Looking for the Best Body Wash for Spray Tan? Let’s Get After It…

If you want that bronzy glow but want to avoid UV exposure, you really should consider spray tan. A bunch of notable celebs endorse spray tanning, and it’s super easy to use these products. This brings to our main topic – How should you select the best body wash for a spray tan? Many people may wonder if they need a specific body wash after a spray. The answer is a big YES. You would want the effect to last, and a nice, gentle body wash does make a difference. In this post, we are discussing further on selecting a product, but before that, here are the top five products that we liked.

It can be super easy to not think twice about using another body wash or soap in the shower, but the problem is that ones not catered to a spray tan can just wash everything right off. So, preserve that tan! I mean, you went through the trouble of getting your skin perfectly bronzed. Protect it so it lasts, especially if you have a bodybuilding comp coming up. Keep that skin tan to get through the show. And hey, if you’re just a guy who appreciates spray tans, that’s cool too.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Jergens Daily Moisturizer

We wanted to include a tanning product in the list, and this one from Jergens helps in getting that instant natural tan that feels and looks natural. Featuring Advanced Color Complex… Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing the best 5 body washes for a spray tan

  1. Yum’eBoddie Cleanse Moisturizing Argan Oil Body Wash. This is a sulfate free, paraben free product that has been formulated to be used with sunless tans and spray tans in particular. This is a mild wash that doesn’t dry the skin and helps in preserving the spray tan longer. The formulation contains natural plant extracts, with oils and there are no sulfates included. Ingredients include hemp, olive, coconut, shea butter, Argan and sunflower oils.
  2. Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse For Body. We wanted to include a tanning product in the list, and this one from Jergens helps in getting that instant natural tan that feels and looks natural. Featuring Advanced Color Complex, the formula is tinted, so you can actually have a control on how the tan eventually looks, and color development is instant, but will deepen within hours of application. Jergens has different shades for this one, and there is no tanning odor.
  3. Designer Skin Faux Natural Sunless Sulfate Free Body Wash. If you need to invest in a body wash that ensures the beauty of your tan, we recommend this one. The product from Designer Skin comes in a pack of two and offers the perfect mild cleaning experience. We tried the body wash for a while and found that it works well for most spray tanning products. It’s mild on the skin and comes off easily. Designer Skin might not be the cheapest brand on the block, but it is definitely one of the better ones.
  4. Spray Tan in a Canister Micro Mist Ultra Dark (2-Pack). Made from a paraben-free blend of ingredients, this product is designed for offering the best possible tanning effect. This is a tanning product and not a body wash, but it demands attention because it also nourishes the skin and keeps it ultra-smooth. If you are looking for self-tanners, this one is great for both light and medium skinned people, and you will be having that glowing bronzy look. This is a pack of two bottles, so should last a considerable period.
  5. Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer for Body. This is another product from Jergens that creates a perfect natural tan even when the beach is miles away. The product is designed to deepen the skin tone without any streak while moisturizing the skin at the same time. There is no spray tan smell that you would associate with other products and brands. You can find different shades, and Jergens recommends that you use the product daily to retain the effect. Once stopped, the product will fade away in a week.

Do I really need a body wash for a spray tan?

Yes, absolutely. Most body washes contain a considerable number of chemicals, including parabens, and many of these can cause the spray tan to wear off, which is avoidable in the first place. Always use a product that’s meant for the purpose. The great thing about skin care products is that they’re not typically going to break the bank, so you may even want to try out a couple and see what works best for you. It’s skin care, one product that works great for one guy may not be the best for another. So, be picky in your search! We want you to find the absolute best product for your needs that is going to give you the absolute best results. Don’t be afraid to get into all the nitty gritty details that you desire!

How to choose the best body wash for a spray tan?

The best way to select a good body wash for a spray tan is to check the ingredients and formulation. You would want to be as gentle as possible with the ingredients, because that will ensure that the tan effect stays longer. Go for mild products that are formulated with natural ingredients and are light on the skin. Since you would be using the body wash every single day, do not overuse it. Be easy with scrubbing to keep the tan even and glowing. Be sure to pay attention to these tips, they’re important! They will set you up right so you find the best product.

And now for some final thoughts on the subject

Check online now to find the best body wash for a spray tan and buy yours now! There are tons of options out there, but we made sure to narrow it down to the five we think are the best. We will head as deep into the internet as we need to in order to find the best of the best. That’s what we do here at Club ManDude, find all the best products for our loyal readers and take out all the guesswork.

Now, lets’ say you want more details about these products. Don’t sweat it, we covered our bases. Each one of the products that we reviewed above comes with a link that you can simply click and shoot right over to Amazon, everyone’s favorite place to buy just about everything. There you will find all the details you can handle along with price tags so you can compare each product. And don’t forget shipping details so you know exactly when you’ll receive your new body wash. Plus, and this is especially important for these types of products, you get to read buyer verified reviews. See what actual customers are saying about each product, figure out which one is the best of the best. We already know, but we want you to have some extra validation before you make your purchase. So, get out there and preserve that awesome tan as the weather warms up and we prepare for the summer!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) What type of body wash is best after a spray tan?

A) If you are going to use body wash after a spray tan, make sure that you use a body wash with advanced moisturizers. A moisturizing body wash will provide the skin with extra moistures that will help retain the spray tan for a long time and help gain a natural color.

Q) When should I apply spray tan?

A) A spray tan should be applied at least 3 days before an event. On average, a spray tan lasts for 7 to 8 days, so applying it a few days before the event ensures a rich and natural color tone development. You also get time to body wash a few times before the event, which will boost the color even more.

Q) When should I use body wash after a spray tan?

A) You can wash your body with a moisturizing body wash after up 4 to 6 hours of spray tan. However, you must wash your body at least once within the first 24 hours to ensure natural color development.

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