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Home brewing beer can be an exciting idea, and to get started, you need to get the basic equipment and ingredients. All-grain brewing certainly offers the best craft beers, but starters should ideally consider extract brewing, which is easier and doesn’t really compromise on the taste and quality of beer produced. While you can always get ready beer kits to get started, it is also important to use a water filter before using tap water for brewing. Keep in mind that tap water contains chlorine, which can impact the taste of the beer because it can combine with malt phenols to create something known as “chlorophenol.” Also, the amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) in tap water is high, which can affect how the beer appears.

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HomeBrewStuff 10″ Beer Filtration Kit with Ball Lock Fittings


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HomeBrewStuff Beer Filtration Kit


This product comes with 5-micron cartridges, and the 10″ Filter housing is ideal for filtering water. You also get two liquid side-ball lock connectors with hoses. This filter kit from Home Brew Stuff… Read More on Amazon

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To sum up things, you need a water filter that can purify water without depleting the minerals for your homebrewing setup. Below are a quick overview and a few products, so that you can find the best water filter for brewing beer.

Reviewing the best water filters for homebrewing needs!

  1. HomeBrewStuff 10″ Beer Filtration Kit with Ball Lock Fittings. This product comes with 5-micron cartridges, and the 10″ Filter housing is ideal for filtering water. You also get two liquid side-ball lock connectors with hoses. This filter kit from Home Brew Stuff is something we recommend for starters or those who want to make great beer at home. The product ensures that you don’t have a hazy-looking beer, as all of the TDS is done away with. We also found this product extremely easy to set up.
  2. Eagle Brewing FIL32 Water Filter Kit. Eagle brings this exclusive water filter kit that has a 10″ carbon block filter, which removes chlorine and includes a garden hose attachment. This product should not be used for hot water needs so keep that in mind. It also removes organic flavor. Package includes barbed fittings, vinyl tubing, and one carbon block filter that offers 800 gallons of water! You can replace the filter a year of use.
  3. Midwest Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies 10″ Water Filter Housing System. This 10″ Water Filter System is designed to remove all chlorine, and even chloramines, which cannot be removed with boiling. The package comes with a 10″ filter housing,vinyl tubing, garden hose attachment and one carbon block filter. Please note that the product doesn’t include a faucet adapter in the package, so you may want to get one.
  4. Eagle Brewing FIL40 Beer and Wine Filter Kit. Designed by Eagle, this product filters down particles down to one micron, making it one of the better filters for fine filtration. The package 10-inch filter housing, 1 micron 10″ spun poly sediment filter, 3′ of beverage line and clamps. The best part is one can filter multiple kegs with just one filter. For example, 1-micron filtration is great for removing yeast, while5-10 micron is ideal for rough filtration.

What to look for in water filters for homebrewing?

Ideally, we recommend that you select the best possible filtration system that allows you to get rid of particles up to one-micron. This is important because tap water quality can vary considerably in each region, and using packaged mineral water, which is easily the best possible choice for brewing beer, is not an economical choice, at least for those who are just starting out. You also need to consider if the product is easy to install and what all is included in the package. As someone who is inexperienced with homebrewing or looking for a better filter, it makes sense to go for a product that’s ideal for filtration, no matter the tap water quality.

As with any product, the brand is important, and for water filters, you need to check how long one filter would last so that you don’t have to replace the filter immediately after. We also suggest that you check the reviews for each product.

Brewing your own beer is a super cool craft. You get to make homemade brew however you like it, and get to enjoy it with friends. Drink responsibly, of course. But get some enjoyment out of it, you worked hard for it. And having the right filtration system is going to be essential in setting yourself up for success. So take a look at the options that we have laid out for you above. We are certain that these filters are going to pique your interest. And the great thing about them is that every option is a great product with lots to offer. Finding the right filtration system doesn’t have to be a huge challenge. It doesn’t have to be a big headache and be a daunting task. We get it, there are so many different options out there on the internet. It can be tough to dig through everything in an effort to find the absolute best options. So leave the challenge up to us! We will happily take the time to look through everything so we can bring the absolute best options right to you.

The name of the game here at Club ManDude is simplicity. We are here to make your life easier so you can get back out there to do more of the things you love. In this case, we are going to assume that it’s brewing beer! So having a place to turn to and quickly find the right option will give you additional time to brew that homemade beer you love so much. And hey, if you’re just getting into the craft and it’s new for you, welcome! You are in good company with like-minded dudes who simply love to make their own beer. Whether you are brewing it for your friends and family, or your own personal collection, we want to help set you up right so you can have success right from the get-go. It can be touchy getting into the self-brewing game on your own at first, so let us at least help you out with part of it. That part being finding the perfect filtration system so that, once you get great at it, you’re going to be making amazing beer every time you brew. You are going to love it!

We don’t necessarily expect you guys to know which brands are going to be the best. Leave that part to us! It gives us great pleasure to get out there and figure out which brands are the absolute best of the best. And we want that for you, my guy, to have all the best products for the best prices. What you will notice with these filtration systems is that they do not have to break the bank while giving you an excellent filter that does a great job every time you use it. Compare them! We want you to find the one that is going to be perfect for your needs, leaving you excited to use it every time you go to brew some more beer. Once you take a look at what we found, we are confident that you’re going to find a great option at a price that is suitable for you. Any of these options will set you up right, so take a look at what they feature because that may give you the edge to figure out which option will be best. And if you find another option out there that’s even better, let us know! We always want to hear about new, exciting products we haven’t discovered yet, no matter where they come from.

And if you want to give yourself just a little more information before you buy, we have got you covered. The great thing about living in the age of the internet is that you can easily find out more information straight from the horse’s mouth. Having the ability to easily look at reviews on the internet is a great benefit of living in the age of technology. Head over to Amazon and you can find plenty of buyer verified reviews to set you up with a bunch of additional information. You may even find some great info regarding what exactly these guys love about the filtration systems. Having specifics can give you that extra edge to pick the option that may be right for you. And you’ll notice that these options have overwhelmingly positive reviews. Hey, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we brought you products with a bunch of negative reviews now, would we? Sure, you may get the occasional negative Nancy, you simply can’t make everyone happy. But you are sure to notice that there is plenty of positivity surrounding these filtration systems. So get yourself the one that’s right for you and love every minute of brewing your own beer!

Final Word

Don’t ignore the need for a good filtration system for homebrewing. More than anything else, it ensures that the beer taste is not impacted and minimizes the amount of total dissolved solids, which otherwise can make your beer look hazy. We hope that one of the filters mentioned above helps, and do read the production description in detail.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why should you use filtered water for brewing beer?

If you are a hobbyist and love to brew your own beer at home, you need filtered water for brewing beer. Filtered water will reduce haziness in the final appearance, and you will have pure water that is free of minerals, sediments, and other minute contaminants. Here, a filter with a carbon block is the best fit. 


2. What water should you use to brew beer at home?

Brewers with a hobby of home brewing always recommend RO, filtered, and bottled water for brewing beer at home. These options, by far, are the best options as compared with tap water and distilled water. However, you have none of these available, and then you can use tap water and distilled water. But you won’t get the same quality as in RO and filtered water. 


3. Why a water filter is necessary for home brewing?

The quality of water decides the flavor of wort. It is the liquid that is extracted from the mash during the brewing process. Moreover, apart from water character, the pH of water is also responsible for the bitterness of the home-brewed beer. 


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