Looking for the Best Youth ATV For The Money? Great. Let’s Get After It…

When it comes to your passion for ATVs, there’s no better feeling than sharing the trails, fields, and roads with your children. Sending the kids in your life out on their first solo ride is about more than the excitement of independence – you’re passing on the torch of your lifestyle. With so many options for fashionable gear, finding the safest – and most cost-efficient – can be a complicated choice, even for adults. For kids, there’s a lot more to consider. Their bodies are changing in size and shape, they’re still learning to adapt to the elements, and so many of them aren’t concerned with keeping their gear clean. So where do you even begin?

We’ve put together a list of the best gear for those new ATV riders, taking all of these moving pieces into account in the process. After reading this guide, you’ll have the information you need to keep the young people in your life safe, comfortable, and stylish.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Pink Butterfly Motorcycle Helmet

Stylish design and durable quality become available with this brand. You get a well-finished helmet with UV protection. The weight is light and the … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


  1. Typhoon Helmets Youth Offroad ATV Gear Combo. To save money on ATV gear, you can get yourself this combination of helmet and goggles for your DOT motocross bike. The pink and white flaming design has a light weight of 3lbs. The padding is suitable for youth head size. Plus, there are multiple sizes available to help a kid choose the right option. The construction and design have been certified as per all the DOT standards. The liner of the gear is washable as well. You can remove the liner and wash it separately. The goggles provide broad, clear vision.
  2. TCMT DOT Youth ATV Helmet Goggles Gloves. Stylish design and durable quality become available with this brand. You get a well-finished helmet with UV protection. The weight is light and the material quality provides much-needed durability. The design is properly vented to make the rides convenient in all weather conditions. The modular design is sleek and has a flip-up style of mechanism. There are multiple sizes available such as small, medium and large. Along with the helmet, you receive a pair of gloves and goggles. Also, you can choose from different color combinations and patterns in pink, red, green, black, blue and others.
  3. XFMT Youth Kids Motocross Offroad ATV Helmet Goggles Gloves. Its durable design offers beautiful patterns and color combinations. The surface of the helmet contains a finishing of the UV protective layer. The overall weight is light and the material serves for a long time with its durability. The interior of the helmet is cushioned heavily to provide the necessary comfort. The venting is provided to make riding easier. The design is sleek and contains a modular of flip up style. The head circumference depends on the size you select. The combination includes a pair of gloves and goggles along with the helmet.
  4. Hard Head Helmets DOT Youth Helmet For ATV Motocross MX. This high-quality helmet design aligns with all the standards of DOT, which makes it a certified product. There are multiple size options available to get the exact fit. This one is the best helmet option for the best youth atv for the money. The pricing is affordable while the quality impresses the rider. The interior comfort comes with the heavy cushioning, which is removable for cleaning and washing. The helmet looks stylish and aligns with the preference of a youth rider. It is important to pick the perfect size to get the right fit.
  5. Sange DOT Youth Kids Offroad ATV Motorcycle Helmet Gloves Goggles. You can choose this combination of gear for ATV to ensure cost-effectiveness along with high DOT standards. The design is modern and looks fashionable. Plus, performance excellence is ensured with ventilation to make off-road riding and winter or summer riding easier. The combination has goggles and a pair of gloves, matching with the design of the helmet. You can choose between the small, medium and large sizes as per the fitting requirements. Choose this gear for comprehensive protection in all conditions.


As we are sure you can see from the options we’ve provided, we took everything into account. Looking good on their ATV, staying comfortable, and most of all, riding safe. ATV’s are a vehicle that require a good amount of knowledge for operation. As a dad, we know how carefully you taught your kid, so they know exactly what they’re getting into and how to stay safe, always acknowledging how important it is to protect themselves. So, every choice we have takes all of that into account. They even have removable, washable liners because let’s face it, they’re going to get dirty out there. And the exterior is also easily cleaned, too, so your little one doesn’t end up with a bunch of dirt and grime buildup over time. We know how detailed you get with your kid about the proper care of the gear, let’s make it easier on them with some awesome gear that will have no problem coming clean.

And now for some final thoughts on the matter

These are the five best purchases you can make when it comes to ATV gear for kids – helmets, goggles, gloves, and more. While safety should always come first, you know that your children want to look cool while enjoying their time outdoors. Purchasing gear for youth shouldn’t be a last minute, grab-something-off-the-shelf decision, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming – for you or your kids. Save yourself the cash and the second guessing by choosing from these bundles. Your kids can get to riding, and you can skip the worry.

If you think that perhaps you would like more details on these products, we have you covered there, too. Not to worry! Every one of these product reviews includes a link so you can easily click and shoot right over to Amazon. There you will find every detail for each product to help you determine which set of gear is going to be right for your little guy or girl. And let them get in on the fun, too! They will get just as much enjoyment out of picking excellent looking gear so they can feel safe and look great while they’re out on the trails. You’ll also find prices for each product, of course. Along with shipping details so you and your kid can get psyched up to get out on that next ride together. Oh, and don’t forget other customer reviews! We know how important they are at Club ManDude, so go check out what other kids are saying about the protective gear that we picked. Nothing helps purchasing new products more than getting to hear what other people are saying before you buy, it’s totally invaluable. And hey, if you and your kid decide on another set of gear that’s not on our list, don’t sweat it! We actually would love to hear about it. That helps us keep our lists updated in order to bring you the very best products available for you and your little one. Happy riding!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do I need a helmet for Youth ATV?

A) Even though youth ATVs are small and a little slower than the larger standard size ATVs, they still travel fast. ATVs are usually used in off-road conditions where the track is quite unpredictable, and accidents can occur. Therefore, you must always wear a helmet when riding a youth ATV.


Q) Can I get a good youth ATV helmet if my head is large?

A) Of course. ATV helmet manufacturers offer a wide range of size options for youth ATV helmets. So, no matter what size your head is, you can find a perfect fitting youth ATV helmet.


Q) Are Youth ATV Helmets expensive?

A) Not at all. If you purchase from a reliable online store like Amazon, you always get the best rates on youth helmets. You can choose the one that fits your budget from a wide range of options, and you can also go for value-for-money combo packs that contain a helmet, gloves, and goggles too.


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