Looks like you need the best motorcycle grips for vibration. Let’s get after it…

Alright fellas, we know its super cool to be on our motorcycles, just cruisin’ with the wind blowing through our hair, getting away from all those everyday stresses, if even just for a little while. Sometimes though, riding a motorcycle can get pretty uncomfortable, particularly for those longer rides. You can start to feel every bump in those forearms, not to mention exposure to all types of weather elements, but luckily there is gear that helps with all of these issues.

We also know one issue with motorcycle riding that can put a ding on the awesome factor is that dang vibration that we have to feel the entire time we’re riding with the wind. But the good news is, there’s a solution for this too. In this article we’re going to be covering some of the best motorcycle grips for vibration, so you can feel sturdy and in control while on the road.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Motorcycle Handlebar Grips

This is molded rubber design to provide additional grip and comfort when riding a cruiser chopper, Suzuki, Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Kawasaki or Honda. The … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


  1. OXMART Motorcycle Handle Grips Universal. This is a universal design of handle grips to fit all kinds of bike models. The quality is top-notch with its aluminum metal and rubber lining. Together, the materials provide anti-rust, waterproof as well as corrosion-resisting properties, which is why you can trust these handles in snowy, foggy and rainy conditions. The installation takes no effort and cleaning requires minimal time. However, the biggest advantage is the non-slippery grip it provides to reduce the impact of vibrations. This grip improves your ability to control throttle and have a smooth ride every single time.
  2. Grab On Grip Cover. If you have bike handles of length 1.25 inches to 1.45 inches, this grip cover can help to obtain maximum control. You can install them by slipping over the grips on the handlebar. The grip cover enhances the ability to handle vibrations. The material used in this design is EPDM foam that provides shock-absorbing properties. So, you get to control the throttle more efficiently and enjoy a comfortable ride. The quality is extra durable than many other similar products due to its resistance against oil, gas and UV rays as well. Plus, it looks stylish on bike’s handles.
  3. INNOGLOW Motorcycle Handlebar Grips. This is molded rubber design to provide additional grip and comfort when riding a cruiser chopper, Suzuki, Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Kawasaki or Honda. The handgrip fits handlebars that have 1 inch of length. The design includes aluminum metal completely covered with high-quality rubber. The molded rubber is key to ensuring vibration dampening when you are riding your bike. The installation is easy, as you can replace the existing bike grips with this one along with the bar ends. It would be wise to check the length of your handlebar grips before selecting this one.
  4. Mark’s Custom Designs Deluxe Vibration Dampening Leather Motorcycle Grips. This black leather design of bike grips contains edge piping. Also, the leather quality is oil-tanned to provide a sleek appeal. The grips have a lace system of closure and the laces are made from the same leather as well. The size is suitable for Harley Davidson models and takes no effort to install. This gives a unique appeal to your bike’s handle. At the same time, the neoprene padding offers the density to control the vibrations. The end of the laces contains beads to close the knot. It is one of the best motorcycle grips for vibration if you have a Harley Davidson.
  5. Kuryakyn 6205 Premium ISO Handlebar Grips. The placement of this grip design will dampen the vibration in the handlebar. It offers a non-slippery surface with a soft feel. The design has unique rubber recessions to provide airflow between the grip and your hand. The end caps are removable to make this design suitable for all kinds of handlebars. The design supports a smooth throttle control in Harley Davidson models such as ’82-’19 H-D. The materials used in the construction are high-quality aluminum and rubber. You can trust the quality to last for years.

Having the right motorcycle grips to suit your needs is going to be a total game changer. Trust us, we are motorcycle-loving dudes too! Understanding the importance of the right grips may be something you’re new to personally, but let us just take this opportunity to say that you are in good hands. Having grips that are not as effective as they should be will eventually give you that feeling in your hands after you’ve been riding for a while. You know the feeling, the one that makes your hands get that weird, itchy feeling and then they can eventually go numb. No Bueno. But having the right grips is going to take on the rumble of your motorcycle and eliminate the mild, continuous shock through the bike that comes from the vibration. There are some physics involved here! So let us take on the challenge of heading out into the wild world of the internet to find you the absolute best grips that so many motorcyclists love to use every time they ride.

