Are you an Overwatch Enthusiast and Looking for the Best Mouse? Let’s Do It…

Gamers demand the best that tech has to offer – and for good reason. If you’re going to perform at your peak, you need absolute control over aspect of whatever you’re playing. And in no game is that more important than in Overwatch. Unlike most other first-person shooters, Overwatch is all about intensity. Not only do you need to be at your absolute best for yourself, you’ve got a team relying on you. You have to take every advantage you can get, which means you can’t sacrifice any amount of control.

And nothing can get in your way like a subpar mouse. Without the best of the best, you won’t be in total control of your character. In a game like Overwatch, that makes all the difference. So we’ve cut out all of the unresponsiveness, glitchy options to help you find the mouse that will make your Overwatch experience – and performance – everything it needs to be. These options are sensitive to your every move, but they also provide you the best in customization and comfort.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Breathing LED Backlit Gaming Mouse

This stylish mouse lets you play to win with high durable exterior structure and highly precise features. The outer body is made from advanced PVC. The structure matches the personality… Read More on Amazon

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$14.99 from Amazon*At the time of publishing, the price was $14.99.


  1. Razer D.VA Abyssus Elite True 7,200 DPI Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse. Raise the APM with this exclusive gaming mouse designed for tournament level accuracy. The Abyssus Elite gives the true power to get control over the functions. Moreover, the design is perfectly suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users. Incredible swiftness makes intense use more accurate without putting too much pressure on your hand. The optical sensor has an amazing 7200 DPI sensitivity to respond precisely. These features make this mouse a reliable choice for Overwatch to get the desired level of performance. Plus, the colored patterns make it look stylish as well.
  2. TOMLFF OW Mouse Breathing LED Backlit Gaming Mouse. This music production mouse lets you play to win with high durable exterior structure and highly precise features. The outer body is made from advanced PVC. The structure matches the personality of a gamer and the size is convenient to hold on to. The optical sensor technology leaves no chances of error in terms of responsiveness and sensitivity. You can choose between multiple colors to pick a perfect addition to your gaming set. The LED-backlit is available to make this a luminescent mouse. The compatibility is not an issue, as this mouse works on Mac and other computers as well.
  3. SteelSeries Rival 310 Gaming Mouse. Get ready to feel the smoothness of 12,000 CPI with the customized TrueMove3 technology. The optical sensor provides one-to-one tracking with 350 IPS. The design has been constructed ergonomically to enable performance and comfort in extreme usage conditions. There are additional buttons to move left and right, having guaranteed durability for 50 million clicks. The RGB illumination is possible with multiple color options. You can customize lighting and save it. The overall length of this mouse is 5 inches, shaped perfectly for the use.
  4. PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired With Eight Buttons. This gaming mouse has 5 different DPI levels ranging between 1200 and 7200. You can conveniently change the sensitivity of your mouse with a single click. The lighting of Chroma RGB offers more than 16 million color choices to choose for the backlight. Also, you can turn on or turn off the light as you please. There are 8 programmable and 1 fire button to manage your performance. The 8 buttons let you easily program controls as per your needs. The fire button provides rapid performance in intense gaming scenarios. The quality is reliable due to the warranty attached to the product.
  5. Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse. Made to match the needs of pro gamers, this mouse has a lightweight design and advanced technologies. The performance goes beyond traditional limitations, offering lightning speed in terms of connectivity and wireless latency. The technology of HERO Sensor delivers an exceptional sensitivity of 16,000 DPI. The sensor impresses with responsiveness, accuracy, and speed. Along with the lightweight design, the sleek shape of the mouse includes removable buttons as well. All these features allow this mouse to serve as your best mouse for overwatch, andthat too, with highly customizable nature.


The sleek, ergonomic designs of these aerodynamic devices will you have totally stoked to try them out. You will be playing with a nice, comfortable grip and have the opportunity to stay right in the game with your buddies next time you play. The super responsive options we picked will blow you away with all their features. Each hand-picked mouse on our last has tons of great, carefully crafted details that will have you glad you grabbed a new mouse to play Overwatch. A gamer’s hand can get tired or cramp up with the wrong mouse. A poorly designed mouse can actually lead to carpal tunnel or arthritis if you use that hand enough improperly. We want to avoid all that, trust me. And as a gamer guy, we like to think that maybe you happen to spend a few hours at a time playing. Or all night. (It’s okay, we promise not to tell) Putting strain on your hand for hours on end without the proper grip and comfort could lead to the aforementioned issues, so we made sure to pick five options that put all those worries to bed.

Some More Overwatch Musings…

Maybe you play Overwatch purely for enjoyment. Maybe you play it for the all-out competition. Either way, you can’t immerse yourself in the game without a mouse that fits your hand, responds to your every move, and matches your playing style. Every mouse on this list is built to improve your experience and boost your performance. And they will do just that for you. Go ahead and see for yourself! We want to aid you in having the best gaming experience that you can have. As dudes, gaming is important to a lot of us. And PC gamers are no different! Having the best experience you can have is most important. It’s fun and it is your leisure time to do as you please. Spending it gaming is a completely acceptable option, so let’s find you a mouse that blows away the competition.

Plus, if you don’t have enough details in our article, we can help you out with that. We made sure to include a link for every mouse we’ve reviewed so you can click right over to the almighty Amazon to have a closer look. Each product page will have tons of additional details to help you in your quest for the greatest gaming mouse for Overwatch. You can also check out the price tags, availability, shipping details so you can get amped about getting the package at your door, and of course, other customer reviews. Nothing helps influence the buying process than other people who have used the product, that same goes for these computer mice. Head over and peruse some of the extra info, we encourage it. The last thing we would ever want is for one of our guys to have buyer’s remorse, so be meticulous! It’s totally cool. And if you happen to find a mouse that’s even better than the ones on our list, let us know! We’re psyched to learn about new and exciting products so we can keep our own lists updated. Happy gaming out there, guys!


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