Looking for the Best Budget Bluetooth Car Stereo? Let’s Get After It…

Let me set the scene for you, shall I? You just got a new car and you’re super stoked to bump to all of your favorite songs with an awesome stereo that will make each ride feel like you’re living in your own personal rock concert. You get in, you start to ride off and put on your favorite song just to realize that… it’s really not all the bumping – at least, not to the level that you need for all of your favorite bops. That’s just because not all in-car stereos are what they’re hyped up to be. The manufacturers promise seamless control, a smooth interface and easy radio navigation, but we know that’s not always the case, especially with older model vehicles. But, there’s a solution, and that is… drum roll please, maestro… Bluetooth stereo! That’s right, you heard me right! You’re going to need to go out and get yourself a handy dandy Bluetooth car stereo so you can have the easiest way to connect your favorite songs to your car’s stereo with the best sound you can possibly fine. This article is going to be deep diving into the best budget Bluetooth car stereos. No matter the age of your car or truck, you can still feel like “the man” with your new and up-to-date Bluetooth car stereo and don’t have to go broke doing it! So, let’s go! Let’s get you this new car stereo!

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Car Stereo Head Unit

This is a touch screen car stereo with a dash screen size of 7 inches. The device supports both MP5 and MP4 player. The Bluetooth of single din connects … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options

$48.27 from Amazon*At the time of publishing, the price was $48.27.

1. Dicoool Bluetooth Car Stereo. With wireless control through a remote provides control within 10 meters. This budget-friendly stereo lets you manage every feature when listening to music, watching a movie or playing the radio. The Bluetooth connectivity provides hands-free control so you can make calls and play music and that too, without actually having to use your hands. There are 2 USB ports to charge your mobile phones and play music. The USB port allows the expansion of memory with a MAX 32G card. For the value of money, you also get 2 years of guarantee on the device.

2. Unplug Single DIN in Dash Car Stereo. This is a touch screen car stereo with a dash screen size of 7 inches. The device supports both MP5 and MP4 player. The Bluetooth of single din connects different devices like tablets, iPhone, MP5, MP4, MP3 and all other devices that contain 3.5 mm of connectors. You get an AV-IN input to support reverse camera and 32 GB of USB flash drive support to play music. Bluetooth connectivity offers wireless and hands-free features. So, you can conveniently play music and make calls. And it all takes a reasonable investment. The FM radio contains 18 preset channels.

3. JVC KWR930BT Car Stereo. For a large display with reliable Bluetooth technology, you can trust this model. This stylish design lets you answer calls and make calls without any effort. You can connect two phones via Bluetooth and switch as per your hands-free call requirements. At the same time, the Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless audio streaming. The stereo automatically reads a device whether it is Android or iPhone and pairs immediately. Also, you can use JVC’ app for free to remotely control your mobile phone. All multimedia formats are compatible with this stereo. It is a powerful device with stylish appeal at a budget-friendly price.

4. BOSS Audio BV9364B Car Stereo. Pack your car with stereo features by installing this single device. This stereo system has a double-din with hands-free calling and Bluetooth connectivity. The touch screen makes the use easier. The monitor has an LCD that shows all the controllable icons. The device gives you USB port, MP3 player, DVD, CD, and SD player. Also, you get AUX input that supports all major devices. And there is AM/FM receiver to help you access radio. With 3 years of warranty on this stereo, you can rely on the durability and performance.

5. BOSS Audio 820BRGB Car Stereo. At a pocket-friendly price, this model gives you Bluetooth, media player, auxiliary input, and multi-color illumination. The compatibility features are exceptional due to the AUX input. Plus, you get impressed by the looks of this model due to its multiple color illumination choices. There are more than 16 million combinations of colors. So, you can pick a new color every day. Along with that, the brand offers a warranty of 3 years on this powerful device. All these features come together to make it the best budget bluetooth car stereo. You can rely on brand reputation and performance.

Now that we’ve got into some of the best Bluetooth car stereos for those of you that are on a budget, you know some key features and specifications to look for when it comes to choosing a stereo that is right for you. You’ll be looking for things such as, simple control, easy pairing functionality, the number of gigabytes, and other features like hands-free calling, AUX input, MP4 and MP5 support.

These are some of the best Bluetooth stereos that you can possibly find and not even just for playing your bops to impress your friends! These Bluetooth stereos can help you with so many things. Have one of these stereos can allow you to call your dude friends hands-free, making it safe to make plans with the boys even when you’re on your way home from work. You can also use your GPS through this stereo so now, you’ll never get lost looking at a map or trying to use your GPS while ALSO trying to drive… definitely not safe. These stereos can allow you to talk to anyone you want and use your phone in the safest possible way while driving, which is really great to have in the case of any emergency!

Final Thoughts…

Well, those are all the Bluetooth stereos that we think would be the best fir for you to have in your brand new, or even your old car! The best part about these stereos, you might ask, is that they are all very affordable. Not only can you be bumping to any of your favorite tunes or making a quick call to your girl on your way home from work, but you can also do it for a really awesome price.

Let’s say maybe you don’t love any of the speakers we listed for you in this guide… no worries! Scroll through any of those websites and you’ll be sure to find the speaker that you feel fits best for you and your car. Just remember to look for great connectivity, cool features like different colors and the best quality to make sure you can really hear everything crystal clear. I’m sure you’ll find one that you absolutely love and need to have and no matter which one you pick, your car will thank you for how well you’re treating her.

Now enough procrastinating – you have some bops to listen to and some people to impress, especially the guys who don’t have a Bluetooth stereo that’s anywhere as cool as yours is! Now it’s time for you to choose the best Bluetooth car stereo for you… drop some jaws, turn some heads all while keeping your pockets full! C’mon, just do it already man.

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