Looks like you need the best honey for brewing beer. Let’s get after it…

If you are brewing beer at home, honey is a great way to take things to the next level. In fact, the best holiday beers include honey, because it increases the alcoholic content and sweetness of the beer, although it ferments completely, so there is little effect on sweetness. Nevertheless, honey is often a great inclusion for brewing beer at home or for special occasions, and if you are wondering how to choose the best honey for brewing beer, we have a guide below for help.

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Brewer’s Wildflower Honey

This 2-lb jar from Strange Brew is pure wildflower honey that’s ideal for brewing the best beer at home. The company recommends the product for meads … Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing our top five product choices

Before we go ahead and talk more on how to select honey for brewing beer, let’s first review some of the products we liked. In case you are to brewing beer at home, these products will certainly help in shopping better for the right start.

  • Brewer’s Best Pure Wildflower Honey. This 2-lb jar from Strange Brew is pure wildflower honey that’s ideal for brewing the best beer at home. The company recommends the product for meads and beers. The product comes nicely packaged and has a flip top lid, so you can easily pour the quantity you need. Among the best honey items in the market!
  • Brewer’s Best Home Brew Beer Ingredient Kit-5 gallon (Peanut Butter Brown). This is a five-gallon kit for anyone who wants to make beer at home. It comes with all the ingredients needed, and yes, you have a guide that tells you how to get the beer right. If you want, you can include the honey variant. This product is manufactured in the United States and has an extended shelf life. Ideal for people who want to have beer ready at home to enjoy on the weekends.
  • Brewer’s Best Home Brew Beer Ingredient Kit-5 gallon (Blueberry Honey Ale).If Blueberry taste is your thing, this product from Brewer’s Best will allow making beers with a low alcoholic strength. The thick, white head beer is worth enjoying with the aroma of blueberries. The kit comes with everything you need, such as malt extract syrup, specialty grains, priming sugar bottle caps, hops, yeast, spices & flavorings, and a grain bag. Also, the instruction manual is pretty easy to understand, making this kit a good choice for starters.
  • Brewer’s Best Honey Brown Ale. Brewer’s Best makes some of the best brewing kits, and this Honey Brown Aleis great for starters and those who prefer a malty sweet profile in beers. You get everything for making the beer – malt extract syrup, specialty grains, priming sugar bottle caps, hops, yeast, spices & flavorings and a grain bag. And yes, this product comes with instructions, as well. The product is made exclusively in the US.

How to choose the best honey for brewing beer?

In general, raw unfiltered honey is recommended for brewing beer, because it contains all the essential compounds, vitamins, and nutrients. Yes, filtered honey is often cheaper, but it doesn’t have the goodness of the raw variant. The quality of honey is something you need to check for, and since you are brewing specialty beer that doesn’t taste anything like the market variants, go for a good honey. Did you know that the color, flavor and taste of honey is determined by region from where it has been sourced? Here are some more tips that may come help.

  1. Find more on the honey varieties, and trust us when we say that there are quite a few choices. Wildflower honey that has not been filtered is your best bet by all means, and yes, you have to consider how the honey has been sourced.
  2. Honey that is dark, raw and unfiltered will have better flavor and aroma, and that’s what you should be looking for. Also, wildflower honey comes from a variety of flowers, which make it one of the better and probably among the most nutrient-rich options in the market.
  3. Finally, do consider the brand and price of the honey you choose. Yes, it can be expensive, and when you want the beer to taste its best, opt for the highest quality you can find.

We hope that you found the post helpful, and to know more on how you can brew beer at home with honey like a pro, check online for guides.

We know how much you love brewing your own beer, we’re guys and we love to do it too! So finding the right honey for that amazing brew next time you get ready to make it is going to have us just as excited as you are to try it out. So find yourself the right honey and let’s get cracking on that next batch. Finding the right honey allows you to make mead, as well, which can be a great alcohol if you have the taste for it. Whatever your poison may be, we want you to be able to get it together and make an awesome brew every time you set out to make your next batch. So take a look at the options we’ve put together for you, you are surely not going to be disappointed. We took the time to be meticulous and get out there to figure out which options are going to be the absolute best. It took some time to live up to the challenge, but we are confident that we successfully found the five best types of honey to use next time you’re making a homebrew.

Finding the perfect honey for making your next batch of alcohol does no have to be frustrating. It does not have to be an annoying challenge that leaves you with nothing in the end. There are so many options out there, we completely understand. It can be difficult to weed through everything out there to narrow everything down to the five best options that money can buy. And we feel that once you know which one is the right one for you, you are going to be pretty stoked each time you get ready to brew. The great thing about honey being that it is not an item that is going to put a hole in your pocket, so if you find yourself having a hard time deciding which one is going to be right for you, why not try out multiple options? We promise not to tell. And hey, it may be an added benefit for your brews to have a few different options on-hand, depending on what you’re feeling for that batch.

What you are going to notice is that one brand has done a great job at overtaking the market when it comes to honey that’s great for brewing beer. Brewer’s Best knows exactly what it takes to have the perfect honey for your homebrew. So take a look at each option and determine what each one has to offer before you buy. And if you happen to find an even better option out there, let us know! We always want to stay on top of all the best products we recommend to our guys, no matter how we find out about them. You’re going to find some amazing honey for all your homebrewing needs and we could not be more excited for you. Especially if you are new to brewing and just getting into the craft. We are psyched for you! And you’re venturing into the territory of using honey in your product, we love it. Club ManDude absolutely co-signs using honey in the homebrew, so find yourself the perfect honey for the job!

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Finding the perfect homebrew honey is going to be a cinch. We’re stoked for you because we know you’re going to find that honey that is perfect for your brew every time you use it!


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is honey a form of fermentable sugar?

The sugars you will find in honey are 95% fermentable, typically consisting of 30% glucose, 38% fructose, 3% unfermentable dextrin, and 8% of various disaccharides. Other than that, honey also contains bacteria and wild yeasts, but as it has low water content (around 18%), the microorganisms tend to remain dormant.

2. How much honey will I need for preparing 5 gallons of beer?

There are many types of beer recipes that you can find online, and each of them will require a specific quantity. Typically, you will need around 1 cup or gallon of honey for a 5-gallon beer batch for preparing a homebrew beer recipe.

3. What role does honey play in making beer?

Like any form of simple sugar, honey is known to raise the alcohol level of the beer. It can also lighten the body or add a slight honey flavor to the concoction. In most cases, honey can be fermented away completely to leave no residual sweetness in the final batch – all because honey is 95% fermentable in nature.

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