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Men wear cologne to give out a masculine fragrance.  True or False?  FALSE.  Men wear cologne to ratchet up their appeal and attractiveness, first and foremost, and not just to the opposite sex.  We’re talking more broadly than that – men want to smell nice, just as women do.  Sure at the end of the day it’s about appealing to the gender you are trying to appeal to, but it’s also about just smelling good whilst you go about your day.

Though wearing cologne is a personal choice, and some men certainly just like to do so, most men want to attract female attention with their woodsy fresh man-scent. So, if this whole jam is really about attracting women (for those of course who are on team hetero, so to speak), then shouldn’t we listen to the ratings that women actually provide for men’s colognes?  You bet your ass we should.  This guide contains a list of fragrances/colognes, which are highly-rated by, you guessed it, women.  We also have included some great suggestions for picking the best cologne to attract female attention.  Onward we go!

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

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Àrámíš for Men Cologne

Original oils with authentic smell are utilized to create this cologne. The accurate precise balance of fragrance is what women prefer from a man’s cologne. And this cologne is capable of providing that. The Eau … Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing top men’s cologne that women prefer

Here are the best men’s colognes you can find:

  1. Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue Cologne. The fresh Bahama cologne comes with a woody fragrance with a touch of underwater appeal. The refreshing feel of this cologne is popular. Women like to smell this scent on men. A combination of Bergamot, Cardamom, Rosemary and Juniper Oil comes together to define a masculine and attractive scent. A tiny amount is enough to apply to your skin. You can spray in a small 3 to 6 inches of area and rub a little. Then, the fragrance lasts for the whole day.
  2. Hugo Boss Orange Boss In Motion Original Cologne For Men. This original cologne comes in a beautifully designed bottle. The men’s cologne contains a perfect quantity of perfume oil, which you can apply and get the attraction you deserve. Women have rated this cologne high due to the fruity and masculine appeal it brings to a man’s personality. The bottle is beautiful and you can spray a little bit of cologne on your skin for an excellent smell. No need to apply too much.
  3. Hugo Boss Orange Man Cologne Eau de Fragrance Spray. This beautiful bottle of amazing cologne is available for men. Authentic smell is promised in a 3.3 oz of bottle. The Eau de spray offers a fragrance you would want others to smell. It has a perfect blend of masculine scent with a touchof freshness. Perfume oils are combined together to give this balance. You get the excellence of the brand along with the scent quality that wins the heart of everyone around you.
  4. Aramis After Shave Cologne For Men. Original oils with authentic smell are utilized to create this cologne. The accurate precise balance of fragrance is what women prefer from a man’s cologne. And this cologne is capable of providing that. The Eau de perfume content is about 5% to 9% in this bottle. Hence, it gives the necessary long-lasting property when applied. At the same time, you get the desired intensity of the aroma, which lets you smell great throughout your day. The bottle looks beautiful and it contains 8 oz of cologne.
  5. Calvin Klein Eternity Cologne After Shave For Men. From the famous brand Calvin Klein, this authentic fragrance is perfect to remove the intense smell of shaving cream or gel. Most women don’t prefer men smelling like the shaving solution they use. It is better to overpower that smell with an intense, masculine fragrance to attract women,which is why Calvin Klein brings this after shave cologne for men. This is a 3.4 oz bottle you can get to use after a shave. The smell stays all day long without failing its intensity.

How to pick the best mens cologne rated by women?

Keep the following factors in mind to smell great and attract female attention:

  1. Cologne quality. The quality of cologne depends on the authenticity of oils used in the perfume. You should actually dig deeper into the complexity of cologne preparation to understand what type of oilisused in it.
  2. Intensity. Masculinity is expressed by the intensity of the cologne you wear. However, too intense fragrance can irritate women. So, you have to find a perfect balance of intensity and freshness in it.
  3. Purpose. Figure out your own purpose of wearing cologne. Do you want to wear after shaving your beard? Or, do you want to have a fragrance to wear on a daily basis?!

Pay special attention to the three tips above, they are going to set you up right. This is a subject that we were very meticulous with. We wanted to make sure we got into the nitty gritty details before we presented you with the best options. And we do believe that these are the absolute best. They are going to smell amazing on you and the ladies will love it, too. It can be difficult to decipher how a scent is going to smell without actually having it in front of you. Especially how it will comingle with your own pheromones to provide the unique scent that is you every time you wear the cologne. But it’s an amazing feeling when you find the one that suits you best. And hey, you can always make a trip to a store that sells fragrances to check out how these bad boys smell. Maybe grab some samples so you know how it’ll work for you when you head out on the town.


And now for some final thoughts on the subject


Okay comrades, hopefully we’ve been of some assist to you with this post!  Get out there and make some informed choices on that cologne of yours, and make haste, as there is no time like the present! Walk out the door with utmost confidence when you head out to take on the world. Having the right scent will totally boost your confidence, we guarantee it. It’s part of your whole package! You want the look, the scent, the perfect way to carry yourself. You want it all and we want it all for you, too. As guys, we know just what it’s like to head out into the world on top of the world because of how we put ourselves together.

Now, if you want more details about these scents, we’ve got you covered. Each one of the products above comes with a link that you can simply click and shoot right over to the almighty Amazon, everyone’s favorite place to buy just about anything you can think of. There you will see all the details you can handle. Plus, you get to compare the prices and check the shipping deets so you know exactly when your new scent will arrive. But don’t forget to check out the buyer verified reviews, too. Nothing helps pick a product quite like people who have used it before you. It’s win, win! Now get out there and take on the world, my dude!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Why do women like men who smell good?

A) Not just women; almost anyone likes the good smell. The reason why women notice the smell of the cologne is that it tells a lot about a man’s personality. A man who cares about how he smells in public is certainly responsible and classy. And that’s what women are fond of. 

Q) Should I use cologne more often?

A) Using cologne once or a maximum twice a day would be enough. Apply two drops in the morning before you go out and, in the evening, only if you are going out again. The cologne gradually settles down and gives out a soothing smell throughout the day. So apply quite frequently is not necessary. 

Q) Can I attract a woman with my cologne?

A) A lot of factors play their roles when it comes to attracting a woman. Your personality, character, sense of humor is a few of them. However, your cologne may help you with the personality and the character part. The good-smelling cologne certainly reflects your high standards, giving you an edge when it comes to attracting the woman you like. 

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