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On weekends, it’s nice to have an outdoor BBQ session, where you can cook the most lip-smacking meats on a slow flame on the smoker. Not many people understand this, but many aspects determine how cooked meats and steaks eventually turn out. While the smoker is important, even the choice of wood chips and the seasoning used have an impact on the flavors. In this post, we will talk about buying the best propane smoker under 200 – After all, smoking your favorite steaks and meats don’t have to be expensive.

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Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36″ Propane Smoker 

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Cuisinart Propane Smoker

If you are looking for a budget smoker, this Cuisinart product is a good deal. The only downside is the lack of a window, which can be managed without. It comes with … Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing the top five options in propane smokers!

The best thing about propane smokers is the price. It doesn’t have to be super expensive, and you can easily use these in the outdoors, enjoying food with your family. Here are the five products that we loved the most under $200

  1. Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36″ Propane Smoker. If you are looking for a budget smoker, this Cuisinart product is a good deal. The only downside is the lack of a window, which can be managed without. It comes with porcelain enameled trays, four stainless steel shelves measuring 14×14”, and two doors for managing the smoke. Size wise, this smoker is just enough for a small family.
  2. Smoke Hollow SH36GW Gas Smoker with Window. This Smoke Hollow’s smoker runs on propane and has the advantage of a window if that matters to you. It has four chrome-plated cooking grids, and you can adjust the heights as required. The water and wood pans are porcelain-coated. We recommend this smoker for the price and that added window.
  3. Camp Chef Smoker 18-Inch Smoker. Camp Chef is one brand that doesn’t get smokers wrong, and this one is a pretty large one with two adjustable smoking racks. This product also includes a door thermometer, which is an advantage, and you get a booklet for cooking ideas and recipes. With one jerky smoking rack, three adjustable damper valves and water pan, this is a steal.
  4. Masterbuilt MB20052318 Propane Smoker. Masterbuilt propane smokers are usually affordable and don’t compromise on the features, and this product is no different. It comes with a dual-door design, so when you add chips, it doesn’t cause loss of heat. Other features include 4 chrome-coated smoking racks, push-button ignition and dual-wall construction. Only disadvantage: No viewing window.
  5. Landmann USA 3405GLA Two Drawer smoker. While this Landmann smoker doesn’t have a viewing window, it comes with amazing handles that make it a portable variant. You get three chrome plated cooking grates, which can be adjusted, and the wide legs ensure easy stability. Package includes a cast-iron wood chip box and porcelain-coated steel water pan.

What to look for in propane smokers?

There are all sorts of propane smokers, and these are affordable at best. Below are some of the tips you can consider before buying one.

  1. Start with the basics. What’s the size of the smoker that works best for your needs? How important is portability? How many shelves do you need? For how many people would you be cooking on an average? Since most people like cooking whole birds, it makes sense for adjustable racks.
  2. Brand and warranty. There is no denying that some brands are just more reliable than the others, so check for that. Masterbuilt, Smoke Hollow, Cuisinart are some of the smoker brands we usually recommend for propane. The warranty on the product may vary, but expect one year at the very least.
  3. Other things that matter. Consider if you want a smoker with a window, which allows you to view the food cooking inside. It is also a good idea to consider dual doors, which ensures that adding the chips doesn’t lead to heat loss. The power of the burner measures in BTUs, which stands for British Thermal Unit– the higher the number; the more powerful your smoker is, which is handy for cooking meats.

While $200 may seem like a small price for good smokers, the best part is you don’t need more than that for a product that’s meant for your home and not commercial use. We recommend that you read the pros and cons of each product in detail, consider the brand and other features and review your requirements before selecting a propane smoker.

Finding a great propane smoker for under $200 is totally possible. It may not seem like it, propane smokers can be a pretty pricey item when you start to look at all the other options that are out there. And we get it, there are thousands of options out there to look through and try to find the best ones for under $200. It can be tough to sift through everything and find budget options that are actually going to be good quality products. The last thing that we want is to ever recommend you products that are at a great price, but end up being low quality products that break and leave you having to buy something else. At Club ManDude, it is our mission to help you avoid all that. What we do is keep things simple and easy, so you can look through five of the best options out there and figure out which one is the best for your needs. Because when we get a chance to save our guys some time, it gives you an opportunity to do more of what you love. In this case, getting to smoke some great meat for you and your friends to enjoy without having the break the bank. A great smoker does not have to cost you an arm and a leg!

We don’t necessarily expect you to know the best name brands for smokers off the top of your head. Although we did find a Cuisinart option that is pretty solid, so you have probably at least heard of them. Either way, the options that we put together always come from reputable manufacturers that make great products that you are going to love. One of the great things about finding an awesome company that makes great products is that they typically make a lot of great products. So if you find an excellent smoker that’s perfect for you, you may also find some other goodies that you’re going to love as well. Find yourself the perfect smoker for an awesome price. And when you check out what these smokers have to offer, you’re going to find some great features that you will love. Because we want the product to be great and have features that get you excited to smoke some meat every time you have a hankering for some juicy, tender cuts that taste amazing.

When you compare the prices of these bad boys you will see that we did a great job keeping things under $200. These smokers come at a great price that will not break the bank and you will end up with an awesome product we are sure you’re going to love. Getting high-quality products does not have to be a luxury and we will prove it. If you choose any one of these smokers you are going to find out that each one is great quality and will serve you right. And if you happen to find an even better option somewhere else, let us know! We always want to do whatever we can to stay on top of all the best products that are out there, no matter how we gather the information. The name of the game is bringing you all the best of the best products, and so far we think we have done a pretty good job!

If you happen to want some additional info, we’ve got you covered there too. The great thing about living in the age of the internet is you can easily see what other people are saying about products that they have used themselves before you buy. Nothing is quite as honest as a person on the internet reviewing a product that they just purchased, whether the review is good or bad. At Club ManDude, we take the time to make sure we are recommending products to our guys that have plenty of positive reviews. Sure, you may get a negative review here and there. It’s to be expected because you just can’t make everyone happy. But you will notice that these smokers have lots of people that love them and we are sure that you will too. Hey, if we were bringing you products with a bunch of negative reviews, we certainly would not be doing our job now, would we? So peruse some of the reviews that other consumers have posted about these smokers. You will not be disappointed. You may even find some specific features that other people love, which can help influence the buying process even more.


We are certain that you are going to find yourself a great smoker for under $200 that you will love for years to come. Next time you have a BBQ, wow your friends and family with your amazing culinary skills. They are sure to love your meaty creations just as much as you do!


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to increase the efficiency of a propane smoker?

Increasing the smoking efficiency of your propane smoker is quite easy. All you need to do is keep the smoker clean, set the proper temperature for smoking the food, and choose the right hardwood for smoking. Including these, as you will handle a propane smoker; enough space will be an added advantage.

2. Is a propane smoker worth the investment?

All smokers are worth the investment depending upon specific functionality and feature. Depending upon the same, a propane smoker is a worthy investment as it cooks and roasts food faster. Therefore, if you have guests coming, a propane smoker can help you in reducing the cooking time.

3. What is the maximum temperature a propane smoker can reach?

A propane smoker can reach up to a temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. But you can adjust the temperature according to your use. For better usability, you can keep a temperature gauge handy during cooking.

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