Looking for the Best ATV Gun Scabbard? Let’s Get After It…

All you hunters out there know that even preparing for the hunt is an adventure. You put on your hunting gear, hop onto your ATV, and head out to track your game. But there is one issue that you’ve definitely faced before: carrying your rifle along with you. Strapping it onto your back is inconvenient while you’re actually riding. And it can also be pretty dangerous – especially if you manage to hit a bump while traveling over rocky terrain.

Luckily, a gun scabbard for your ATV can solve that problem.  Knowing that every hunter – and every ATV rider – has their own style, we’re going to review the best ATV gun scabbards available for outdoorsmen.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Historical Plain Leather Rifle Scabbard

For a classy leather design, you can choose Historical Emporium for its rifle scabbard. It has a beautiful exterior made from genuine leather with top-notch stitching and hand-rubbed design… Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


  1. Aromzen Rifle Scabbard Gun Holster Case Horse ATV Motorcycle Hunting Bag. This is a premium quality gun scabbard made from high-quality material for top-notch security. The material also provides durable performance, which makes it suitable for a long-term purpose. The product has extended warranty as well to give true value for the money. The design has two handles, buckles and protected casing for your rifle. The bag is available in black color, which looks stylish. Now, you can go for hunting on ATV motorcycle, securely keeping your rifle in a protective bag. Carrying this bag won’t be a hassle ever.
  2. Historical Emporium Men’s Western Plain Leather Rifle Scabbard. For a classy leather design, you can choose Historical Emporium for its rifle scabbard. It has a beautiful exterior made from genuine leather with top-notch stitching and hand-rubbed design. The leather straps offer a comfortable method of attaching the scabbard to your ATV. The size has a length of 32 inches. The design is lined to securely keep your rifle protected from scratch and other damages. The color is brown, but you can also choose the black color from the same brand. Historical Emporium is known for high-quality leather manufacturing.
  3. LeatherLoft Black Tooled Leather Rifle/Shotgun Scabbard. This is one of the most beautiful rifle scabbards out there. The design is made from top-level leather hand-tooled beautifully. There are 2 straps to create an attachment with your ATV. You can easily adjust the straps as per the attachment requirements. The design is semi rigid and holds a rifle without any scope. You can also use it to keep your shotguns. The opening is 8 inches in size, and the length is 34 inches. Both sides of the scabbard are hand tooled. The stitching quality is reliable and the black shiny appeal lasts for years.
  4. TrailMax Rifle Scabbard, Soft-Sided Gun Case. This is a modern-age scabbard for your ATV. Known as the best atv gun scabbard. The widest point in this scabbard is 10 inches in size, while the overall length is 43 inches. It has a heavy coating of PVC along with 600-denier poly along with felt lining. The attachment straps are adjustable to ensure the security of scabbard when attached to your ATV. Also, the straps are strong and capable of holding the rifle. You can find this design in multiple color choices such as green, brown and unique Fork Camo offered by TrailMax.
  5. Explopur Folding Hunting Scabbard Bag. Oxford grade fabric of this design gives high-density material to protect your hunting rifle. The material quality is the reason why you can trust it for wear resistance and durability. The inner section is padded for cushioning, so you get ensured protection for your tools inside the scabbard. The design is exceptionally adjustable in size, which makes it customizable for different barrel sizes. The handles are adjustable and detachable as well. So, you can ensure convenient use whenever carrying your rifle or any other gun. The number of straps is 4 and they are all removable.

Finding the best gun scabbard for your ATV does not have to be a huge challenge. It doesn’t have to be frustrating or a huge headache either. That’s why we’re here! Let us take on the challenge of finding the absolute best options money can buy while you sit back, relax, and peruse the options. We want to save you time so you don’t have to look through all the different options out there and all the different manufacturers who make the scabbards. Just so you get more time to head out on the trail and do some hunting. The more time we can save you means more time to be out there doing what you enjoy most. ATV’s go quite well with hunting, and having all the right gear at your disposal is essential to keep things organized while staying safe out there.

Knowing the best gun scabbard brands off the top of your head is not a necessity when figuring out which one is going to be the best for your ATV. Let us bring to you the best brands in the biz so you can peruse some excellent options and take out all the guesswork of finding the right piece of gear. And hey, if you do happen to know who makes the best gun scabbards, kudos to you. But in case you’re new to this and need a little assistance, we got you. Take the Historical Emporium Plain Leather Scabbard for instance. That is the top choice on our list and we think it is the best option. It’s a straight forward gun holder that will keep your rifle secure while you’re riding your ATV. And some of our other options are a little more intricate with extra pouches and room for extras. The choice is completely up to you whatever suits you just right. But we are confident you can find a great gun scabbard, even if you happen to find another option that didn’t make the list. We’d love to hear about it, that helps us to stay on top of the best products out there!

And finding the right gun holster doesn’t have to break the bank either. There are plenty of options out there, some with a lot of “fluff”. Or unnecessary bells and whistles at a high price. What we found is that you can find excellent options with all the perks at a great price. And these babies are built to last! When you’re out on the rugged terrain, it’s easy for things to get damaged or broken. So we wanted to be sure we were finding options that are durable and built to hold up to the elements. The last thing we want is for a product we recommend to break and create a situation where you have to buy another one. Don’t worry, we won’t do that to you! That’s why we’re meticulous in our search for the best products. Club ManDude only wants to bring you the best of the best options out there, because there are tons of different gun scabbards to choose from. Find yourself that one that has you saying “yes”!

If you still need a little more intel to help the buying process, don’t sweat it. It’s no problem at all because you can read tons of customer reviews straight from people who have used these products with a lot of success. Head over to Amazon where you will find plenty of actual users of these products. You may come across a negative review from time to time, but we made sure to recommend products that have an overwhelming majority of positive reviews. We would not be doing our job if we brought you a list of gun scabbards with negative reviews, so check out what people are saying. The great aspect of actual customers reviewing the product is that you may get specifics on exactly what it is that they love about the product, too. Take your time, think about the choice, and find exactly what you’re looking for. Online reviews are great because you will typically get a lot of honesty, which is important if you want to utilize a person’s review. You’ve got this!

Our main goal is to make life easier for you, take out the guess work, and save you time so you can spend it out in nature doing what you love most, hunting. Take a look at what we picked, compare prices, compare brands, compare reviews and you are going to set yourself up for the utmost success. We’re here to help the buying process, so let us provide a little assistance before you get back out there to enjoy your next hunting adventure.


When it comes to choosing the best ATV gun scabbard, there are a few important components you should be looking for. You want to make sure to check the length, quality, ease of adjustment, durability, and style. Within each of these categories, you certainly have your own specific needs.

Now that you have a list of some of the best gun scabbards for your ATV, you not only know what to look for while browsing, but you also know where to begin.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) How to use an ATV gun scabbard?

A) The gun scabbards are unique gun holders designed to hold and secure your gun while you track your game on the ATV. The gun scabbard is attached to your ATV, and it keeps your gun in place and keeps your hands free while you chase your game in the wilderness.

Q) Do I need an ATV gun scabbard?

A) Gun scabbards are highly useful for hunting, especially if you are carrying a large rifle. Rifles are heavy and carrying them on your back during the hunt will be highly inconvenient. You also run the risk of damaging or losing your gun while chasing your game. A gun scabbard saves you from all such hassles.

Q) Are ATV gun scabbards expensive?

A) Well, the price depends on the type of product you choose. Amazon has a wide range of ATV gun scabbards for the different types of guns. So you can browse through several products and choose the one that’s affordable for you. You can also get amazing offers and discounts on your purchases with Amazon.

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