. That is how you can get the best electric shaver for black skin, brown skin, white skin, any skinSounds like a nursery rhyme almost.  You get the idea.  So without further adue, let’s jump right in!

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

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Braun Electric Razor

You get 3 shaving elements with pressure sensitivity, which ensures skin comfort and efficiency. The saver contains 2 inbuilt NiMH batteries with a rechargeable property…. Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing top electric shavers

Assuming you are taking good care of your skin, whether it be black, brown, beige, white or somewhere in between, we can now look at the top picks of electric shavers:

  1. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900. This shaver has three shaving heads and each one follows 8 directions. As a result, more hair gets cut to give a perfect shave. The voltage power is strong and the shaver provides dry as well as a wet shave with its aquatic technology. You can use dry trimming or put some foam or gel for a wet shave. The product claims to come 30% closer to your skin for precise cutting without damaging your skin. The total run time is about 50 minutes.
  2. Braun Electric Razor Series 3 310s. You get 3 shaving elements with pressure sensitivity, which ensures skin comfort and efficiency. The saver contains 2 inbuilt NiMH batteries with a rechargeable property. The shaver is capable of working on dry as well as wet skin. You can use gel or foam along with water to shave. Durability is another impressive factor you acquire with this shaver. Also, the shaver takes only 1 hour to get completely charged.
  3. Wahl Professional 5-Star Series. This shaver is also a shaper with rechargeable inbuilt battery. The small size makes it easy to use and you get a bump-free shave with ultra-close precision. The rotatory motor allows the shaver to cut hair of black skin smoothly. The hypoallergenic gold foil delivers the much-needed durability to the device. You can use it with cord or charge to use as a cordless device as well.
  4. Remington F5-5800 Foil Electric Shaver. This compact shaver contains the intercept technology of shaving. The longer hairs are pre-trimmed; hence the ultimate shave looks smoother. The shaver also has Flex-Foil and Pivot technology. The surface of the head stays very close to the surface of your skin to ensure quality results. The rechargeable battery offers up to 60 minutes of run time without a cord. The trimmer allows you to give a finishing touch to your sideburns and facial hair. Cleaning is easy, as the shaver is washable.
  5. Veru ETERNITY Electric Shaver. It is electric razor for all men with clean shaving without taking too long. This shaver also works as a trimmer with its rotatory motor. The close cuts allow you to shave the facial as well as neck hair. The battery serves for 60 minutes after getting fully charged. The device is waterproof, which allows you to use it even in the showers.

How to get the best electric shaver for black skin?

Facial hair on men of African descent tends to come in dense in texture along with a moderate amount of curliness. This is why finding the best-suited shaver is important. If you go for the cheap-o special, it might not serve you well over the long haul – you may find yourself replacing that sucker every 6-9 months, which is just plain not cool.   Let’s take a look at a shavers critical components:

  1. Shaving elements. Check the shaving elements you are getting with the shaver. Generally, three head elements provide a closer shave with better smoothness.
  2. Trimming function. If you like to keep some facial hair, you need to groom it regularly. That is when you need a reliable trimming function in your shaver. Trimming and shaping features allow you to give a finishing touch to your mustaches, sideburns, and beard. So, don’t forget to evaluate this feature in the selected shavers.
  3. Charging and shaving time. If you don’t want to sit and wait for the shaver to get charged, find out about the charging time. Also, make sure that one charging allows you to obtain about 20-30 shaves.
  4. Weight and warranty. Too heavy shavers are nothing but a problem to carry anywhere you go. Look for the lighter options. Plus, find out the warranty attached to the machine.

Pay special attention to the four tips above, they will help you find the product that is perfect for you. That’s what we want, guys, to always bring you the best of the best. We made sure to do our research and dig deep to narrow down the list to the best five. It can be tough to navigate electric hygiene products, so let us take out all the guesswork and make things easy for you. One shaver may be amazing for one guy, but the next guy might prefer a different one. And that okay! That’s why we’re here.


And now for some final thoughts on the subject


With the above-mentioned elements in mind, you can find yourself the best possible electric shaver for your black, brown, beige, white, or anywhere in between skin tone.  Off you go and best of luck in your electric shaver buying decision! We are confident that you will find a great product that will last and won’t break the bank. Skin can be sensitive and we want to keep it in good shape without getting it irritated. We know how much of a pain that can be, so we made sure to keep that in mind while performing our search.

Now, if you think you want some more details before we go, we’ve got you covered there too. Each one of the shavers above comes with a link you can simply click and shoot right over to Amazon. There you will find any additional details and specifications for each product. And don’t forget to check out the verified buyer reviews! They are your best friend in this situation and will help to figure out each one will best for you. Cheers, fellas!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) What are the common shaving problems for black skin?

A) Some of the most common shaving issues for black skin types are razor bumps and rashes. Razor bumps occur due to ingrown hairs when you shave with a traditional razor. With a traditional razor, you can also get scratches and cuts as the blades touch the skin when you shave. 


Q) Are electric shavers good for black skin?

A) Yes, electric shavers are a great option for almost any skin type. You don’t have to go through the hassle of lathering the cream and carefully shaving with a blade touching your skin. Electric shavers provide a smooth shave and keep your skin safe at all times.


Q) Are electric shavers for black skin expensive?

A) Not at all. There are different price ranges on Amazon, so you can choose a shaver that’s affordable for you. When you purchase from a reliable store like Amazon, you can also get more expensive shavers in your budget because of the exclusive offers and discounts they offer frequently. 

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