Didn’t think you’d find an article on that exact topic, now did you?  Here at CMD we aim to please, gents.  If we don’t give you exactly what you’re searching for, then we’ve failed you. And that’s not going to cut it over here.  Back to the matter at hand – trimming or shaving a black bald head is not a job for any random trimmer. Truth be told, whatever color your bald head is, best to proceed with caution before just shaving away up there with any old shaver you found the under the bathroom vanity while visiting your parents.

If you need a clean shave on your man-dome, it requires a reliable machine with exceptionally sharp blades. All of this in mind, this article aims to enable you to find the best electric shaver for that bald noggin of yours. You can look at the reviews first in order to find out the best options and their features. Then, you may go forth with confidence, my friends, and make the purchase that best suits your needs.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

BlueFire Bald Head Shaver

Smooth and quick head shave with 5 large-sized flexing shaver heads. The cutters are rotary, which helps in choosing multiple directions while shaving. The sharp blades clean every area of your head. The design is … Read More on Amazon

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$59.99 from Amazon*At the time of publishing, the price was $59.99.

Reviewing top bald head shavers

Check out these electric head shavers that have made a mark in the market:

  1. JINDING Bald Head Shaver. This shaver has 2-in-1 function with head shaving as well as beard trimming. The nets of double-sided sharp knives provide a clean and safe shave. The head shaving doesn’t seem a troubling task as the 5 flexible heads have a floating design. They take the shape of the curve on your head and blades cut the hair nicely. The body is completely waterproof, so you can easily open the head and clean the whole machine easily.
  2. SEVERY Rotary Electric Head Shaver. The shaver also has the properties of a trimmer. It has an automatic technology of grinding, which allows the blades to self-sharpen to provide clean shave on your head, chin, cheeks, sideburns and the mustache. The cutter head has 5 ring nets with shavers made of stainless steel. A single rotation cuts about 20 percent extra hairs without giving you any pain. You can utilize its waterproof property to have a wet shave, using foam, gel or water. After the shave, easily wash it in running water.
  3. Dee Banna Bald Head Shaver. This shaver comes with a safety lock. You can press a switch and hold to put the machine on security lock. This feature is very important if you have kids using the same shower on a daily basis. The safety lock stops the blades from coming out. The power of the battery gives the quality in your shave with this cordless device. It easily cleans the hair on your head, which you can clean in running water. The design is durable and asks for very little maintenance efforts. Plus, the design looks appealing to carry when traveling.
  4. Pitbull Gold Shaver. A compact head shaver by Skull Shaver has its own perks. The blade has unique engineering that provides premium quality. You receive a durable machine to receive a precise cut with every use. The size and the shape of the device allow you to have a faster shave without compromising the smoothness. The device is cordless, which makes it easier to use while shaving the bald head. However, you can also keep using while the shaver is charging.
  5. BlueFire Bald Head Shaver. Smooth and quick head shave with 5 large-sized flexing shaver heads. The cutters are rotary, which helps in choosing multiple directions while shaving. The sharp blades clean every area of your head. The design is waterproof and contains an LED indicator. You can put the razor on the travel lock. Plus, enjoy the clog resisting property of blades.

How to buy the best electric shaver for a black bald head?

Simple.  You have to focus on a couple key factors to get the best shaver for your melon, regardless of skin color.  You can usethe following parameters to help you narrow it down:

  1. Shave quality. You need a smooth shave without wasting a lot of time. So, the first thing to notice is the design and how it enables a high-quality bald head shave. This includes the material and design of the razors. Also, look for features such as rotary and flexing shaver heads.
  2. Waterproof technology. Find out the IPX technology rating of the machine. This technology rating tells the waterproof property of a shaver.
  3. Security features. If you travel with your shaver or have kids at home, find security lock features in your shaver.
  4. Cleaning. Find a machine that doesn’t take too long to clean. It should be easily washable under running water.
  5. Charging. The quality of batteries along with the running time of the device matter as well. Also, ensure the cord and cordless functionality of the device.

Okay my friends, we hope everyone is feeling fully knowledge-bombed about shaving their almost bald heads.  Now we know what to consider, what some of the top options are in shavers, and where to go for more reviews and ratings.  You man-dudes are now ready to rock and roll.  Go forth, shave well, shave clean, shave safe.  And show off that shiny dome of yours!  Looking sharp, gents.  Off you go!

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