Looks like you need the best summer motorcycle gloves. Let’s get after it…

For us bike riding gents out there, there is certain gear we need while on our travels. Some such gear would be boots, protective jackets, helmets, and more. But there is also one other element of gear that is not talked about as much – and this is the all-important set of motorcycle gloves!

Gloves are important for motorcycle riders mainly because you are constantly using your hands for steering and your hands are consistently exposed to different weather elements. To keep your hands protected it’s best to pick up some gloves, but not just any gloves, gloves that are made for motorcycle riding.  And we’ll go you one further – you really need at least 2 sets of gloves – one for summer riding, and one for cold weather riding.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

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Breathable Leather Motorcycle Gloves

The palm offers an antiskid design to provide better control over the motorcycle. The material of the glove is soft brown leather containing a breathable design due to perforated construction… Read More on Amazon

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Lucky for you, fine gents, in this article we’ll be covering the best summer motorcycle gloves!

  1. Superbike Full finger Goat Skin Leather Touch Screen Motorcycle Gloves. The palm area of these gloves contains an anti-skid design. It allows you to control the bike effortlessly. The buckle button is available to lock both the gloves with each other when storing. The leather of goatskin provides softness, light weight, flexibility, long life, and durability. The fingers have foam padding along with strong plastic knuckles. The index finger allows you to use mobile phones and touch screens without removing the glove. The black-colored design is suitable for both men and women riders. Multiple sizes are available to choose from.
  2. Jackets4Bikes Men’s Premium Leather Motorcycle Cruising Street Palm Sliders Biker Gloves. The leather of Aniline cowhide is utilized in maximum quality to construct this pair of gloves. The design looks stylish and has all the elements to protect the back of your hand. Additional protection is provided in the knuckles with a carbon fiber layer. The glove holds your wrist properly with its loop and hook system of closure. The palm sliders make a strong grip possible. Plus, there is a silicone printed design to further improve the quality of grip. The gloves are available in multiple sizes to pick the right fit.
  3. Superbike Breathable Leather Motorcycle Gloves. The palm offers an antiskid design to provide better control over the motorcycle. The material of the glove is soft brown leather containing a breathable design due to perforated construction. The quality of the leather makes it soft, durable, lightweight and flexible. The finger knuckles contain foam padding and strong plastic caps to protect against injuries. The fingertips of the gloves allow smartphone usage conveniently. No need to remove your gloves in order to answer a call or send a text. The glove design is available for men and women riders.
  4. Milwaukee Leather Men’s Premium Leather Perforated Cruiser Gloves MG7500. The premium leather quality is what makes this pair the best summer motorcycle gloves. This is a men’s pair of gloves suitable for Cruiser and other bikes. The perforated design provides necessary cooling and flexibility. At the same time, the quality of vehicle control improves due to the padded palm. The palm area has a gel padding to make the gloves skid-free. The knuckles are soft and protect without compromising your comfort. The design is available in black color for men in different sizes. The right fitting also comes due to the loop closure of the glove wrist.
  5. Protect The King Motorcycle Biker Gloves Black Premium Summer Mesh. This stylish pair of gloves has padding to prepare you for all kinds of weather conditions. The air flow technology and moisture wicking allow your hands to stay cool and dry throughout a riding experience. The fingertips work on touchscreen devices effortlessly. The palm has a reinforced design with layers of leather and padding to avoid riding fatigue. The product is durable due to its material and manufacturing quality. The brand offers guaranteed satisfaction, while the color and design match all kinds of riders.

Having the right pair of motorcycle gloves is not only a cool fashion piece, but they protect your hands from the elements and help you keep a good grip on your handlebars. They may not seem like a big deal to other people, but we know the ManDude biker in you appreciates a great pair of motorcycle gloves. Find yourself a pair that not only looks great, but feels comfortable and is designed in a way that keeps your hands from getting overheated or sweaty. It is summer after all, but having the right gloves with the right feel can make the ride just that much better. We know there are tons of different options out there for you guys to choose from, so let us take out all the guesswork and put together our list of the five best options we think money can buy.

