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Sometimes heat and vehicles don’t mix. That wave of heat that hits you in the face when you first sit on your car, burning your arm on the seatbelt, or maybe even scorching your legs and back if you have leather seats, but it’s not just the inside of your vehicle that suffers, it’s the outside too.
One thing in particular that heat can mess up are your tires. Being that your tires are exposed to the brutal heat that comes from the concrete and from the sun directly, can cause them to have external and internal damage. The easiest way to avoid this happening is to make sure you have some tires that can handle heat. This guide will breakdown the best tires for hot climates.

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Season Radial Tire

This tire model from Cooper contains a full-fledged 3-ply carcass material construction to enhance the capabilities of the sidewall and tread. The use of 3-ply in the … Read More on Amazon

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1. Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire-ST215/75R14. Make your vehicle ready for all conditions, including high temperature climate and frictional heat. This tire model offers improved heat resistance and greater tread wear safety. The durability empowers the performance of your vehicle, even in hot climates. You can trust the radial design to safeguard the internal tire elements. Hence, all the internally located elements stay cool, which allows you to have a stable drive. The stability also improves the efficiency of your vehicle and the lifespan of the tires. So, you can leverage these tires for thousands of miles without worrying about tread wear issues.

2. Cooper Discoverer STT Pro All-Season Radial Tire. This tire model from Cooper contains a full-fledged 3-ply carcass material construction to enhance the capabilities of the sidewall and tread. The use of 3-ply in the place of 2-ply provides improved safety from damaging impacts. There are tread ribs located inside the tire in a hybrid design of 3-2 pattern. This design reduces noise and provides superior handling and stability. The surface offers mud traction, soft trail, reduced vehicle drift and more. You can feel comfortable in all climate conditions due to the flex groove offered in this design.

3. Federal Couragia M/T All-Season Radial Tire. These ultimate off-road tires have marvelous engineering that makes them the best tires for hot climates. At the same time, they offer incredible traction, grip, and durability to enhance the experience of riding your vehicle. The material used in the sidewall and tread restricts excess heating. Plus, the tread patterns are capable of evacuating foreign items easily to help you continue your drive without any interruption. If you have a light truck, lifted truck, or any other heavy-duty car, you can choose this all-season tire design.

4. BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2 Radial Tire. With a unique G-Force tread pattern, this tire design maximizes stability and cornering power. No matter what the climate conditions are, the construction allows the tires to stay cool. It has shallow racing-style shoulder blocks to enhance grip. Plus, the center has solid rib to keep the tires in a straight line, even at high speeds. The shoulder groove is offset to maximize the level of contact between the road and tread. All these features and material quality allow these tires to support in hot climate conditions. And, you can expect better durability from your tires and higher mileage from your vehicle.

5. Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 2 Summer Radial Tire.  This radial tire design has every detailing in construction to provide summer protection. The tread patterns and sidewall construction safeguard the internal elements of the tire to keep them cool. This allows your vehicle to have a stable drive at high speeds and hot climate conditions. The middle rib of the tread further enhances the stability of these tires. The rim size is 18 inches and the load index is 100. The tire has a speed rating “Y”, while the aspect ratio is 40.

Although we typically think of tire safety in regard to rain and snow, hot weather can totally be a factor too. Having a set of winter tires on a summer road can be a total detriment to your set of tires. The way a winter tire is manufactured is going to be a little different than a tire that’s manufactured for hotter climates. When things get hot, the rubber needs to be manufactured more durability with a higher volume so the material can withstand the heat. Luckily, we get to take all the worry out of the situation for you by compiling the five best options out there for tires that can absolutely handle the heat. And not only made to handle the heat, but manufactured to last no matter how hot it gets. The right tires are going to have treads that last, so find yourself a set that last for miles and miles. We’re confident you will find an option that you love. And the great part about that aspect is you may find tires that you never stop using because they are dependable.

Find yourself a brand that you can rely on! The great thing about tires, as mentioned, is that having a dependable brand can set you up for life. When you find the right manufacturer, it’s hard to go with anything else. Take our favorite option on the list, for instance, made by Cooper. They have been making quality tires for a while and have created tires that many drivers depend on. Out of all the tire brands that exist out there in the marketplace, it can be tough to determine which ones are going to be the best. Looking through tons of different options, trying to determine which is best, can be a total hassle. That’s why we do what we do! It gives us a chance to tell you which ones are made by manufacturers you can always rely on to bring only the best products to the marketplace. So find yourself a brand you can love!

When trying to find the right tires, it is best to take into account the safety factor. Tires increase how safe your vehicle is, so be wary of the ones you put on your car. Our duty is to provide you with the best options, that includes the ones that will help to keep you safe as you travel. Add in the passenger factor, especially when they’re kids, and it becomes even more vital to keep your vehicle safe while it’s out there on the road. Finding a set of tires with reliable treads that keep your car handling well in the heat will be a total game changer. Super-hot asphalt can present a hazard, so having the right tires will absolutely be a factor in keeping your car on the road.

When it comes to pricing, the most expensive option isn’t always going to be our top choice. In this case, though, it is. But we say that after compiling a list of options that are very similar in price. So, although Cooper tires may be the highest priced option on the list, the other sets of tires have a similar price point. And that’s great! Because you can get the tire we believe to be the best on the list for a similar price as the other options. You have plenty of different options out there, so taking our time to figure out which manufacturers are going to be the best is how we love to serve you. And we are confident you are going to find yourself a perfect set of tires for your car that will handle the hot climates like a total champ.

Still not ready to decide on one of these options? No sweat! There is one last idea we would love to present to you; internet reviews. Head over to Amazon, you will not be disappointed. There you will find tons of customer reviews written by people who have actually used these tires and have had great success. Because the fact of the matter is that there are varying reviews of all kinds for so many different products that are sold on the internet. But when it comes to the five sets of tires we recommend to you, we were sure to find options that would have a vast majority of positive reviews. Because we would totally not be doing our job if we gave you tire options with bad reviews! So, not to worry, we’re bringing you the best of the best every time. Play it safe out there in the heat, but definitely take the time to enjoy yourself while you’re out there on the road.


There you have it! Some of the best tires available specifically for hot climates. When you are searching for tires, there are a few specifications you should look for, but when you are looking for SUV tires that can handle heat specifically, you’ll want to keep an eye out for some attributes in particular and they are, durability, flex groove, excess heat restriction and construction.
All of the tires reviewed in this guide all have those qualities and from these options you can be sure that you’ll have tires that can stand up to highest of climates!

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