Finding the best grips for the money does not have to be a huge hassle. It doesn’t have to be this daunting challenge that frustrates you at the site of all the different options that are out there. We know it can be tough to weed through everything to find the right fit. And it can be time-consuming, too, so give us the opportunity to make life simple and save you time. That is exactly what we do here at Club ManDude, we take the time to find the best of the best items out there so you don’t have to! And when you get to keep things simple while saving some time, it gives you more opportunities to get out there and do what you love most, ride. And the great thing about motorcycle grips is they do not have to break the bank.

When you take a look at these rad grips and compare the price tags, you will find that a new set of grips is a super affordable item. So much so that, if you can’t decide between a couple different sets, why not try both? You may love them both and want to swap them out from time to time. Because it’s all about the feel, right? Having the perfect comfort every time you grab the handle bars and keeping your hands feeling great each chance you get to be out on the open road. Because we want you to be able to get out there and have fun on a comfortable ride! Take our top option, the INNOGLOW Motorcycle Handlebar Grips. There is a lot to love about these babies. The unique design and effective material keep your hands feeling great. And that goes for each option we found! We took the time to do our research for these handlebar grips to figure out which ones give riders what they need. So don’t just stop at one, take a look them at all!

If you feel like you want some more information before making your decision, don’t sweat it. We totally understand wanting to be fully educated before spending your hard-earned money, no matter how much it may be. One of the best benefits of the age of the internet is being able to simply pull up a product and see what other people are saying about them. You may get an opportunity to see exactly what it is about these motorcycle handlebar grips that riders tend to love (or not love). Either way, you can easily head right over to Amazon and get an opportunity to check out buyer verified reviews so you know these bike owners have definitely used them. Nothing is more honest than a consumer reviewing products on the internet, so get yourself some additional intel before you buy. We absolutely encourage it. Taking the time to ensure that we are bringing you products with typically positive reviews is the name of the game here at Club ManDude. We certainly would not be doing our part if we brought you products with a bunch of negative reviews now, would we? Picking options that people love and then narrowing it down to the best five is the goal every time. And we are confident we have accomplished just that with the motorcycle handlebar grips that we’ve listed above. They will dumb down the vibration that sends waves through the bike, to your body so well that you will totally notice the difference. Just ask other bikers! So find yourself a new set (or sets) of rad grips to add to your bike and get out there to enjoy what you love best, riding your motorcycle. Be safe out there, gents, and happy riding!


Dealing with vibration while riding can be a pain in the butt! But there’s no need to fret. We’ve got plenty of grips out there that are made for problems just like ours. The only other thing to make sure of is that you’re getting some grips that are high-quality and can serve you like you need them to.

When shopping around for some grips, keep an eye out for these features:

  • Non-slip
  • High-quality rubber
  • Shock absorbing properties
  • Resistance against oil, heat, and gas
  • Length
  • Airflow

Selecting a pair of motorcycle grips that have some or all of these features will guarantee that vibration will no longer be an issue for you and you can go out, hop on your bike and ride it like the boss that you are!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Why should I buy motorcycle grips?

A) Usual motorcycle grips are just rubber pieces that directly transfer the bike vibration to your hands. If you ride frequently, constant vibration on your hands can result in harmful consequences. However, modern vibration-absorbing grips will absorb most of the vibration to keep your hand safe from the constant impact.

Q) Are motorcycle grips worth it?

A) If you buy the best motorcycle grips, you will have many advantages. The feel and comfort on the handles would be a lot better, and you will get a good grip and control over the handle. It will also be a lot easier to steer your motorcycle when you have goo handle grips.

Q) Can motorcycle grips really absorb the vibration at high speeds?

A) Yes, modern handle grips have unique padding that can absorb the vibration at high speeds. If you get vibration-absorbing grips, you can immediately experience the difference. You will feel comfortable, and you will also get good control over the handles at top speeds.

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