Looking for the Best Baseball Bat For an 11 Year Old? Let’s Get After It…


A wise man once said “the key to raising a successful and happy youngster is to provide them with age appropriate baseball equipment”.  Was it the Buddha? Tough to say.  Either way, that sage wisdom has held its relevance for eons, and so here we are carrying the torch on that tradition. Let’s get into it.

Getting your pre-teener the right baseball bat for their size and age is pretty critical to developing good form and technique.  It may also prevent you from losing a car windshield or two from a rogue bat flying out of your kid’s hands because it’s too heavy.  You get the idea.

The good news is that, armed with the knowledge of a baseball bat’s key characteristics, you can make the purchase of your kid’s first baseball bat online with ultimate confidence. The material quality, size, length, weight, and design are a few basic characteristics you should evaluate. This way, you can successfully pick the best baseball bat for an 11 year oldand do it in a matter of minutes on-line – no running all over town andburning up a weekend afternoon trying to figure out if Target has legit baseball equipment or not. To nip this in the bud, we have reviewed the bejesus out of baseball bats and now can safely say, we got this, brah.  Check the below for several guidelines to choose the right bat for your child. So, let’s begin with the reviews!

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Louisville Slugger Barrel Bat

Get your kid a Louisville Slugger with a drop of -10. This barrel bat meets all the latest standards of USA Youth Baseball. Construction quality has a strategically places sweet spot to provide high-quality … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


Reviewing top baseball bats available for your 11 year old

  1. EASTON Typhoon USA Youth Baseball Bat. This latest design from EASTON has a single piece aluminum design. The bat has a comfortable grip with a cushioned FLEX of 2.2 mm thickness. High-quality ALX100 alloy provides the desired durability and strength, and that too, without increasing the weight of the bat. It comes with a drop of -12, which suits an 11-year-old perfectly. The end cap has a concave design to improve the quality of grip while playing.
  2. Louisville Slugger Omaha 518. Get your kid a Louisville Slugger with a drop of -10. This barrel bat meets all the latest standards of USA Youth Baseball. Construction quality has a strategically places sweet spot to provide high-quality hits and pop. The end cap has a durable design along with a cushioned grip on the handle of 7/8 inches. The model has approval from a variety of leagues, so your kid can use it to play his or her games. There is a warranty of 1 year with the bat.
  3. Rawlings 2019 Storm Youth TBall Softball Bat. This TBall bat has a drop of -12 and offers control and power that enhances the game. The design is known to offer better pop and longer range of swing. This becomes possible with the configuration of 12 OZ and 24 inches of the bat. The swing speed is impressive as you have a lightweight design along with a strong end cap. The bat has approvals from all major TBall Leagues as well.
  4. EASTON Speed USA Youth Baseball Bat. A lightweight option for your kid to start playing, this model from EASTON contains a cushioned grip. The material ALX50 alloy is known for its aircraft grade excellence. A single aluminum piece is used, which makes the design sturdy and enhances the quality of swings. The cushion allows the player to hold the bat tightly and put more force when hitting. The bat has a drop of -10, a length of 27 inches and a weight of 17 Oz.
  5. EASTON Ghost X Hyperlite. EASTON offers this Hyperlite model for USA Youth. This is a TBall bat for young kids. The EXACT carbon design has been composed in a single piece,which is why you can rely on the quality of hits and comfort. Another important factor is the cushioned grip on this bat. The drop of this bat is -13, which suitable for an 11-year-old.

How to pick the best baseball bat for an 11 year old?

Having the top reviewed options is only one aspect of the selection process. You should also know the process of evaluating these choices in order to pick the best one for your pride and joy. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Size. Measure the size of the bat with the height of your kid. The idea is to find a bat that reaches the hip when measured in the standing position. If it reaches the waist of your kid, the length doesn’t suit.
  2. Material. Give a closer look to the material utilized in the construction of the bat. It should contain reliable materials, so that, your kid can obtain a lightweight bat.
  3. Design. Evaluate the shape of the bat in terms of its sweet spot, thickness and cushioning. This will decide the performance of your kid when playing the game.
  4. Durability. Look for the warranties and brand reputation to ensure the durability of the bat you purchase.

Pay special attention to the four tips above, they will set you up so you know exactly what you’re getting. We always want to bring you guys the best stuff, so we want to give you any additional help we can so that you grab the perfect bat for your kiddo. You’ll be out there playing ball in no time! Don’t be afraid to get as detailed as you need, we want your kid to be just as happy with your choice as you are. And we are confident that is exactly what will happen with a little guidance from Club ManDude.


And now for some final thoughts on the subject.


Making the right baseball bat choice is important to help your youngster improve his/her game. We hope this guide has given you all the info needed to make the right decision. No go forth in confidence, read the reviews, and choose a perfect bat for your 11-year-old future baseball hall-of-famer! We know they will make you proud, and I’m sure they will never forget the time you got them the perfect bat to start cracking those homers.

If you feel like you want some more details on these products, don’t sweat it. We’ve got you covered. Before we go, we would like to point out that each one of the bats we have reviewed above has a link you can easily click and shoot over to Amazon. It’s everyone’s favorite place to buy just about anything, so it’s perfect to direct our guys to their site to find out more. You can also compare the price tags of each bat and scope out the shipping details so you know exactly when it’ll arrive. And don’t forget to check out buyer verified reviews! They are your best friend in a situation like this. Nothing helps the buying process quite like other people who know and have used them before you. It’s a no brainer! So, get your 11-year-old the best bat money can buy and get out there to play ball!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Which baseball bat is suitable for an 11-year-old?

A) For an 11-year-old with average height, you can choose a baseball bat with around 24 to 25 ounces weight and 29-inch to 30-inch length. However, if your child is taller than average or shorter than average, you can go for a large size or a small size, respectively. The suitable bat size basically depends on the height of the player. 


Q) What type of baseball bat options are there for an 11-year-old?

A) You can get a wide range of baseball bats for 11-year-olds. Top bat manufacturers develop wooden, aluminum, and composite bats for all age groups. Where wooden and aluminum are traditional baseball bats, the composite bats are made of a reinforced carbon fiber polymer that makes them more lightweight and durable. 


Q) Can I buy a larger size baseball bat for my 11-year-old?

A) Playing with a larger bat will affect the control and swing speed of your 11-year-old, and he will have a hard time lifting the bat as well. The sensible choice would be to choose a bat that’s suitable for the age group and then gradually progress as your child grows bigger. 



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