Looks like you need the best oil filter wrench for tight spaces. Let’s get after it…

The oil filter might seem like a small part of your car, but it goes without saying that it’s an incredible part that ensures that the engine runs at its optimum. When it comes to handling oil filters, you need the correct tool, which is basically an oil filter wrench. If you are looking for the best oil filter wrench for tight spaces, we have a few tips that may come in handy.

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Reviewing the top five choices

Top pick

Motivx Oil Filter Wrench


If you own a Land Rover or Jaguar, this one wrench is enough for fitting 3.0L & 5.0L Gas Engines that use cartridge style oil filter system. Please note that this wrench is not for traditional canister filters. Motivx Tools … Read More on Amazon


Buying Options


Before we discuss selecting an oil filter wrench, let’s first review five products that we liked.

    1. Motivx Tools 90mm 15 Flute Oil Filter Wrench. If you own a Land Rover or Jaguar, this one wrench is enough for fitting 3.0L & 5.0L Gas Engines that use cartridge style oil filter system. Please note that this wrench is not for traditional canister filters. Motivx Tools makes their products in Taiwan and the brand is known for quality wrenches that are meant to last. Most products, including this one, are backed by a 1-year warranty. The wrench is made from 6061 T5 aluminum, so rest assured of quality, while the matte chrome finish avoids corrosion.
    2. ABN BMW and Volvo Compatible Oil Filter Wrench. This Oil Filter Wrench 86mm from ABN is designed to suit cartridge style oil filter system and works for all BMW and Volvo models that usually have 86mm oil filter cap. While being in the budget, this product comes from T5 aluminum, which increases both durability and strength, while the chrome finish prevents rusting and corrosion.
    3. Ibetter 32mm 6-Point Socket, Oil Filter Wrench. This product from Ibetter works for most car brands, including GM, Volkswagen, Pontiac Chevrolet and Saab that have 32mm oil filter caps. The wrench is made of chrome vanadium steel, which ensures that the product lasts a lifetime, which the matte chrome finish prevents rusting and corrosion. This is also one of the few companies for automotive tools that offer a 100% money back guarantee.
    4. DIFEN Universal Oil Change Filter Cap Wrench Cup Socket Tool Set. People who own more than one car often like to get a set of oil filter wrenches, and this one is a 23-piece set, which works like a kit for universal use. The wrenches are made of heat-treated steel, which ensures durability, while the Black oxide finish is rust resistant. The package includes a plastic mold carry case and comes with a one-year warranty. If you think of automotive tools as an investment, this is the one to go for.
    5. XtremepowerUS Universal 10pcs Oil Change Filter Cap Wrench Cup Socket Tool Set. This is also a wrench set, coming from XtremepowerUS, which works for as much as 95% of automotive applications. The measurements can be found on the product page, and you get the set in a plastic case, so traveling with this one is really easy.
    6. WISEPRO 2Pcs Oil Filter Wrench Set – This wrench set has two oil filter wrenches that are of 10-inch straight head and 12-inch bend adjustable head pliers. You can adjust the jaw size according to your convenience to carry out your projects. Made of chrome vanadium steel, this toolset is all about strength and excellence. The handle is made of non-slip rubber, which makes it comfortable to hold while working. From vehicle maintenance, assemble or disassembly tasks to oil filter installation, you can do everything with this toolset. If you want to get your job quickly and smoothly, you should definitely buy this toolset.

How to choose the best oil filter wrench for tight spaces?

Typically, most oil filter wrenches are designed to fit into tight spaces, but we recommend some of the basic aspects like –

  1. Consider the size of the oil filter, as well as, where it is located before you select an oil filter wrench. Some wrenches are designed specifically for certain models and brands of vehicles.
  2. It’s very unlikely that you will replace the oil filter wrench anytime soon, even if you sell off the car. As such, quality is something that needs attention, so that the wrench doesn’t break with slight pressure.
  3. The hold on the oil filter wrench is important, especially when space is limited. You should be able to work on the oil filter, no matter how complicated its location.
  4. Universal fit. While oil filter wrenches have their limitations when it comes to applications, it makes sense to select a wrench that is meant for use on diverse vehicles. This is also the precise reason why we have included kits in your list.
  5. Pricing and brand. Always buy automotive tools from a brand that you can rely on, and while the price is important, the best oil filter wrenches don’t come cheap, so keep that in mind.

