Looks like you need the best beef jerky marinade for your smoker. Let’s get after it…

If you have a smoker at home, it’s always handy for making some beef jerky. Smoking the meat with the flavors you want is not a hard thing, and you don’t have to bother about the commercial produce that often has liquid smoke. You know exactly what has gone in the beef jerky, and in case you didn’t know, this is a great source of protein. Before you go ahead and start smoking, you will need a nice marinade for your meat, and in this post, we will talk about the best beef jerky marinade for smoker besides tips that will simplify cooking.

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Jim Melton’s Jerky Marinade

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Jim Melton’s Jerky Marinade

If you are looking for a marinade that also doubles up as a sauce for grilling and making other awesome recipes, this is the product you need. Besides beef, Jim Melton’s Jerky … Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing the best five marinades

The best thing about making your jerky at home is the ease of cooking, which gets simpler when you have the right marinade. Below are the four marinades that we liked, and with one of these, you can get down to business right away.

  1. Jim Melton’s Jerky Marinade. If you are looking for a marinade that also doubles up as a sauce for grilling and making other awesome recipes, this is the product you need. Besides beef, Jim Melton’s Jerky Marinade works great for steaks, pork and fish. What’s the best part? It’s gluten and MSG free! This product is considerably thick, and the label gives you all the instructions required for making the jerky. Ideal for any kitchen!
  2. Jerky Marinade for Homemade Jerky. We love this marinade because it’s super affordable! Also, the bottle is big enough to cook 12 pounds of meat, and the product is completely natural and gluten-free. The manufacturers promise that making jerky with this marinade is just about one step, especially when you are in a rush – Add in the sauce, and you don’t need to bother about smoking process anymore.
  3. Jim Melton’s Jerky Marinade. Jim Melton is one brand that offers great marinades, and if you are looking for a smaller pack or need a marinade to try smoking for the first time, this is the one to go for. We love how this sauce works wonders for all forms of cooking, and you can even grill all forms of meat as you like – A perfect item for smoking and making tasty steaks. Small packaging is great for storage too.
  4. 1 Step Jerky Marinade For Homemade Jerky. Make easy jerky at home with this amazing marinade, which is made of all-natural ingredients and is gluten-free, as well. The product comes in a nice handy bottle, and this is a twin pack, with one bottle being enough for 3 pounds of meat. We love how the product has been packaged, making it ideal for beginners.

How to choose marinade for beef jerky?

In all honesty, you don’t need to focus on a lot of things while selecting meat jerky marinade, because most of the better products, including the ones we just mentioned, are ready to use. However, we recommend that you select a brand that you can rely on and check the ingredient list carefully. Make sure that the marinade is made of natural ingredients and doesn’t include any form of chemical to enhance the flavor of the meat. Also, if you are on a gluten-free diet, make sure that the product conforms to the norms. Some products do contain MSG, so keep that in mind.

Quick steps to make beef jerky at home

To make beef jerky, you need a lean cut of meat, and it’s best to cut it into slices, especially thin ones so that the marinade seeps in well. Once meat is ready, keep it in the freezer after marinating with one of the meat marinades we mentioned. Make sure that you use a marinade that’s specifically made for beef jerky. Rest of it is all about smoking, and if you have a good smoker at home, you don’t have to bother about the end results. A good tip is to ensure that your beef strips don’t have a lot of water before you place them in the smoker because that ruins the whole purpose of making a jerky. Don’t rush the process, if you want your jerky to have the right flavors.

Check online now to find a good smoker, and get one of the marinades we mentioned to start your smoking journey.

Finding the best jerky marinade does not have to be difficult. You don’t have to stress yourself out trying to figure out which one is going to be the best. We get it, it can be tough to sift through all the different options that are out there. It can be daunting! That is exactly why Club ManDude is here. We get to take the guesswork out of the situation so we can simply bring you five of the best options money can buy. All you have to do is check out each one and see what is going to give you exactly what you need for that jerky. And you get to use your smoker to make it! So take a look at these options, they are sure to give you some pretty tasty beef jerky every time you use it. It all depends how you want your jerky to taste! We want you to be stoked every time you go to make some new jerky. Finding a marinade that you love is gold because you know your jerky is going to taste amazing every time you make it.

We don’t necessarily expect you to know all the best jerky marinade brands that are out there, especially if you’re new to the culinary creation that is beef jerky. If this is your first time and you’re just getting into it, welcome! We are certain you will get a lot of enjoyment out of making your own with a smoker. So compare the options we found, you will hopefully get an idea of the flavor that comes with each of these options. Because the marinade is going to be the thing that makes the jerky unique in its flavor. Not every marinade is going to be the same, so take a look at what makes each of these options unique. What we do know is that a lot of people love to use these marinades in their own jerky creations. So having five options from manufacturers we can depend on is a total gamechanger. When we’re flying blind, trying to guess which one is going to be best, we can end up with a product that doesn’t necessarily do it for us. But with these marinades, we are very optimistic that you are going to be thrilled when you try your new jerky for the first time.

The great thing about jerky marinade, also, is that it does not break the bank. You’re not going to get charged an arm and a leg every time you get more marinade. So if you’re having difficulty choosing between multiple options, why not try a couple? Who knows? You may even love both of them so much that you enjoy changing and keeping them both on-hand for those times when you get the hankering for some of your own, homemade jerky. Each of these marinades are used by tons of people when they make homemade beef jerky, so we believe you will totally love more than one of the options we found. Try a couple of them out! Hey, there is nothing wrong with treating ourselves every once in a while, right? Set yourself up right with some options, depending on what you’re feeling each time you go to break out the smoker for some jerky making.

And if you’re still not convinced, we have something for you! Living in the age of the internet has blessed us with the ability to easily head onto the web to take a look at what other consumers are saying about the products we are considering buying. And nothing is more honest than a person who is reviewing a product on the internet, whether they have good or bad things to say. What I do know is that we always make sure that we are gathering options with lots of positive reviews. Especially when it comes to food products. Everyone has their own unique tastes, so it can be super helpful to see what other jerky lovers are saying about these marinades. You may get a chance to see what specifics people love about these marinades. You will see plenty of positive reviews of these marinades and we are certain you will love them if you choose one or more from our list. Sure, you may get a negative review here and there, it’s to be expected. But you will also see plenty of good things being said about these jerky marinades.


At the end of the day, we want you to be confident you’re going to smoke some amazing beef jerky every time. So get yourself an amazing marinade that sets you up right every time you make a new batch. We think you are going to impress some of your friends with this stuff, too, so enjoy making your next batch of Jerky with some friends!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a wireless temperature gauge worth the buy?

If you want to monitor the temperature of your grill without personally hovering around the grill and simultaneously completing other chores, then a wireless temperature gauge is worth buying. A wireless temperature gauge helps you monitor the cooking of your meat without opening the lid of the grill multiple times.

2. Where should you put the grill thermometer?

The best place to put a thermometer in a grill is above the grate (preferably a few inches). Placing a thermometer here will detect the accurate temperature as inside a grill and smoker would be very hot to give a false temperature impression. Thus, put your temperature gauge above the grate at the level of meat or whatever you are cooking.

3. How to gauge temperature with the hand?

Gauging the grill temperature with the hand is not an accurate way. It would help if you got a good quality temperature gauge for the process. Still, you can do it in the case of an emergency. Hold your hand above the grill. If you are able to hold your hand for 5 to 6 seconds, then the grill is somewhere at 250-degrees. If you are only able to hold your hand for 1 second, then the grill is at 450-degrees.

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