Bikes are freakin’ awesome, let’s just admit it. They look cool, sound amazing and they make you feel like a total boss! But unfortunately, sometimes they’re inconvenient when it comes to things like, traveling and moving from one place to another, especially, if you have a family.

One of the easiest ways to transport a motorcycle is by a pickup truck. Plenty of space for an easy transport, but one of the things that bike riders often overlook is actually how they are going to get the bike from the ground onto the pickup!

As much as we’d like to have Thor style strength most of us don’t! Which means we can’t just pick up our motorcycles with one hand and place them on the back of our pickups – but lucky for us mere mortals, there is an alternative, practical solution…and that is a motorcycle ramp! And in this article we are going to review the best motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Clevr 7.5′ Aluminum Ramps

You can use one ramp to load your motorcycle or use both the ramps for four-wheelers. The load capacity is impressive with 1500 lbs, so you don’t have … Read More on Amazon

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$131.99 from Amazon*At the time of publishing, the price was $131.99.

  1. Titan 10′ HD 4-Beam Wide Aluminum Truck Load Ramp Motorcycle. This motorcycle ramp has a capacity of 2700 lbs loaded in a distributed manner. The design has 4 thicker beams to provide strength and support to its middle ramp. It offers better clearance due to arched design with serrated crossbars. There are safety straps to ensure ease of load management. The design is made from aluminum material and has a diameter of 5/8 inches. There is no need to struggle with assembly when you have this motorcycle ramp. The ramp is wide and foldable from the sides.
  2. Titan 9′ Aluminum Wide Truck Loading Ramp for Motorcycle. This model from Titan Ramps has distributed weight capacity of 2200 lbs. The serrated crossbars provide much-needed traction when loading. Plus, the arched design makes the process easier with better clearance. The overall weight of this design is 84 lbs, which is made from high-quality aluminum. There are safety straps along with side folds and middles folds of wide sizes. You can use it for your ATV, Harley Davidson Cruiser. It gives no trouble related to assembly, as the design is ready-to-go for your purpose. You can simply place the ramp and use its wide space to load your motorcycle.
  3. Pit Posse Pair of Motorcycle Folding Loading Ramps. This would the lightweight and durable choice of ramp you are looking for in a compact foldable design. The design is made from high-quality 6063 aluminum and resists the impact of extreme weather conditions. The overall weight is only 33 pounds that make the design easy to handle. The joints, hinges as well as crossbars have strong welding, so you can unfold and fold thousands of times without any issues. The width of the ramps is 11 inches and the length is 89 inches. This size makes motorcycle loading easier along with trailers, dirt bike, ATV, and even four-wheelers.
  4. Yaheetech Pair 7.5’ Aluminum Motorcycle Truck Ramps. With a load capacity of about 1500 lbs, this design is the best motorcycle ramp for pickup truck. The pair allows you to conveniently unfold and fold the ramps. The tips are soft and abrasion-free to make a smooth load of your ride. The fingers of the lower section are tipped with rubber material, so you don’t have to invest extra money on safety straps. The size and design align with all kinds of dirt bikes and motorcycles to help you load and unload your vehicle. A pair of these ramps helps to load UTV, ATV, garden tractor and other rides as well.
  5. Clevr 7.5′ X-Large Pair of ATV UTV Folding Arched Aluminum Ramps for Motorcycles. You can use one ramp to load your motorcycle or use both the ramps for four-wheelers. The load capacity is impressive with 1500 lbs, so you don’t have to worry about any struggle when loading your vehicle. The design is made from strong material and has an arched design to support easy loading and unloading. The safety straps are included already in this sturdy construction. So, no need to worry about any damage to your truck or motorcycle when loading.

Alright gentlemen, we have reviewed 5 of the best motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks that are currently available. To determine which ramps were the best we looked at a few key features and they are:

  • High-quality materials
  • High capacity
  • Abrasion-free
  • Safety straps or rubber material
  • Reasonable weight (Under 100lbs)

You can either choose one of our reviewed ramps so you can know for sure that you’ll get a quality ramp or if you want to do a little more research, it’s just a matter of matching a ramp that you’re interested in with our criteria and you’ll have no problems with transporting your motorcycle via pickup!

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