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If you like to sport a beard, as many of us mandudes do these days, it only makes sense that you keep the look nice and groomed. So fresh and so clean clean, in the immortal words of Andre 3000. Since it is impractical to visit a barber each time for trimming your beard, it is wise to just take the plunge and invest in a sturdy electric shaver. The best electric shaver for beard trimming is the one that’s easy to use, made of quality parts that won’t crap out on you after a few months, and has the right number of attachments. In this post, we take a look at what it takes to select the right electric shaver for all of your manscaping needs, but mainly for trimming that lumberjackbeard of yours.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Wahl Clipper Beard Trimmers

Wahl Clipper is among the best-rated brands for trimmers, and it has been in use by professionals for decades. The cutting length of this shaver without … Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing the Top Five Electric Shavers

While there are a plethora of electric shavers out there, we tested a few of the most popular ones and have come up with what we feel are the five best shavers, listed below for your reading pleasure.

  1. Braun MGK3060 Men’s Beard Trimmer for Hair / Head Trimming. This is a complete Grooming Kit that comes with 4 Combs. You get the choice of 13 precision length settings, right from 0.5mm to 21mm, and the set also comes with separate trimmer attachments for ear and nose. The product offers a runtime of around 60 minutes on 8-hour of charge, and while that’s not the best, it’s certainly enough for trimming. This set also comes with Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor that’s offered for free. The brand recommends that you keep oiling the product for maximum use.
  2. Wahl Clipper Slate Stainless Steel Lithium Ion Plus Beard Trimmers for Men. Wahl Clipper is among the best-rated brands for trimmers, and it has been in use by professionals for decades. The cutting length of this shaver without an attachment is 0.7 mm, and you can use it for both 110v and 220v, making it ideal for traveling needs. There are four different attachment heads included in the pack, and we recommend this one for its runtime that’s around a staggering 4 hours.
  3. Braun Series 3 3010BT Men’s Beard Trimmer/Hair Clipper. Braun brings this product that’s a shaver, trimmer, and edger – all at once. You can enjoy amazing comfort while using the shaver, while the trimming function offers five combs between 1 and 7 mm for that masculine look. The product takes an hour to charge and offers around 45 minutes of runtime. For one shave, you just need to charge it for an hour. Can be used with water, gel or foam as required.
  4. Wahl LifeProof Foil Shavers for Men, Electric Razor. This Wahl LifeProof product is designed for both shaving and trimming and has both dry and wet use. It runs on Lithium Ion+ battery, which offers a power runtime of around 90 minutes. The kit comes with the charger, a nice zipper pouch for handy storage, the main shaver and a special styling guide. If you want a trimmer that works well within a price of $50, this is the one to go for.
  5. Panasonic ES-RT97-S Arc3 Electric Razor. Panasonic brings this product that doubles up as a razor too. The product comes with a 3-blade cutting system that offers perfect trimming as required. The comb attachment of the trimmer has five settings, so you can get the detailing right. With stainless-steel, hypo-allergenic arc3 foils, you can shave easily on the go. It comes with a changing station and is super easy to manage and maintain as well.

How to select the best electric shaver for beard trimming?

Start with some of the basic aspects like –

  1. Product type. Is the electric shaver corded or cordless?
  2. Run time. How long can the product last with one full charge?
  3. Can you use the product for shaving as well?
  4. How known or reputed is the brand?
  5. Ease of use. Can you use the electric shaver on the go?
  6. What does it take to keep the item in good condition?
  7. Does the brand offer a warranty on the product?

Pay close attention to the tips above, they will set you up right so you can make a great decision and have an awesome looking beard in no time. Guys with beards know how important their facial hair is in their confidence game, so we want to make sure there will be absolutely no buyer’s remorse here at Club ManDude. We made sure to get detailed and really figure out with trimmers were going to be the ones that dudes were going to love. We can guarantee it.


Think of electric shavers and beard trimmers as an investment for the long run.  Whichever shaver you select, this thing is not going to last for a lifetime.  But also you don’t want to be buying a new one every 6-9 months, that’s for sure.

And now for some final thoughts on the subject

As such, spending a tad more on a slightly better product is not a bad idea.  I think we can hopefully all agree on that. The brand and warranty on the product do make a difference too. Also, you may want to go for an electric shaver that does more than just shaving.  Like does it play music and is it Bluetooth ready? Just kidding.  That would be kind of funny though.  Maybe that will be Club Mandude’s first product launch of our own brand.  The Bluetooth speaker plus electric beard trimmer all-in-one Manscaper.  Coming to a store near you soon!  We’ll see.  In the meantime, you can hopefully use our recommendations above to lock down one of the top electric shavers for your grooming needs today.  Happy shopping dudes!

And hey, if you think that you’d like some more details then we have got you covered there too. Each one of the products above comes with a unique link you can simply click and shoot right over to Amazon, everyone’s favorite online retailer. There you will find all the additional details and specifications that you desire. There is plenty of additional info you can stumble upon and get even more educated. You can also compare price tags and see the shipping details so you know exactly when you’ll get your new trimmer. We want you to be able to get that beard just right, the way you like it, every time. And don’t forget to check out all the buyer verified reviews. They can be your best friend in a situation like this. Nothing helps to find out more about a  product quite like people who have tried it before and can give an honest testament to how great it is. And hey, if you happen to find another product that you feel should be on our list, let us know! We would love to hear about any other new and exciting products we haven’t seen yet. Enjoy, fellas!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Which type of shaver is best for beard trimming?

A) For bread trimming, you need a shaver that has a long battery life and durable construction. Make sure that the trimmer comes with combs that allow you to adjust the length according to your preferences. For complete grooming, you can also purchase shaver combo packs that include a shaver, razor, and a lot of other accessories. 


Q) How long will the battery last if I use the electric shaver continuously?

A) Make sure that you charge the batteries to full if you are planning to use the shaver continuously for a long time. It may take around 2 hours to charge the batteries to full, and on a full charge, you can use the shaver continuously for more than 60 minutes.


Q) Can I trim and style my beard at home?

A) Yes, surely. All you need is a good-quality electric shaver for beard trimming. Top electric shavers come with a lot of settings and features that allow you to style your beard the way you like. So, you can now easily style your beard at home and save time and money. 

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