Looking for the Best Laptop for Engineering Students? Great. Let’s Get After It…

Are you going to school for engineering? Are you in the market for a laptop that will make you the biggest and baddest engineering student in the game? Look no further my friends, for we have all of the answers for you. We have the top five laptops that you can get to make sure that no one does engineering like you – you’ll be at the top of your game and on top of the world. You’re going to want to make sure that you can do the best work possible and the most efficiently that you can, so I really suggest checking out these laptops below; I promise you won’t regret it.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

ASUS VivoBook Thin and Lightweight

For powerful performance and wide view, you can choose this laptop. The device runs on 8th generation i5 8250U Intel core processor. The display size is 15.6 inches to provide a wide HD view… Read More on Amazon

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  1. Asus C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook Flip. This laptop has a unique hinge that provides 360-degree flexibility. The Chromebook model has an HD touchscreen of size 12.5 inches. You can switch between the laptop mode and tablet mode as per your requirement. The storage capacity is 64GB with a RAM of 4GB to provide efficiency and speed in performance. The keyboard has backlit feature as well to help you use the device at night as well. The weight is only 2.65 pounds, so you can carry it anywhere such as classrooms, coffee shops, and other places. The aluminum body keeps it reliable and durable for a long time.
  2. ASUS VivoBook Thin and Lightweight FHD WideView Laptop. For powerful performance and wide view, you can choose this laptop. The device runs on 8thgeneration i5 8250U Intel core processor. The display size is 15.6 inches to provide a wide HD view. The thickness of this laptop is only 0.8 inches and the width is 14.2 inches. This allows you to enjoy a portable footprint. Plus, you also get to store all your files, movies, photos and other documents due to the SSD memory of 128 GB. The connectivity choices are comprehensive with USB 3.1, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 as well.
  3. Lenovo 11.6″ HD IPS Touchscreen 2-in-1 Chromebook. This stylish Lenovo laptop has IPS technology to provide suitable angles of wide viewing. The HD resolution of the screen comes with LED backlight feature. The internal performance is exceptional also with the MediaTek Quad-Core processor. The processor gives a maximum frequency of 2.16GHz and base frequency of 1.3 GHz. The device has a RAM of 4GB and integrated eMMC of 32GB. You also get a combo jack for headphone and microphone, a built-in webcam, and stereo speaker. The device utilizes Chrome operating system, ensuring strong security and user experience.
  4. Acer Chromebook 11 Celeron N3060. Google’s Chrome OS is leveraged in this Chromebook. The laptop has built-in protection against viruses. It automatically updates within seconds to ensure continuity in performance. This Chromebook enables you to enjoy all your favorite Google applications. The storage capacity is built-in as well, so you can easily access your files in offline mode as well. The backup facility works on its own. The display is HD in quality, and the processor is Intel Celeron of type N3060. All these features along with 4GB memory make it the best laptop for engineering students.
  5. ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Durable Laptop. Use this laptop for wide view in a screen size of 13.3 inches. It is exceptionally slim with the ratio of screen to body being 95 percent. The weight is only 2.6lbs. Along with the external appeal, the laptop also impresses in terms of processing speed. It runs on Intel Quad-Core i7-8565U processor, which enables a maximum frequency of 4.6GHz. The memory and storage capacity is efficient as well with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD. The touchpad has dual functionality to make data entry faster for you. The ErgoLift for easy typing, cooling system, audio performance, and other features are available too.

Having the unique compatibility to function with all the best engineering programs available, these computers will serve you in all the best ways for all the engineering you can handle. From the super-fast processing to tons of storage, these computers have it all. And connectivity is of no issue with these bad boys. We want to set you up with one of these computers so you can stay connected. Whether you’re surfing the web using Wi-Fi or manifesting your next engineering creation with a hot-spot, you can remain confident that any of these laptops has all the right features to get you going. And don’t forget protection! These computers have the best in cyber security and will always keep you protected from intruders. With self-updating systems that keep everything up to date without lifting a finger, you can rest easy knowing that whether you’re using your computer or not, you will be protected.

We always bear in mind that the possibility of you using your laptop for some recreational purposes is within the realm of possibility. No issues there! Everybody loves streaming and not everyone can get to a TV to watch their favorite shows right when they want to. So, we made sure to pick laptops that will aid you in all of your streaming desires. With great connectivity and excellent protection, you can go on streaming to your heart’s desire. And that goes for surfing, too! Head out to the deepest reaches of the web, we dare you. You will be protected.

Final Thoughts…

These laptops offer the storage, the speed and the size that you’ll need to be the best engineering student at your school. Without one of these bad boys, you might fall behind on work and you definitely won’t look as cool as you would if you DID have one. So, trust me when I say to invest in one of these awesome laptops for artists – you and your college career will NOT regret it. And be sure to take some leisure time for yourself, too! You deserve it. Being a student is tough, so it’s important to have to have some rest and relaxation. Plenty of students love using that time to search through the internet for the next best meme, GIF, YouTube sensation, you name it. If you decide to purchase one of our choices, you will have all those abilities right at your fingertips with lightning-fast speeds!

If you feel like you want to peruse some additional details about these computers, we made sure to provide the right links for you to do so! Each computer we’ve reviewed can simply be clicked on to launch you right over to Amazon. There you can find tons of additional details for each computer that we just simply couldn’t fit in our article! We encourage it because there is nothing that makes us happier than knowing you were able to see all the details for every machine. Specifications, prices, shipping details, it’s all there, we promise. So, do yourself a favor and check these puppies out for yourself. And if you do decide to go with an option we haven’t listed here, that’s okay, too. We won’t tell. We want you to be happy with your purchase, first and foremost! Pick the device that is right for you, that’s what we want. Happy hunting out there!

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