Buying the first baseball bat can be an overwhelming experience, regardless of whether you are buying one for yourself or your little baseball legend in training. Baseball is a fun game, a great American pass-time, and super popular with boys and girls alike.  And the most critical piece of equipment you will need to invest in for yourself, or for your little one, is without a doubt a great baseball bat.

It’s easy to understand why the bat is the most important piece of equipment you would need.  Without a good bat, there would be no homeruns. And without the anticipation of a possible homerun with every pitch, well, baseball would be a big old dud of a sport.  Like curling.  No offense curlers of the world!

From different weights and lengths to a diverse choice of materials, it can be confusing to select the best baseball bat for your needs.And this is why in this post we bring you the 1-2-3 on how you can choose the best baseball bat in the world!Off we go!

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Franklin Sports Tee Ball Bat

If you are playing with Soft Core T-Balls, this baseball bat from Franklin Sports is the right choice. The product is available in diverse size choices is officially certified to meet the new … Read More on Amazon

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$30.20 from Amazon*At the time of publishing, the price was $30.20.

Reviewing the top five products

  1. Louisville Slugger Omaha 518(-10) 2018 USA 2 5/8 Barrel Bat. This 31 inch/21 oz- baseball bat from Louisville Slugger is a steal. It meets the new USA Baseball Youth standard. The bat features 1pc 7-series alloy construction, ensuring a huge sweet spot. Rated among the best in its category, it has a durable end-cap design with a fade grip made of synthetic leather.
  2. Franklin Sports Venom Aluminum Official Youth Tee Ball Bat. If you are playing with Soft Core T-Balls, this baseball bat from Franklin Sports is the right choice. The product is available in diverse size choices is officially certified to meet the new Little League standards. Made of strong aluminum alloy, you can swing like a pro with this one. The bat is light yet strong, and with hi-tack perforated grip, you can have assured handling. Besides white, it’s also available in blue and green colors.
  3. Rawlings 2019 Raptor Tball Youth Baseball Bat. Rawlings brings this product that’s available in different sizes and is designed especially for youth Tball players. The drop weight and end cap ensure adequate swing speed, and the bat is made from durable alloy for consistent performance. This is USA Baseball Approved for all Tball leagues. For the price you pay, it doesn’t get better than this.
  4. EASTON Beast -10 (2 1/4″) USA Youth / Kids Tee Ball Baseball Bat. This bat features one-piece construction and is made of aluminum featuring 2 ¼” design with a rolled end. The product benefits from the ALX50 Aircraft Grade Alloy construction, while the all-sports grip ensures comfort during the game. There are different sizes available for this one, so check for that.
  5. Rawlings 2019 Threat USA Youth Baseball Bat. If you don’t mind spending more, this baseball bat from Rawlings should definitely work for your needs. It has a larger sweet spot, so you get more power and distance and is ideal for young players aged 14 and under. It features a composite design and has a carbon fiber barrel, which promises the premier pop. The bat is approved for 2019 USA Baseball Standards.

How to select the best baseball bat?

  • Start by understanding the league rules, which largely determine a basic bat standard as a part of their regulations. For example, players between the age of four and six would need a tee ball bat, while players between the age of seven and thirteen would need a bat that meets USA standards or USSSA standards. Players aged 14 and above would need a product that meets BBCOR standards.
  • Next, you need to consider the bat length of the bat, which matters both for plate coverage and swing mechanics. You don’t want to go for a bat that’s either too long or too short. There are many recommendations online, which can be considered based on your height and need.
  • The third aspect that matters is the bat weight. You don’t want to get a baseball bat that’s too heavy to move. A term that’s relevant in this context is the drop weight, which is measured by subtracting the weight of the bat from the length. If the drop weight is high, the bat will be lighter and vice versa.
  • In terms of materials, there are two basic choices – alloy and composite, and both have a few pros and cons. In case of alloy bats, you don’t need time to break in, but the bat will have a smaller sweet spot, and the opposite is true for composite bats. Composite and hybrid baseball bats tend to be more expensive.

Best baseball bat in the world…SOLVED. Please use the guide above, explore your options, and make your choice based on reviews, brand, price, and material composition of your bat.  Off you go now!

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