Looking for the Best Additive For Noisy Lifters? Let’s Get After It…

We know how awesome it feels to be driving around in your car on a nice day, windows down, air blowing through the car, music bumping like you’ve got your own personal concert happening – it’s about as close to a sanctuary as you can get. The last thing you want to happen when you’re trying to enjoy your drive is any sort of car issue, but the one thing no one really wants to hear about when it comes to having issues with their car is… yep, you guessed it: the engine! An engine to a car, is like a heart to humans or like a nice, cold one for the boys : you have got to keep it healthy to keep it running, but, sometimes it will encounter some performance issues and with those issues will come with some weird noises. Now, don’t panic if you start hearing these noises. This doesn’t mean your precious baby has to go right to the shop – it might if things get really bad, but we’re here to help prevent that from happening. We know what it’s like to have issues with your engine, so we decided to save our bros from experiencing the issues we’ve already faced. We know… not all heroes wear capes. In this guide we are going to be getting into the best additive for noisy lifters and give you some of our very best additives to choose from. Don’t worry pal, this is going to be a good one,

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil

There are multiple actions that take place with this formula. It lubricates and cleans the carburetors and fuel injectors. This supports in getting smooth function…Read More on Amazon

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1. Liqui Moly 20004 Hydraulic Lifter Additive. This lifter additive enhances the lubrication features of the added oil. It excellently removes waste from the valve bores. The additive works perfectly in vehicles having catalytic converters or vehicles having turbochargers. The noises coming out of your engine stop and you get smooth performance. Each pack has 300ml of additive in a convenient bottle packaging. It is a cost-effective way to clean, reduce noise and maintain the performance of your lifters. The formula has its German technology proven in terms of performance. It reaches hydraulic tappets and reduces the noises.

2. Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil. There are multiple actions that take place with this formula. It lubricates and cleans the carburetors and fuel injectors. This supports in getting smooth function without any noise. At the same time, the presence of this formula prevents the accumulation of gum and varnish, which further adds value to the performance. Then, the valves become free from the clatter and stickiness. This formula is capable of stopping oil breakdown that happens due to extreme temperatures. You can use this additive in your oil or gas to improve life and reduce noise for long-term performance. The package size is 32 OZ.

3. BestLine Premium Synthetic Engine Treatment for Gasoline Engines. Use this formula for internal component cleaning and protection. The product restricts wear and friction, which makes it an excellent noise reducer. The formula has proven its capacity as a performance and efficiency inducer. At the same time, the fuel economy improves in the presence of this additive. You simply need to use 10% to 15% by volume with your engine oil. This way, you can use this additive to reduce waste emissions, temperature increase due to friction and noises as well. This premium synthetic formula is available in a package size of 16 OZ.

4. TriboTEX Nano Oil Additive Car Engine Treatment. This is a groundbreaking formula of additive containing synthetic nanoparticles. These particles make this one the best additive for noisy lifters. The formula makes engine performance smoother and quieter by building a strong carbon coating over all the bearings. The additive has a universal formula that works with all kinds of motor or engine oil. Engineering supports efficiency by reducing engine noise and fuel consumption. All these features improve the driving experience. So, use this reverse wear technology of nanoparticles to get back the original performance.

5. Bar’s Leaks Engine Treatment Specially Formulated for High-Mileage Engines. This is a high-mileage additive formula to reduce wear and friction and quiet your noisy valves and lifters. The formula prevents the creation of sludge and removes the existing sludge as well. You can add it to your engine oil whenever required to attain all the benefits. The compatibility of this additive allows you to use it for any kind of motor and engine oil for your vehicle, and also, no need to worry about voiding the warranty for a new vehicle. This additive cleans, protects and restores the engine, valves, and lifters.

Any of these additives are sure to fix all of your scary and annoying engine noises right up and your truck will be as good as new! I mean, even if you’re not having issues with your engine in this moment, wouldn’t you want to be prepared for the moment when you do have these issues? I know from personal experience that there’s nothing worse than a car issue you were not expecting or simply not prepared for… I would not want that to happen to you in the slightest bit. 10/10 do not recommend. So, you should think about looking into some of these additives even if your truck seems to be running smoothly – it might save you a lot of time, money and frustration in the near future!

Final Thoughts…

Well, there it is fellas! If you are having some engine performance issues with your car or truck, or even if you just want to be prepared for any future issues that might pop up, this list of field-tested additives is sure to help you out!

We understand if any of the particular additives don’t exactly fit what you’re looking for. We’re a little butthurt, but we get it! Now, after reading the guide we’ve made for you, you have all the tools and knowledge you need to find a different additive that makes a great match for you and your truck. Just remember and keep in mind that some key attributes you want to look for in these additives when it comes to increasing engine performance is compatibility, formula, an increase in fuel economy and the size of the pack.

If you can remember all of those things when you’re looking for a new additive for your truck, you’ll be sure to pick the perfect one for you. Amazon has a million options for you to choose from, so if you just click on one of those links, you could spend hours searching through all of the possible additives you could choose from. We tried to pick the best of the best for you and we hope you use one of those five, but if not, happy hunting! Once you take a look at some components, you can choose which additives are best for you and your engine and look forward to your engine being at an optimal peak performance afterwards! So, get out there fellas and get yourself some additive for you and your truck – you won’t regret it when the time comes and you’re looking for something to fix your engine issues!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Why is my truck making an extra ticking noise lately?

A) If your truck has suddenly become a bit noisy, and you are noticing a weird ticking noise, it could be because of the lack of lubrication and dirt in your engine oil. To solve the problem, you need to flush out the old oil and add a lubricating additive for noisy lifters.

Q) What is the reason for the Lifter ticking?

A) Some of the main reasons for lifter ticking are low levels of oil, oil becoming thin due to long-term stress, dirt deposit inside the engine. In a simple world, lack of lubrication is the prime cause for lifter tick and changing the oil with a new additive usually solves the problem.

Q) Which additive is the best for a noisy lifter?

A) Well, this depends on the type of vehicle you need the additive for. The best option is to check which type of oil supports well for your vehicle or go through the specifications displayed on the additive to find the right oil for you.

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