Looking for the Best Cologne for a Black Man? Let’s Get After It…

Well now that’s a tough one to answer. Regardless of your race, your choice of cologne should be consistent with your personality.  Are you a high energy, edgy Type A personality? Or chilly chill go with the flow Type B?  Are there certain colognes that sell at higher volumes to different demographics?  Maybe.  But it’s really hard to define a certain cologne as the best match for any particular race. This being said, the word “black” in the world of colognes typically refers to a dark, musky, and mysterious scent. In that way, if you are a dark and mysterious dude, then certain colognes may indeed help to amplify your natural vibe.

Cologne, also called Eau de Cologne, contains less fragrance or perfume essence compared to a regular perfume, but some of the new colognes are designed to last all day long.

Typically, “black” colognes are designed for men who love to wear very masculine scents. Such products are also typically, and fittingly packaged in a black bottle – which is a nice branding maneuver and help to highlight the dark and mysterious feel of the product.  Shall we go on?  Yes, let’s…

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Cardinal Black Cologne

This is intimate unisex cologne that comes from the remarkable house of The Cardinal Brand. The scent ensures sophistication, and the notes include bergamot, black pepper, and spiced … Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing the Top Five Products: Best Colognes for Black Men

  1. Polo Black Cologne for Men by RălphLăuren. RălphLăuren is a name that fashionistas swear by, and you cannot go wrong with their cologne. This is one of those colognes that are designed for men who love their tuxedos and prefer experimenting with their perfumes. We found the product to be extremely long lasting, and it has a high-street feel to scent that’s not like your typical cologne. If it has to be one black cologne that you want to splurge on, we recommend this one – The name RălphLăuren says it all.
  2. The Cardinal Brand Black Edition Cologne. This is intimate unisex cologne that comes from the remarkable house of The Cardinal Brand. The scent ensures sophistication, and the notes include bergamot, black pepper, and spiced mango with the warm feeling cardamom, nutmeg and vetiver. The lingering note of this one includes rich amber, coffee bean and pipe tobacco. This is one of the few types of cologne that have that velvety feel but is masculine at the same time.
  3. Bvlgari Man In Black Cologne Perfume Eau De Parfum Spray for Men. Bvlgari is one of the known brands in perfumes and colognes, and this one is an Eau De Parfum Spray that’s designed for men who crave for luxury and style. We really loved the packaging of this product, and the scent is masculine, lingers on for hours but doesn’t really overpower the surroundings. Bvlgari colognes and perfumes for men are counted on sophisticated lists, so we recommend that you try this one.
  4. FragranceBodyOilz Impression of Polo Black By Ralph. FragranceBodyOilz brings this all-natural cologne cum fragrance oil that doesn’t have any alcohol. This is one of the best black cologne/perfume we found in this category, and what we also love is the travel size. The product is designed for easy handling, and the fragrance is inspired by Ralph. If you are someone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on expensive cologne, this might just work your daily wear needs. The product, being natural, lasts all day long.
  5. Dana English Leather For Men Cologne Splash. Dana Classic Fragrances brings this signature fragrance that’s masculine and extremely luxurious. Dana English colognes are pretty famed, and we found this one to be a nice mini size that you can always have in your briefcase. The product lasts for hours, and even at the end of the day, you will find the scent lingering pretty well. For men who want black cologne and want to get it at the right price, this product should fit their needs.

How to select the best black cologne for men?

  1. First and foremost, define what cologne in black means for you. It may take considerable time and effort to find a fragrance that defines your personal style, but the experience is worth taking.
  2. Always go for a known and reliable brand. There is something about luxury perfumes that you cannot go wrong with. Bvlgari and RălphLăuren, for instance, are popular names, and their fragrances are considered to be signature scents worth having in the closet.
  3. Think of the notes. Colognes in black often have a masculine and strong scent, but again, not all are same, and the top and lingering notes do matter. You may also want to check the lasting capacity of the cologne, considering that many men don’t really refresh during the day.

Definitely pay close attention to the three tips above, they are going to set you up for success. One scent may be the best for one guy, but it might not be the best for another. Plus, our own pheromones play a part in the cologne we wear, too. You want to find a scent that will intermingle with your actual scent well enough that has amazing results. Now, I know this is easier said than done if you’re ordering off the internet, but you can always drop by a store that sells these products in person so you can actually smell what the scent is like. After all, this may become the new smell you wear every day, so we want to make sure you pick an option that is going to make you happy. The unfortunate part about colognes is that they are not the cheapest self-care products, so it’s not always an option to buy two or more. But don’t sweat it, we are confident you are going to find a scent that immediately lets you know you have found the right one.

And now for some final thoughts on the subject

Finally, don’t forget to try a mini size of your preferred black cologne before you get the full-sized bottle, and always include at least two different fragrances in your stash. It’s always a good idea to have more than one option to go off of before buying. It can be tough to determine a scent through words on a screen, so visiting a store that sells the scents to at least know what they smell like is key. You can also try them on you so you know how the cologne will smell on your own body. Total win!

And if you want extra details, we’ve got you covered there, too. Each one of the links above can easily be clicked to shoot right on over to Amazon, everybody’s favorite place to buy everything. There you can find all the additional details you need to make a decision, along with price tags and shipping details so you know when you’ll get to sport your new scent. And check out the verified buyer reviews, too! Nothing helps more than hearing what others have to say about a product. Happy hunting out there, fellas. Cheers.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Do colognes attract women?

A) It is a scientifically proven fact that women like men who smell good. The logic is simple. Wearing a classy cologne means that the man is responsible enough and carries himself with dignity. So it is more likely that he will be responsible towards his woman as well. And that’s what women like.

Q) How should I use cologne?

A) You can use cologne every day before you go out. The typical method is to apply one application on the wrist and rub both wrists together, and one application on your neck or upper chest region. You can also use cologne more than once if you like. 

Q) Are colognes expensive?

A) The best way to buy colognes at affordable rates is to purchase online from a trusted online store. Amazon has some of the best colognes from the top brands of the world. And when you purchase online, you can access several money-saving offers and discounts as well. So if you want to save money, buy your colognes from Amazon only. 

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