The great thing about biking gloves is that they are an affordable piece of apparel. So you could essentially get a couple or a few pairs to choose from depending on how the mood should strike you before the ride. Compare the prices of the gloves we found, you’ll see comparable pricing for great gloves that are sure to satisfy any motorcycle owner. Each of these sets of gloves is specially designed and manufactured for the warmer months. They use quality materials and have developed durable gloves that are sure to last. And you don’t have to break the bank to get yourself a great pair. Take a look at the designs, these are some awesome biking gloves that you’re really going to dig.

We don’t expect you to necessarily know which brands are going to be the best off the top of your head. Or maybe you will! Hey, if you know which biking glove brands are the best, we commend you. Taking our time to carefully pick which gloves we thought would be the best options took some time to discover the right brands. But upon our search we ended up with some really great options that a lot of bikers would love to get their hands on. Each option we’ve come up with is firing on all cylinders with their design, look, fabric, price, and durability. So no matter which set you decide to choose from, you will end up with quality. And hey, if you happen to find another choice that you think is even better, let us know! We always want to stay up on the absolute best products available in the marketplace so we can bring them right to you, our readers.

Still trying to decide what to go with? Don’t sweat it, we have another helpful tool to influence you’re decision. One of the greatest benefits of searching for products on the internet is that you can read tons of reviews from actual consumers who have used these motorcycle gloves. Customer reviews on the web are typically pretty honest, so you can get an idea of the quality of these gloves for your mitts before you buy them. You may get an opportunity to see exactly what bikers love so much about these gloves, or maybe even what they don’t love. One set of gloves that might be the perfect choice for one guy may not be the right choice for the next. Don’t sweat it, you may come across a negative review or two, but we always make sure we’re recommending products that the majority enjoys upon purchasing.

We know you’ve got plenty of options out there to choose from. We appreciate our readers coming to us for our recommendations! It helps to validate what we’re doing here at Club ManDude. Because all we want is to help make your lives easier by bringing you the best options that are out there for motorcycle gloves that are good for the summer months. It can be tricky to find the right ones, a lot of gloves are geared for the time of year when things are cooling down. But we are confident that we have found choices that are going to be perfect for summer, even if it gets hot. The way they have been designed is to keep your hands cool, comfortable, and tight on the handlebars. And don’t forget having gloves you can use in case you want to use your phone without having to take them off. That’s a sweet perk you can get in a lot of gloves, and we want you to be able to have that as well. Be safe out there, guys, and happy riding!


It’s important to have your hands protected while riding your motorcycle and a nice pair of gloves can definitely get the job done. There are quite a few motorcycle style gloves to choose from out there but if you want to be sure you’re getting the best, just make sure to look out for some of these qualities:

  • Breathable
  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Skid-free
  • Fingertips that allow for smartphone usage
  • Additional knuckle protection

Having a pair of motorcycle gloves with all or most of these features will keep your hands completely protected while biking. Not only can you look cool on your motorcycle with some nice new gloves, but you can know you’re protected too.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Which motorcycle gloves would be right for me?

A) If you are looking for motorcycle gloves for summer, you need to look for breathability, comfort, and protection in the gloves you choose. Make sure that the material is breathable and tough at the same time. It will keep your hands cool and safe during those long motorcycle rides in summer.

Q) How tight should my motorcycle gloves be?

A) Well, it depends on how you like them. However, in general, you wouldn’t want the gloves to be too tight or too loose. If the gloves are too tight, they limit your mobility, and if too loose, your hands will slip inside the glove. So, make sure that the glove holds your hands firm but not too tight.

Q) Do I really need motorcycle gloves?

A) Surely. Motorcycle gloves are like helmets for hands; they will keep your hands and fingers safe in case of an accident. The gloves also protect your hands from the impact of wind, cold, and heat, especially when you go for long bike rides.

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