Quality and size are two factors that should determine the choice of oil filter wrench for tighter spaces. Pay for a good brand, and you don’t have to bother about the wrench falling apart while you are working.

 We know you guys love working on your cars. We do too! And getting into a tight space to get that oil filter off can be a total pain. But finding the right oil filter wrench to get in that tight space does not have to be as much of a challenge as getting the dang thing off the car. It can be tough to get in there and get the filter off, especially if you’re trying to do it by hand the heat has made it harder to simply twist that bad boy off of there. Luckily, we have been able to find five of the best options when it comes to oil filter wrenches for tight spaces. These wrenches were made specially for those small areas that can be really hard to get into and get your oil filter off. So why not get yourself an excellent oil wrench to get rid of the headache or trying to get it off? These wrenches will make life easier on you while trying to get that oil filter off. Because that is our main goal here at Club ManDude, to make your life easier so you can get back out there and do more of what you love, taking your bad boy out for a ride!

When you take a look at the options that we’ve put together, you will see that we have cultivated a list that compiles some of the best brands in the business. Now, we don’t expect you to simply know the best oil filter wrench brands off the top of your head. If you did, that would be super impressive. But let us figure out which ones are the absolute best, it is our total pleasure to do so. The tool manufacturers that make these options have a lot of skin in the game and have been at it for years. They have been designing and manufacturing excellent tools for a lot of years. You will absolutely not regret your purchase if you happen to choose one of the options that we have come up with. And hey, if you happen to find an even better option out there that works better, no sweat! Let us know, we want to stay on top of all the best products out there no matter how we accomplish it. Either way, all we want for you is to be able to find yourself the perfect oil filter wrench to make work on that awesome ride easier.

And when you look at the prices, you will see that everything is comparable. That’s what we want for you, as well, to come up with options that include affordable pricing. Just because one option is the highest in price doesn’t always mean it’s going to be the top choice on our list either. It’s an all encompassing strategy to pick the best option. It boils down to price, brand, durability, functionality and more. So we make sure that our favorite option is going to be the one that is firing on all cylinders. These oil filter wrenches are sure to please because they do have great functionality and are easy to use. You can simply slip them up into that tight space, attach your rachet, and start getting that puppy lose. Just make sure you wear the proper safety gear when you’re working on your car. Mainly safety glasses. When oil is dripping down and splashing from your car, it makes it easier to get it in your eyes. We certainly don’t want that, so protect those eyes. Even having a decent pair of gloves isn’t a bad idea either, your car is going to be hot especially if you happened to just be taking it for a drive.


If you want to get even more info, you can head over to Amazon where there is an insurmountable number of buyer verified reviews for so many different products out there. Head over and take a look at what other people are saying about these oil filter wrenches. You will not be disappointed. We make it a point to bring you products that have plenty of positive reviews, and we are sure you will notice that when you check out what other car lovers are saying about these wrenches. So you find yourself the perfect one so you can get that oil changed and get yourself back out on the road where you love to be most!


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are all wrenches available for oil filters of the same size?

No! Not all oil filters have the same wrenches. Ideally, car engines come with differently sized oil filters depending upon manufacturers’ likings. Thus, you cannot use the same wrench on all oil filters. You need to buy a set of differently sized wrenches for different car models. 


2. How to find the right size of an oil filter wrench? 

Finding the right wrench type for your car’s oil filter involves a lot of work. You need to remove the oil filter of your car and drain its oil. You have to measure the diameter of the screw hole holding the filter. Then, you have to measure the filter’s diameter and height.  


3. Is an oil filter wrench a necessity?

An oil filter wrench helps in removing and tightening spin-on type filters. Although many companies design oil filters in a way that they go thousands of miles with hand-tightening but sometimes, deeply recessed filters have no hand space to tighten them well. In this scenario, having an oil filter wrench handy will be a great help.


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