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The whole purpose of a drill bit is to make drilling easier, and you would want the bits to be strong enough to handle the concerned metal. In this case, we are trying to find the best drill bit for drilling stainless steel and it has to be a good set, because you don’t want to end up with cracked/broken bits, and even worse – you might not be able to drill at all. Below is an easy guide on how you can find the best drill bits that are specifically designed for stainless steel.

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Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set

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Neiko Step Drill Bit


This product from Neiko includes three drill bits that cover up for 28 sizes, and that makes it a compact set for professional users and … Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing the top five products

Below, we have reviewed five drill bit sets that are ideal for stainless steel and should suffice the needs of most users.

  1. Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set. This product from Neiko includes three drill bits that cover up for 28 sizes, and that makes it a compact set for professional users and those who want to move around with their sets. The bits are made of high-speed steel with titanium coating and are designed for stainless steel and other materials, including copper and sheet metals. With the 135° split point tip, the bits prevent the need for pressure and are self-centering. You can check the set manually to find more on the sizes it covers. If you are in need of a handy tool, this one is perfect.
  2. Gazeto 16PCS Twist Drill Bit Set. As the name implies, this set from Gazeto includes 16 pieces, which are ideal for working with stainless steel. You can also use the drill bits for steel, copper, iron, plastic, and aluminum, making this more of a diverse product set. The sizes of the drill bits range from 1.0mm to 10mm. While the product itself serves the purpose, we hoped for the brand to have a handy box with the product.
  3. Drill Hog 21 Pc Cobalt M42 Drill Bit Set. If you don’t mind paying a tad more for your drill bit set, this product from Drill Hog is a perfect pick. You get 135 Degree Split Point for all bits, which prevent walking and is self-centering, while the bits are made of solid cobalt m42 steel for extra durability. The size range for this set is from 1/16” to 1/2″, and the brand offers a lifetime warranty on the product, which is great.
  4. Chicago Latrobe 150 Series High-Speed Steel Jobber Length Drill Bit. Chicago Latrobe is known for making durable and expensive drill bits, and this product is one of the best-rated ones online for stainless steel. You get a set of 25 jobber length drill bits, with a size range between 1.0-mm and 13.0-mm. The set size increment is around 0.5-mm. While the drill bits are of great quality, the product package also includes steel index case, which comes with labeled compartments, so that you can organize the bits easily. Ideal for professionals!
  5. Migiwata Metric M35 Cobalt Steel Twist Drill Bits. Migiwata brings this affordable set of drill bits that are made of M35 cobalt steel with molybdenum and cobalt added. The product is priced right and is designed for most metals, including stainless steel and hardened steel. You also get 135° Quick-Cut points, which are self-centering and prevent ‘walking’. The range of bits starts from 1.5mm all the way to 6.5mm. In case you need, the brand offers a full refund or replacement.

How to choose the best drill bit for drilling stainless steel?

As obvious, you need a drill bit set that is extremely sturdy and is made of quality materials like high-speed steel, or cobalt for that extra strength. HHS or high-speed steel drill bits are the most popular, while cobalt is a great choice. The brand is also something that matters, and it is wise to go for drill bits that come with a warranty. Stainless steel is strong enough, and the last thing you would expect is broken bits. Make sure that you check reviews of the products, and don’t forget to check the split point tips, which should be ideally at 135 degrees for preventing what is known as walking. While 118-degree bits are also available, these are not suitable for heavy metals.

Check online and take your call!

You can find the best bits for stainless steel right here on this list. It doesn’t have to be a huge headache trying to sift through all the different options out there on the internet. You don’t have to get frustrated trying to determine which options are going to be the best ones. That’s what we are here for! Let us take on the challenge of determining which drill bits are going to give you the best bang for your buck. It’s what we love to do and it’s our pleasure. That way you can save time and get back to what you love, playing with power tools. Here at Club ManDude, the name of the game is keeping things simple for our guys so they can spend more time on whatever they want. Looking through a ton of different product options to compare them can be a very time-consuming task. Take out all the guesswork and check out the options on our list. We are confident that we’ve done a solid job putting this list together of the best drill bits for stainless steel.

We don’t necessarily expect you to know which brands are going to be at the top of the drill bit list, but if you do then you’re already on the right track. What you will find with our list is five different brands with a lot of time cultivating a name for themselves under their belt. By creating drill bits with reliable, high-quality materials that are meant to last, these companies have been giving guys excellent bits to use with their drills for many years. So it’s no wonder they made it on to our list, they keep people coming back with their awesome products. And when you find a company that makes one awesome product, the chances are they will have a bunch of stuff for you to peruse and get into. Because who doesn’t love adding more and more tools to their already awesome collection? We completely get it, we’re guys, too, and we love our tools.

When you compare the prices of these options, you’re going to find that we were able to find options that are comparable to each other. We want to create an environment that leaves the only task to complete being the choice of which bit to choose. And that leaves it open to being a situation of preference, which drill bit seems like the one that is going to get the job done in the most painless way possible. Because there is nothing more frustrating than getting into a new project, only to have your bits breaking on you. All that does is cause you to have to buy more and spend more money. We definitely don’t want that! Having reliable drill bits is a necessity when it comes to power tools. So having the right options is going to set you up right and give you a collection of drill bits that you can depend on when it comes to drilling through stainless steel.

If you happen to want to gather some more intel, we’ve got you covered. There is nothing more honest on the internet than people who are reviewing products that they’ve purchased. And what’s even better is that Amazon offers buyer verified reviews so you know that these guys have actually bought and used the products. Take a look at what other people are saying about these drill bits, you won’t be disappointed. It is one of our intentions to find products that have overwhelmingly positive reviews so you know that you’re buying a quality product. I mean, if we were bringing you products with a bunch of negative reviews, that would be no Bueno. Sure, you may get a negative review of a great product here and there, you simply just can’t please everyone. But what you will find with every product on all our lists is that people love them and leave them plenty of positive reviews because they are totally great products and get the job done.


There is a lot to be said about guys and their power tools. We’re guys, too, so we are totally into our tool collections as well. And that includes the right drill bits that are dependable, that last longer than other, cheaper options out there. There are a lot of low-quality drill bits out there that immediately break. Trust me, I’ve been there. So having great quality options made of durable materials is essential, especially when dealing with a material as tough as stainless steel. So take a look at the rad options that we have cultivated just for you guys. We are confident you will find a great option on our list that leaves you pleased to be drilling right through that stainless steel when you get a chance to use it for the very first time.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which one is better – Titanium or Cobalt? 

Titanium and cobalt drill bits are popular choices when it comes to drilling. If you are planning on drilling stainless steel, you can go with either of the two options. However, it is better to go with cobalt if you plan to drill into strong steel for long periods because they are comparatively more heat resistant. 


2. What should I do when my drill bit doesn’t work?

It is a common mistake that amateurs make where they end up setting the drill on the reverse mode in a way where the drill turns at the wrong angle. A bit is supposed to turn in the clockwise direction while viewing the chuck towards the drill bit’s tip. 


3. How can I sharpen my drill bits?

If you want to sharpen your drill bits, you can try learning it with the help of a bench grinder. However, you should be careful about holding it at a precise angle as opposed to the wheel because it will take some time for you to master. 


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